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Belated Sunday Reads

We mentally compress our networks when we are harassed, bullied or being threatened by job loss. We close ourselves off, isolating ourselves, creating a huge blind spot where we can’t see our resources, allies and opportunities.

Sunday Reads

other Power plant
I am in my favourite city, Joburg so enjoy …
How can we change this? We can start, says Dr. David, by letting boys experience their emotions, all of them, without judgment — or by offering them solutions. This means helping them learn the crucial lessons that “Emotions aren’t good or bad” and that “their emotions aren’t bigger than they are. They aren’t something to fear. (NYT)

Sunday Reads



Sunday Reads


Sunday Reads

  1. Loving these sets of articles about women, women and ambition and the work place.
  2. Thinking of doing this for someone I love.
  3. Something about this video made me so homesick for Nairobi.
  4. Some tips for all the new moms out there.
  5. Love that this guy acknowledges what White Male Privilege has meant for him and his accomplishments.
  6. Kenya goes to the polls in  August this year. A quick primer of some of the issues.
  7. Some great African books to look forward to this year.
  8. Somehow not a fan of all these baby products that work on selling fear to parents.
  9. Some more Obama stuff.
  10. We cannot run from God’s voice, where is He calling you to today?
  11. An effective way to incorporate prayer into your life.
  12. yummy fish recipe.
  13. Getting kids to [always] eat veggies.

Belated Sunday Reads

  1. This is why I do not do weed.
  2. On the Apostle Paul
  3. We remember Mwalimu Nyerere.
  4. On the Japanese ladies that married American GI’s.
  5. Obama writes to his successor.
  6. Book recommendations to commemorate UK’s Black History Month.

Sunday Reads

  1. This post reminded me that bloggers ARE real people.
  2. Useful apps for the travel bunnies in our midst.
  3. Five uses for your Baseline Survey.
  4. Imagine the impact on the enviroment if all take away coffee/tea mugs were recyclable?
  5. An old friend from home released a song recently, check it out!
  6. I suppose writing a cookery book is like any other project – emotional, time-consuming and involving.
  7. BUT WE are not here for THEM.
  8. Interesting article on food and the Vatican. (Aside: read the comments, ridiculous!)
  9. On travelling while Black IN AFRICA. One. Two. AfDB Report on the same.
  10. A beautiful conspiracy.
  11. Down with small talk or, how to do it better.

Sunday Reads (the how-to version)

  1. I love this beautiful Joburg home – the art and the styling. Yum!
  2. How do you stop dirty money flows?
  3. How do you invest your windfall?
  4. An experts summary of how to reduce sugar in your baking.
  5. For anyone that needs tips on conception.
  6. So many ethical issues regarding this Surrogate mother’s tale.
  7. As the gap in education access and attainment continues to broaden, this is the reality for some kids.
  8. How to crotchet a chunky knit blanket.
  9. For all of us that need to learn to say no graciously.
  10. How do you get health officials not to steal donor funds? You send an enforcer and you put in repercussions.
  11. On the unpaid work that women often do.
  12. Watch 100 Years of Black Men hairstyles in one minute.
  13. On Cancer and other health scans and the depths that people will sink to.
  14. A project that shows how fickle international borders really are.


Sunday Reads

Also known as what happens in the real life that almost always constricts a great blogging schedule!

  1. Upcycling old kitchenware beautifully!
  2. Weep for this generation 😦
  3. Great (and practical) ways to teach your children about money.
  4. Yet another lentil recipe.YUM!!!
  5. Another chai recipe – cupcakes this time.
  6. Vegetarian biryani. YUM!
  7. Something we also learn about marriage on the grind.
  8. Because she is that bit close to John Legend.
  9. On testing teenagers for AIDS.
  10. I know someone whose Dr could not tell her the right size of her baby. Very scary and confusing for the mom-to-be.
  11. Some things to do for yourself this year. I like the bit about having therapy, kinda feeling that vybe this year. Also, exploring your new city or going to a totally new place.
  12. Five strategies to get your academic writing “unstuck”.
  13. Youngest person to buy a Gulfstream Jet is a Malawian Pastor. Will leave that there.

Happy Sunday and reading!


Sunday Reads

6 words that will demystify debt crises | TED

  1. Discipline, nature or nurture?
  2. In case you love Longreads and want to catch up on some of the year’s best readings.
  3. As if I did not already want to go to Turkey,this beautiful post here for you!!
  4. Oh dear me, I can comfortably say I will never be an insta-mom!!
  5. On the prevalence of C-sections in the US. Interesting to note that it varies with Mothers ethnicity, age, day of the week and that something like having more on cal obstetricians would keep it within the WHOs 10% target.
  6. The low rewards to thinking short-term!
  7. On using simple household items to tell the story of global inequality!
  8. For all the word ninjas out there – the 58 most mistaken words in the English dictionary.
  9. Maths and Colouring Books if ever you wanted to combine the two!



Sunday Reads

Better late than never ….

  1. Because we all need to be more productive at work.
  2. Liked some of these comments on the state of play between men and women and the chores at home.
  3. The (silent) perils of a PhD.
  4. I enjoyed this profile of Michael Phelps and congrats on the upcoming Baby.
  5. Fascinated by the paths that people that go to highly sought after schools take afterwards.
  6. Ain’t this life though?
  7. Alanis Morissette redoes “Ironic”. HILARS!!
  8. If you wish to read all of HONY’s stories on the Refugee plight in Europe.
  9. Love this story about revealed and stated preferences.
  10. Some great conversation starters
  11. If you have loads of tea and love to cook with it.
  12. Roasted green beans with hazelnuts

Belated Sunday Reads

  1. Some geek humour! Unless of course this paper exists 😦
  2. Who gets aid, where and how much?
  3. Do you want to attend the TedX Johannesburg?
  4. In light of #Feesmustfall, would you be interested in supporting a Wits needy student?
  5. How do you price donor eggs and other competitive and regulatory economics questions of a similar vein.
  6. Even female economists face discriminatory bias.
  7. Don’t have kids but I fully agree.
  8. A great writing guide – write like you would talk.
  9. Academic reading is different from reading for leisure.
  10. Practical ways to help refugees in your city.

Sunday Reads

In honour of my newly minted niece, there are a lot more baby type links this week so enjoy!!

  1. A really simple frozen yoghurt to try.
  2. Cooking with tea leaves
  3. In honour of my newly minted niece!
  4. Also, this nursery
  5. Looking for recommendations of where to eat in Nairobi? Here goes?
  6. All the things you need to know about cooking chicken
  7. Cape Town for a week on a budget (Not sure how old this article is)
  8. Lessons that secular and faith based developmental organisations could learn from each other.
  9. The IKEA effect and studies we actually need done (h/t Thembalee)
  10. Some interesting ways to ask your kiddo how their day was.


Sunday reads

Hope you have a blessed and restful Sunday, enjoy your reads!

  1. iPad Apps for the Kitchen
  2. A good story coming out of Africa
  3. Some lovely tips for dyeing natural hair. 
  4. Boo to gender stereotypes but I also believe in traditional roles for wives and husbands 😦
  5. A recipe I tried and definitely loved past week that had very good results – Zuccini Cake.
  6. A feel good story that we all always need to hear every so often!
  7. Beautiful natural hair looks to rock for weddings and other formal occasions
  8. I love this couple. Viva!!!
  9. An easy ricotta gelato recipe if you are interested to try

Sunday Reads

Hope you had a lovely week, I certainly did. Below, enjoy!
  1. I really don’t know what I feel about this story.
  2. As a Christian and a so-called “infidel”, I am not sure how to think of such evil!! May God judge them ever so severely!!!
  3. Again on the ethics of having a live-in lady take care of your kids while hers have to make do. BUT, beautiful writing.
  4. On being overly PC at school and dumbing down academic rigours at American Universities.
  5. Not an easy practice, but necessary. Doing your best work and checking that it is, despite knowing/ feeling that this is the best you could ever get.

Best work followed by best work followed by more best work is far more useful and generous than merely doing your best work once and insisting we understand you.


Different Sunday Reads

I got this from this little blog  that I have where they often feature a Married Couple and showcase their home. So I decided to answer these questions on our own First anniversary.

Years married:  1 today
Where they live:  Johannesburg
Tell us a little bit about yourselves. The Mr grew up in Johannesburg while I was born and brought up in Nairobi, Kenya.
Tell us your love story in one sentence. Met at Uni and were friends for a large part of the first year and then started dating and got married six years after meeting.

Tell us a little bit about where you live. We are currently renting a little two bed apartment. After the wedding expenses, we decided to save up some more for a deposit on a property in a couple of years. We chose a suburb quite close to work for both of us and we both spend 10 – 15 minutes commuting as it was important to us to limit the length of the commute. With six weeks to the wedding, we had no place and had both given notice on our places and had to find a place because the Mr had to move in at the start of the month. One afternoon, I found a place I liked, I called the agent, set up a meeting, viewed it, asked her to meet the Mr the next day and when we checked out, paid the deposit and moved in. It certainly helps to be quite aggressive with the property agent.

What is your favorite part of being married? Doing life with a friend, a solid and great partner – the good, the fun and the not so good. Endless hours of laughter and retelling of life’s best moments. Planning for the future and talking about a dream. Also, still getting to know each other with each new day.

What has been the most surprising thing about marriage? People’s expectations around so many things: 1) The appropriate time for you to start a family; 2) Roles and responsibilities around the house; 3) The expectation to always be together for all events and meetings. Between us, having to communicate more and working together to get to a single outcome that works for both of us. Definitely, abandoning the self and working on the joint.

Tell us about the process of moving in together. Neither of us had really lived alone prior to getting married so when we moved in together it was mainly with clothes, a few large appliances and the gifts we got from the wedding. Since then we have accumulated stuff together – me: mainly getting stuff for the kitchen, us: doing the large pieces together. We did decide on a neutral palate for the colour scheme and then we play it by needs and sometimes wants. Our big thing is making our home comfortable and inviting for us and our guests.

Which room in your home is your favorite, and why? I would have to say the sitting room and our bedroom because they both have a sense of being complete (needing very little more) and being comfortable but luxe.

What most makes your house feel like home? Knowing that all the stuff we have belongs to both of and has a specific memory attached to it and also the fact that it is our little space and that we can do with it as we please or don’t care to. Also, I kept all the cards we got from the wedding and that for me brings to mind the fact that we have a community that is rooting for us to stick things out and work on things.

Where do you splurge and where do you save when decorating? Still very much in the early stages of decorating so I can’t say much BUT,  I am finding that if it’s something that we use occasionally, it’s easier to look at saving and if it’s something we don’t then splurge.

What is your favorite memory from your wedding? So many moments, locking eyes with each other for the first time and having my mom hand me over to the Mr; having the priest join our hands under his stole as he pronounced us man and wife, OUR EPIC FIRST DANCE!

How do you remember your wedding in your home? I mentioned the cards we got from guests at the wedding; the candle we lit to show us being united as one and then pics I recently got blown up for our home.

 How does your family handle finances? We have a spreadsheet that summarises personal and joint finances and each of us is directly responsible for updating it and making sure that the appropriate costs are covered. We often touch base to talk through money decisions and then we continue. I would say both of us are equally involved in the decision making and implementation.

What’s your best tip for balancing your relationship and other life priorities? We have tried to implement a weekly date night but it’s not our thing. So we make sure we take time to talk and catch up with each other. When we have something that requires both of us to participate, we often consult on the others availability before making plans as sometimes the other might be committed or not feel like attending that particular event. In terms of family expectations, we try and not put the other one too far out of their comfort zone and just look out for them.

What different decisions, if any, would you make for your registry if you knew then what you knew now? I really enjoyed what we got and even the out of the list gifts we got. If I could do it differently, I don’t think I would have done it any other way.

Who cooks dinner? Definitely me! I love to cook and he washes up/ helps with the prep.

What is your go-to weeknight meal? Weekend meal? Jeez!! Don’t really have a standard go-to but it would have to be something that involves chicken/ chickpeas rice and a quick salad.

What’s your favorite place to find recipes? My trusted recipe book where I have cut out stuff I like, recipe books I had before we got married, Food 52, Serious Eats and Other blogs I like.

Do you have a favorite date night idea to share? Nothing beats getting into a series together that involves staying up late and pigging out at the weekend to get through it all. Also, planning a quick road trip and making a fun outing of it, even if its a trip that you periodically take together. We also love to listen to music together.

What is one small way you love or serve your spouse? By setting out his breakfast for him to take to work, he probably doesn’t like breakfast as much as I do but he takes it daily. He randomly surprises me with a cup of tea, made just as I love it and making sure I am always warm because I HATE THE COLD or BEING COLD.

Do you have children? No children yet!

Before getting married, I wish someone had told me… the stakes are so much higher once you get married. Everything seems magnified – every fight/ happy moment feels that bit bigger. A friend of mine once told me how marriage magnifies all the issues you had while dating and that’s true.  I have also learnt the safety in marriage that comes from involving our families, God, the State … and that’s protection for him and I.

Happy anniversary love!!

Long weekend Reads

Some reads for the long weekend

  1. Interesting to learn about the different methods and techniques that go into making a pair of jeans.
  2. Desperation drives even the best of us to do the worst of things.
  3. Reading about these kids just broke my heart!
  4. Again with making kids the centre of a home and the toll it takes on them!
  5. But I love this Pope!
  6. Of expected things that don’t happen
  7. Love this post about waiting!
  8. My parents clearly spoke to these parents. No sleepovers for us either!
  9. I wanna try this pasta recipe

Happy Women’s Day!!

Sunday Reads

I quite enjoyed putting together the food-related Sunday Reads but this week I went back to the more generic content. Enjoy!!

  1. My sister recently asked about these food in a box services in Kenya. Any leads anyone?
  2. I love this Op-Ed on the Bruce Jenner story. As a Christian, struggling to figure out this whole business so I will stick to his initial name and gender.
  3. This makes genius business sense – buy the left over luggage and on-sell it.  Wonder what happens in South Africa and Kenya or Uganda.
  4. Bringing beautiful Kiswahili sayings to the modern-day world. Nice!! Check out the artists’ tumblr here.
  5. Tried this recipe this week and how YUMMY!
  6. Loving these suggested titles to Rachel “I-Identify-As-Black” Dolezal’s possible memoir title.
  7. How many of these do you remember the before look?
  8. God really made us all so unique. Loving these pictures of these different cultures
  9. “Affordable” Weekend Gateaways in Cape Town. JUST!

Food related Sunday Reads

In case you are looking to planning your meals for this coming week, see some recipes below:
  1. A refreshing Chickpea stew 
  2. Quite an interesting Macaroni peas recipe.
  3. If you love to bake and need a cake for various occasions here are some links to help you on that journey.
  4. I love her philosophy of introducing new meals to children and some of her tips about parenting in general.
  5. These Foodie blog awards sound like great fun and has some of the best foodie bloggers in case you are interested in some new reads!
  6. Bean and whole grain salad recipes aka my new meat. Yum!!
  7. Chorizo and chickpea stew. Also, a great blog to follow – she has just written her third cookbook.
  8. In case you are looking for recipes to get you into quinoa. Happy transitioning … ❤
  9. Particularly this one – the spinach and mushroom quinoa bowl.

Happy Cooking!!

Very late Sunday reads

I had issues with my home network and so I can only get to this now. Please enjoy!

  1. We need to talk about emojis
  2. So creative. Loved this!
  3. I concluded this week that I don’t like Being Mary Jane. Read why she feels the same. Oh I don’t like it because I find it overacted and that Mary Jane is so highly strung all the darn time!
  4. Oh ok. Is this where rappers get their game from?
  5. Eat out: I checked out this restaurant following her recommendation. Very good, would definitely also recommend it.
  6. Never knew about this place. But very inspiring!
  7. Spinach pesto pasta with Roasted Red Peppers and Ricotta
  8. Don’t know what to make of this article on gender differences and bias in academic performance.
  9. Loving this tongue in cheek simplified explanation of the global financial crisis.
  10. I heart the subject content but I HEART how this girl writes!