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Sunday Reads

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Say what?

I ordered lunch from the little favorite place up the road from me where the delivery guy and I have become fairly friendly with each other.

Delivery Dude: Jeez, you certainly love your pasta, don’t you?

Me: Nah, I just love the feta with the different vegetarian options it comes with.

Delivery Dude: Mhhh, I wonder what else has feta at the shop …?

Me: .. and is vegetarian. I don’t eat (red) meat or chicken.

Delivery Dude: (BLANK STARE AND THEN GESTURES TO MY HAIR) Is it because of the … (POINTS AGAIN)

Me: Totally not getting and then just as I ask, it hits me! Dude, thinks I am Rastafarian because I have dreadlocks and don’t eat meat.

Must say this is the second time someone ever thought this was more than a hairstyle for me. First time, I got offered Weed after someone said to me “Hey Rasta?” Jeez guys, this is just a hair style NOT a lifestyle!