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Pins I am loving

I love window seats … they are so dreamy and this one has additional space at the bottom

There is something about wearing a jumpsuit to a wedding or on a wedding lineup

Jewel Tones: Deep Greens

I love the pink couch .. what a dream


There is something about this dress …. 

Pins I have loved this week

Last year I challenged myself to live minimally. There were 30 tasks and although I modified some of them to be more realistic for me, it wa...

We all need some help getting rid of clutter around the house and so I loved this list.

The Boroughs, A Creative Hub In Camperdown

I love this one – the blue couch and slowly I am being drawn to indoor (low-maintenance) plants

Daia Afia Jumpsuit


What’s in a Bag


So this is my current handbag that I bought at Maasai Market in Nairobi, Kenya


Handbag contents

  • Brown notebook and a pen
  • Black kindle / novel
  • Tissues
  • Contacts lenses
  • Lip something or other
  • A pair of sunglasses
  • Ear phones and obviously phone
  • Pink Wallet
  • White power bank
  • Spectacles Case
  • Green scarf

So, what’s in your handbag????


Fave Emmy Red Carpet Looks


Best, in terms of I love their personality, the show and they look good!

Simple looks but really gorgeous!!

Kerry Washington in her maternity look. Yessss!!

Not sure why, but I love this dress!!

Confused about these two looks. Not obviously bad but they just need little tweaks.

All pics sourced from here.

What were your best looks?

Some wedding dresses for brides to be

Wouldn’t do any of these but I would love to be friends with the girl that could carry them off.



Luisa-1 Francesca Miranda FW 2016 collection

Yes, I still check out wedding stuff from some of my old favourites.

My favourites are number 1 and 4.

Love that #1 is playful but it could also be adapted into a long, short or midi dress. I also like the polka dots on the trail and seeing it again, it could be done into a jumpsuit!

#4 has the type of neckline that I just love and indeed, my wedding dress had an illusion neckline as well.

If you any girl that would wear these dresses, send her my way 🙂


Sunday Reads

Greetings from a rainy and cold-ish Cape Town!

  1. New Gilmore Girls episodes coming on Netflix. Be still my heart!!
  2. Welcome back Rory, Old Friend!
  3. So sad this story about dying alone but intriguing what happens behind the scenes.
  4. A cool list of some podcasts to listen to, in case you need some ideas.
  5. Funky (and fashionable) Korean Babies
  6. More on the boy child’s woes!
  7. Some beautiful placards driving the message on #Feesmustfall
  8. Got myself some Castor and Olive oil from this place and it smells DI-vine!
  9. Yummy recipe!! Cauliflower, quinoa and a stir fry

28. Another Daily Prompt : Bookworms

September 14
Bookworms grab the nearest book. Open it and go to the tenth word. Do
a Google Image Search of the word. Write about what the image brings to mind.

Jackets was my word and it brings to mind:

  • Comfortable
  • Source of Warmth
  • Stylish
  • Expensive – particularly for Winters

This was not part of it but here is an image that is exciting me at the moment! Enjoy!!

I love the colour, the fit and the cut of the jacket

15. Some fashion advice I live by ..

That I have gotten mainly from my dad and my stylish first born sister. Also, stuff that I have picked up over time.

  1. Always be comfortable in whatever you wear. Otherwise you get awkward and it shows.
  2. Dress appropriately for whatever the function / occasion.
  3. Fit, fit, fit …. pick the right size of clothes. Always.
  4. My sister always says wear a belt with any pair of trousers/skirt that has belt hoops.
  5. Carry a handbag (When I was nine, ten, eleven, she would already try and impress this on me and I would look at her like huh? and now look at me!)
  6. From my dad, don’t mix black and brown. I NEVER DO!
  7. If you wear something chunky at the top, balance it out with something fitting on the bottom.
  8. I NEVER wear skirts with shoes that show my toes. Just eeks me out!
  9. I prefer round toe heels because  feel like they are kinder on my toes.
  10. In general I am a very conservative dresser – not too loud prints, very dark tones, sensible and comfortable shoes.

Any fashion rules you live by?

14. Psst do you watch Suits?

…. Well I do, but probably not for the drama or any of that BUT because I simply love Jessica (Gina Torres)’s outifits. Below are a few that I would like to steal.

Gina Torres

I feel like that sleeve would look silly if you saw it hanging on the shop hangar but somehow, it just works!

Just behold the cut on her bodice!

Gina Torres

Even the really simple items have something memorable about them that she looks well turned out each time! I also love the length of the sleeve on the red dress.

Gina Torres

You would think the bib would make her bust appear smaller,right? Wrong!

Forcing myself to love Winter

Despite being here for six Winters, I find that the period June to August is always so difficult for me to deal. So this year, I decided to compile a list of things that I like about Winter. Don’t worry, it’s extremely short.

  1. Soup for dinner, YUM Smile
  2. Scarves as a vital fashion accessory. I have many beautiful scarves so I am good.
  3. Having a ready excuse to avoid going out in order to stay indoors and stay cosy.
  4. Not having to shave my legs.
  5. Shorter days. In the morning, I definitely enjoy getting up when it’s dark outdoors; reminds me of growing up in Nairobi.

Do you love anything about Winter?

Favourite Pins

Loving jumpsuits – they allow me to feel playful and grown up

Fabulous Ankara Jumpsuits Style  http://www.dezangozone.com/2015/05/fabulous-ankara-jumpsuits-style.htmlNEW The Sheba Peplum Top and Pants Set (2 pcs) 100% Holland Wax Cotton via Etsy

Beautiful coats

Love the #Ankara Blazer! ~Latest African Fashion, African women dresses, African Prints, African clothing jackets, African men's fashion, children's fashion, African bags, African shoes ~DKK1950s inspired African print cropped jacket ~African Prints, African women dresses, African fashion styles, African clothing, Nigerian style, Ghanaian fashion

Beautiful home decor, particularly coffee tables

Love the coffee table. A lot.

This quinoa recipe

Broccoli Quinoa Casserole

Beautiful loc styles


Her make up. Clean and with her eyes popping

Dread Envy

As I get beautiful images, will try and share more as well.

If you are in the 254 this weekend and looking for something to do


For more information, please see Facebook and her blog for more details.

Support a sister if you can or get in touch if you would like any of her services.

2: Magazine Review: True Love vs Destiny

*This post represents my personal views, I was not paid or commissioned to read/review these magazines. 

I love to read magazines and so this past month I decided to review two leading lady magazines and give my general thoughts of them. They are both equally priced (`$3), published monthly, offer a mix of business, fashion, parenting and that kind of information. I determined that they must be catering for a similar sub-set of women because there is frequent repeating of cover models for example Azania Mosaka in True Love in June/July 2013 and the Destiny cover in October 2013. The downer to this though is the fact that similar products get launched/ advertised and these are often repeated across both magazines. Sometimes, similar fashion pieces from different shops get repeated.

DESTINY – Beautiful Powerful You

  • Magazine begins on page 10 after a few adverts. While I understand why magazines do this, in my mind the better magazines are those that start sooner rather than later.
  • Topics of a greater variety are discussed – social, economic, topical, political and it feels like the magazine is more well-rounded.
  • Two opportunities for readers to send in letters and obviously win something for their efforts.


  • Cover story begins earlier (page 33)
  • The feature Beautiful & Powerful at any age (very inspirational and also I love how they break down a particular trend)
  • Beautiful Bride feature that shows weddings from various brides.
  • Has affordable fashion pieces
  • More pictures of launches and social outings
  • Enjoy the investment features run as advertisements by different investment firms


  • The Editor/Destiny recently launched a luxury boutique Luminance. It feels like great overkill to me because there are too many pages advertising it, talking about the launch and featuring a designer (or three) each month
  • Not much on Black/African natural hair besides the regular column by @Carice Anderson
  • Not much on decor

TRUE LOVE – All a Woman Needs

  • Magazine starts on page 14
  • Through on-line voting, readers are able to determine some of the celebrity content – fashion/ style we liked
  • Although the magazine advertises itself as providing all a woman needs, with time it has become a fashion magazine and I am forced to wonder who its’ current competitor is
  • Love the reader organised events that happen across the major cities


  • Salon of the month, I’m always looking for what other joints have to offer
  • Street fashion – I love to people watch and South Africa has some of the most interesting people I have met yet
  • Restaurant/ Chef feature and their signature dish
  • View into someone’s home – although this used to be much longer and now it just shows a single room. What’s the use guys?
  • Love the health and fitness features. Wish the fitness page would be drawn out with pictures and stuff.
  • Love the small and big business feature, very informative to look at business from contrasting angles.
  • I love the recipes and often cut them out and include them in my monthly menus.
  • True Love has recently launched an on-line boutique called Spree. I love also that while its advertised in the magazine, its only on a few pages.


  • The cliche make-over. You know, the one with no make-up before and then make-up, hair and new clothes sorted. We see you!
  • SO MANY ADVERTS. Now,I know this is what pays the bills but how do you justify a magazine that is almost 120 pages long that almost a third of that in adverts. It interferes with stories where its a single page of story and then an advert, or sometimes a couple of adverts. I would rather read a shorter magazine than flip through endless adverts for perfume, cars, foundation, body lotion and the likes … (NB: The numbers here are hazarded guesses not the actual fact)
  • The travelling feature – I loved it best when it had normal people, now it’s only got celebs which isn’t really special coz we all know they travel!
  • Cover story only begins on page 114. Who was on the cover again??? And even then its all about the high fashion pics and not the substance that is the person. Great opportunity to learn about the writers but its wasted by all the fashion stuff included.

I might have grown up but I feel like I have outgrown True Love, having read it for the last 6 or so years faithfully and that now Destiny gets me and so I would rather subscribe to that. It makes me sad but I might read True Love at the shops sporadically and check on whether they have returned to their essence.

Edit: I definitely decided to cancel my True Love subscription and rather switch to Destiny.

My current style idol: Julianna Margulies

I love the Good Wife and I realised recently that part of the appeal for me lies in the clothes and fashion style that the lead aka The Good Wife has. Below are just some of the top looks for me and a reason why it does it for me.

I love her jackets – the cuts are always impeccable and so beautiful to behold.


When I see her formal dresses, I am almost tempted to go out and buy a couple of dresses to wear to work. I currently have a sum total of ZERO!


I love this get up below – feel like going on a date!


And her red carpet look is almost always impeccable.

image    image    image

Flawless though she is, the dress below looks like she ripped her curtains and stitched them into a dress.


Whose style are you crushing on this season?