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On body hang-ups and insecurities

No one is perfect. Not a supermodel or that lady or gentleman next to you whose arms  or beautiful high cheekbones you wish you had. I suppose that’s why God made us, to appreciate the variety around. But generally, I think the following about people’s observable insecurities.

We all have that “thing” that makes us hang back and treat other peoples” body issue with some respect.
Some guys can laugh at theirs and they expect others to be able to. And thats not good or bad, it’s good to read your audience too and see where they fall on the like or hate their “thing”.
PS: This conversation was inspired by a thirty minute conversation with a friend with me threatening to pinch her cheeks for something she had said to me. Turns out she isn’t so big on people doing that ( my question though is, who would pinch a 26 year old’s cheeks? Why?) and we stumbled into those things we all don’t like and wanna avoid drawing attention to.