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Sunday Reads



Sunday Reads




Sunday Reads

  1. These are my best friend goals for when we are 70-plus.
  2. All night after care facilities for busy parents. Very sad!!
  3. Vanilla coconut ice cream.
  4. Another pasta recipe.
  5. You don’t need a sandwich maker to make these cheese sandwiches.
  6. Such memories we all have about meeting our MILs for the first time.
  7. This is a whole post on the pressure of being a young adult now.
  8. So scary but very fascinating.
  9. A to-do list if you are looking to change your name post marriage.
  10. I am voting for jumpsuits as the official bridesmaid wear!

Sunday Reads

… brought to you from a Windy and Rainy Cape Town.

  1. Oh Judy Blume! So many memories of first books! (NYT)
  2. Jeez! Grew up on this stuff and never had the frame of mind to think of the broader circumstances.
  3. I kind of want to be like these women! (NYT)
  4. An interesting experiment on race, wonder if it would work in South Africa
For white people … means eventually coming to the understanding that they’re white — and, more particularly, to understand, on a gut level, what white privilege actually means to them. White people are raised to believe they have no race, that they are “normal.” Their whiteness becomes like water, or air — so pervasive as to be invisible.

Some recipes for the winter and the weekend

For some reason, this week, I have been drooling at so many recipes and wanting to get into the kitchen and whip all of them up. Must be the colder mornings and evenings because Winter is slowly creeping up on us. Please enjoy and do drop me a line or a picture if you do try any of them out.

Microwave Chocolate Mug cakes (for two)

My favourite lunch menu has pesto, pasta, black olives, green beans and feta. Available here. I wanna replicate it and now I can as I know how to make pesto 🙂

Peanut butter and jelly smoothie

Strawberry and Coconut ice cream

Buttermilk Pana cotta with passion fruit curd

Because Sweet potatoes,right?

10 Citrus deserts, just in time for the lemon tree in my compound.

While I don’t particularly like eggs, I can have the occasional poached egg.

Yum! Off to cook!