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My mother and porridge

Alternative post title: How to make porridge


For the longest time growing up, I thought that porridge had to be lumpy. Why? Because my mom made porridge for us and it was always lumpy. Always.

When I started making porridge in my early teens, I discovered that the difference between how my mom and I made porridge was time and how many activities were being undertaken simultaneously.  Me? One. My mom? A minimum of ten.

Making porridge is not difficult, it doesn’t require any particular skill and is  not time-consuming. Except if you are a mummy of five and trying to jaggle so many other mummy things in that kitchen (trying to prep the next meal, write a shopping list, think of that child that needs X,Y, consider work thoughts … get the drift?).

In making porridge, there is only one crucial step that requires your entire attention: the moment when the consistency of the porridge turns from thin to thick. And often mummy would be doing something else and only realise once the lumps (balls, I grew up calling them) had formed and it was downhill thereafter.

Once I had this epiphany and told my mom, she merely laughed and said, “… just wait and see, I also wished I could make porridge without lumps.”

Dedicated to Mummy and my two sisters that are themselves moms and would best appreciate the hassles a mummy faces in the kitchen.