A week in pics

A few weeks back, I decided to try and take pics to showcase my week so here goes!


Tuesday– messy desk at the end of the week. My staples, earphones and a cuppa tea Smile


Wednesday – I had training in this room that had beautiful art work all around.


Thursday – I read through four books in those three weeks so I went to the Library for four more. Tihiii, it helps that they were heavily Chick Lit Smile with tongue out


Friday: I got some beautiful scented candles from Mr P home. They are set against a khanga I received as a gift when my sister got married. It now dabbles as a table cloth in the kitchen as a touch of home!


Saturday: I took my nephew to the Ditsong National Museum of National History in Pretoria CBD. We walked for almost 2.5h and he had such a blast. He is ten years old, loves animals and is learning about some of them at school and so it helped for him to see them in their natural habitat.


Sunday reads

  1. What would a similar experiment reveal for various African states?
  2. The benefits of being an ally to a working mom
  3. If you love beautiful pics and who doesn’t?
  4. If you ever wondered about the Porn industry in Japan. It’s a dog’s job but the article reveals so much of their society so do read.
  5. I actually thought that Pinterest was too cool for me. Good explanation of the changes.
  6. All I can do is wish these two a quick and speedy recovery, SMH!
  7. Cauliflower Barley Risotto
  8. Moroccan Carrot & Quinoa salad
  9. 20 beautiful pasta recipes
  10. For next time someone asks me about kids
  11. Babies in a Birkin Bag?? Yep! Seems its a thing!
  12. If you like weddings, or specifically, Nigerian Weddings that are a category in themself


If you are in the 254 this weekend and looking for something to do


For more information, please see Facebook and her blog for more details.

Support a sister if you can or get in touch if you would like any of her services.

A memo on giving

I listened to a lovely sermon this week on giving and I felt it necessary to share it here.

  1. Giving is a Bible teaching. We are all called to give, of our bodies and first fruits, tithes and offerings.
  2. 2 Corinthians 8 talks of the grace of giving. We give because God has given first to us.
  3. It must cost us to give. King David (1 Chronicles 21:24) refuses to make an offering unto God if he could not buy the land on which to place the altar. This says to me that we can’t give something we did not work for or give our tithes despite feeling that we need that money for other needs. There must be a slight pinch to us.
  4. (Deuteronomy 16:16) Do not appear before the Lord empty handed.
  5. God cares about the other 90% that we keep. He is also interested in how we spend that. We need to be careful that we also honour God with that expenditure.
  6. With our finances, we either Give (to God), Save or Live. In what order do we apportion each of these?
  7. It is our calling to use our wealth to provide an inheritance for our children’s children (Proverbs 13:22).
  8. Sometimes God gives us for our (and others) sustenance but at times He gives us to plant a seed that many and others can also benefit from that ( 2 Corinthians 9:10 –11).

He who supplies seed to the sower and bread for food will supply and multiply your seed for sowing and increase the harvest of your righteousness. You will be enriched in every way to be generous in every way, which through us will produce thanksgiving to God.

Remember also that God loves a cheerful giver and that our giving does not depend on what our neighbour is doing or not doing. Or commonly, the question of what the Church is doing with our tithes or that they are not spending it well. Very often, there is a preconception that if we give our tithes and offerings (our money) that God must provide us with wealth, be it cars, houses, jobs and all that. Our God knows the number of hairs on our head and he looks after the birds in the sky. That is who we serve. His ways are not our ways and so we cannot expect that if we give we must receive like for like. And this is where I depart from prosperity gospel teachings. We are promised numerous blessings and we can call upon each of them before God and remind them of His promises to us but we cannot bribe him with our giving or hold him to ransom with that either. He is God and we are man. We can test Him (Malachi 3:10) by giving repeatedly but we dare not prescribe what we want in return like he is an ATM machine.

We give because of what He has given to us and He gives according to our needs and based on His love for us.

Very late Sunday reads

I had issues with my home network and so I can only get to this now. Please enjoy!

  1. We need to talk about emojis
  2. So creative. Loved this!
  3. I concluded this week that I don’t like Being Mary Jane. Read why she feels the same. Oh I don’t like it because I find it overacted and that Mary Jane is so highly strung all the darn time!
  4. Oh ok. Is this where rappers get their game from?
  5. Eat out: I checked out this restaurant following her recommendation. Very good, would definitely also recommend it.
  6. Never knew about this place. But very inspiring!
  7. Spinach pesto pasta with Roasted Red Peppers and Ricotta
  8. Don’t know what to make of this article on gender differences and bias in academic performance.
  9. Loving this tongue in cheek simplified explanation of the global financial crisis.
  10. I heart the subject content but I HEART how this girl writes!

What’s the date today again?

Me: Dude, do you wanna just slow down?

Year: (Shouted back over her shoulder as she sped off) Naha! No can’t do!

M: Darn! Gotta try and keep up I suppose coz right now, I am struggling!

Sunday reads

Enjoy your afternoon of Sunday reads!

  1. What’s in a name?
  2. I hear you, but I still struggle with this
  3. There is always that one question that seems to be doing the rounds in interviews. Here is the latest one
  4. Yes these are stupid outbursts but what happens to their lives afterwards?
  5. I can only pray for these people. May God judge them ever so severely!
  6. Because I love Obama
  7. Cooking with wine? Here are a few tips
  8. Oh my heart, such a  cool dude. Please have a listen
  9. I might very well love to drink tea, as much as I love reading about it!


Cheers to the weekend

Since I got into work, I have been listening to the following tracks on repeat, one after the other.

Enjoy and cheers to the weekend!

Some Sunday Reads

Hope you are having a lovely day, here are some lovely reads for this afternoon.

  1. Going beyond the heading : malaria nets and depleting fish stock
  2. A decadent shrimp risotto recipe
  3. Beck > Beyonce 
  4. So excited for the new TLC Album
  5. This wedding had me catching some type of feelings!
  6. Because I totally love tea
  7. Booya! Reverse tourism

Week 6’s little pleasures


I had such a long and trying week and whenever that happens, I force myself to identify the little things and enjoy those.

  1. Listening to Barbara Kingsolver at the Rosebank Exclusive Books. I kept saying to myself under my breath Tata Jesus is Bangala!
  2. Iced bubble tea at Happy.Me Rosebank
  3. New work out gear
  4. Fish curry with friends
  5. Two great gym classes
  6. Loving my Pilates instructor and class. So tough on the core but so good.
  7. Reading Gone Girl. LOVING IT!
  8. Finished Jonny Steinberg’s Little Liberia and I loved it so much.
  9. Getting started on tonight’s dinner – we are hosting friends from our Honours class and with the numbers (and so I can also chill and enjoy the evening) this is best.
  10. Dinner with my sister and nephew because I had no power at home.

Life is about all the small moments and I hope that I remain conscious enough never to forget that.

What to read in 2015


I like the idea of the theme: pick a few books from a Nobel Laureate or authors whose first book made a major splash. Sounds exciting and I definitely can’t wait to do this this year! Happy reading!!

Originally posted on BookerTalk:

You’ve read everything on your ‘to read’ shelf (ok, I’m joking) And got through everything you were given as a Christmas gift. So now you’re in the mood to look ahead and start planning what to read over coming months. Naturally the authors and publishers know that no matter how many books lying unopened on your shelves avid readers always want more.

This year will see new issues from some of the foremost writers of our times (work from at least three Nobel Laureates) and a few second books from people whose debuts got them noticed.

The selection below is just a fraction of course of what will be published (they don’t include science fiction, YA or fantasy since none of those genres have appeal for me).  If you think I’ve missed something new and notable, do let me know.

And of course tell me what you’re most looking forward…

View original 2,004 more words

Shout out to Podcasts

So I have waxed lyric about my love for podcasts but I have never really said what I listen to and why I love it so much. Please note, I have subscribed to each of them on iTunes but if you go to the website I am sure you can play it directly or off another Media player.

State of the Re:Union logoI recently got into this podcast and so far I.LOVE.IT because the thing I love about podcasts are the stories they tell and the human angle to them. Best episodes so far: The Sorting of America, Trans Families and American Justice. The web pages of each episode also provide additional reading and listening material which is further educative.

image This podcast is hosted weekly by a husband and wife team and they speak about all sorts of random stuff. We are only at week three for now, so it would be easy for anyone to catch up. The reason I am so clued up (thank me later) is because I follow Chesca’s Tumblr and she made the announcement there. Listen and lemme know what you think.

image This might be of interest if you have read the books or if you like to explore data in unconventionally. There are quite a few episodes on various topics. I recently listened to the episode “Tell me something I don’t know” which is basically a game show of ideas. So hilarious but informative.

 image    This series touches on a wide variety of topics. For instance this week I listened to a podcast on the teenage brain, heroine treatment in Kentucky and just understanding an addicts’ brain, crime reporting and modern day parenting. Also, listening to this podcast really got me excited to watch Boyhood. I also think that the presenter, Terry Goss, also displays great sensitivity when speaking to her different guests and that’s quite appealing to me.

image  Because everyone was talking about this podcast in the second half of last year. Everybody. I finally got to it during the December break and listened to all 12 episodes. It basically retells the story of the disappearance and murder of a high school senior (Hae Min Lee) by her then boyfriend (Adnan Syed) and his subsequent mistrial and finally conviction. The host goes through some of the evidence and takes the viewer through each of them. It’s quite engrossing but it made me a bit sad that the focus is on Adnan and not so much on Hae’s family that must still be angry and/or grieving. Season two is bound to return soon and I wonder what it will be on. Must say, I liked the recommendation for it to to focus on another topic – like a chef starting up in a few weeks or a fashion designer or something like that.

I love the BBC and so it is no surprise that there are two podcast series on here.

 image The show’s by line talks of looking at the world through the feminist perspective. And that’s exactly what they do covering both serious and frivolous topics.

BBC Documentaries that covers all sorts of global stories in an in depth analytical way.

I also really like Focus on the Family and again here are two shows from that broadcasting family.

Focus on the Family Daily Broadcast– they cover more wholesome topics that are family friendly and that build the individual up as well. The show is also broadcast daily.

Focus on the Family: Focus on Marriage – because I believe it helps to get all the help one can when married.

So this is what I play in my ears during the work day, what podcasts do you likeFre

Double edition Sunday reads

Some stuff I read over the past week and liked.

  1. Wanna know what Obama eats?
  2. Avoiding sexism in the Economics field.
  3. Because I Love Viola Davis.
  4. Why Teenagers behave as they do.
  5. Hair through the decades
  6. Why are slow cookers sales on the rise?
  7. Why twelve weeks of maternity leave?
  8. Very interesting project related to books
  9. Should bosses allow workers to work from home?
  10. Top 50 movies of the 2010s so far. First 50. Second 50.
  11. What happens when a restaurant dies?
  12. The unlikely intervention of meritocracy and privilege
  13. My next little challenge (starting on Ash Wednesday)
  14. So sad to hear that Parenthood is over.
  15. LOVE this chick’s (Rachel Kerr) music. She sounds like Bay but she is so much better.
  16. BONUS: Don’t know what this writer expected but she got told in the comments.

I too am one of “them”

While writing this post, I suppose I struggled the most with the privilege that I have been afforded since moving to South Africa (incidentally, next week marks 7 years).

I have been blessed to have an income that afforded me the privilege of living in the multi-racial and international parts of Johannesburg. I have the luxury to forget my foreignness and blend in. For the most part.

Over the years, I have had certain encounters that reminded me that alas! I am one of “them” and these have always stayed with me.

  1. In 2011, the municipal bus service that I used at the time went on a protracted strike and this forced me to use a bus service whose customers are predominantly black South African. Over those four months, that was my WORST.EXPERIENCE.EVER. As I live in the suburbs, the drivers would make all kinds of assumptions about my socio-economic status and often not stop. When they did stop, the driver would not respond in English when I enquired whether he would go past my office, neither would he reply when I asked about the fare. The other customers were even worse between ignoring me when I asked for assistance and hissing “foreigner” or “English speaker” as I passed by them.
  2. Same thing about asking for directions/ the fare in a minivan taxi. Folk don’t even look at you as you repeatedly ask. Basically, they are mute and to them you don’t exist. Coupled with this is the added fear that because of my foreignness, the rest of the passengers in the taxi will somehow plot to harm me in some way or another.
  3. When I first joined my University (an English-medium school), I remember going to the Administration block to receive information for my Tutorial and the Course Administrator looked at me, spoke in what I later discovered to be seSotho and refused to speak English. To make it worse, there was a black student who wouldn’t help me. Only when I came back with the Caucasian Head Tutor did I get assistance.
  4. Going to the Puma store in Maponya Mall and having the Store Manager grill my sister and I as to why we did not speak seSotho after we enquired in English about a particular product. We left  because he needs the money, not us. He wasn’t moved by this.
  5. Constantly having to justify why after all this length of time I have been here, I still do not speak any local language. The threats that I shall get deported or have my visa rescinded because of this. Repeatedly and in the most random of places.

But even as I write this, I know that it does come off as a huge whine because never has my life been in any kind of danger. Never have I slept in fear that my neighbours will attack me or kill me. Never have I had my property taken away from me. And this, not because of anything but the grace of God and His provision for me. And, that’s why I want to do something for some of these stranded foreigners and help them in this time of their life but what?

On feeling “Other”

The reason for the blog silence around here is that I can’t quite bring myself to focus on writing something while foreigners in Gauteng (Joburg’s province) experience looting, shooting and general fear for their lives. As a foreigner, and one that’s privileged and been blessed enough to avoid all of that, my heart breaks. So I am just going to chill and process what I feel for now.

30 today

Nidhi_3 Happy hour Butterfly Wonder art


I am thirty today and so excited, can’t remember the last birthday I felt this excited. So thankful to God for this incredible milestone and praying for the coming decade for mega clarity, confidence and CHILL.

Happy birthday to me :)

Sunday goodies

Some Sunday reads, enjoy!

Theme for 2015



My theme verse for this year is:

I am the Lord’s servant,” said Mary. “May it be done to me according to your word.” (Luke 1:38)

This is the year for me to step out in faith and step out of the proverbial experience and open myself up to new experiences in life, greater depth in my relationships, loving more and living fully AND being present. The only way I can proudly say ” … be it unto me …” is if I review every experience as it unfolds and choose in that moment, what I shall do or not do and why.

In line with this, I also saw this quote from Seth Godin:

Fear is not the enemy. Paralysis is the enemy.

I have been too scared about so many things and this year, I am trying not to fall into that trap because when I ventured out, even a little, the returns were so much better.

What’s your theme verse? Word? Or quote for this year?

(2014 Theme)

Sunday goodies ….

Some Sunday reads to atone for the blog silence.

Afternoon me

  1. Heard of the BECONS (Behavioural Economics Oscars)? Read more here
  2. Bringing Ferguson to our (Kenyan) backyard
  3. The paradox that is Cuba
  4. I have become a “Serial” junkie – please read various op-eds here 
  5. And because no one talks about the groom and their wedding day
  6. A review of 2014 in outrage
  7. On rising above expectations
  8. Revolutionising people management
  9. NPR’s best books of 2014. And A tournament in books?
  10. Can you incentivise safe sex? 

Enjoy, thank me later!!

Happy New Year and Shame on me :)

I took a long break from blogging and I have been struggling to get back into the groove of things. Forgive me and bear with me as I prepare some stuff to post over the next couple of days.

Happy New Year and all the best for this year, for you readers and your loved ones!