Sunday Reads

I had taken some time off work this week so I the reads will be fewer than usual!

  1. Ever wondered how headhunting happens for some of the more senior positions? Here’s how … (Audio)
  2. God definitely made bacon and this would make Him happy.
  3. Because I am really serious about hanging stuff on my walls and here is a lovely tutorial of how to do it properly.
  4. These shootings while wrong are so heartbreaking!
  5. I feel about this exactly what I feel about wedding financing! BAD IDEA!!
  6. For the econometric geeks out there – dealing with missing data!
  7. The solution for corruption is not as simplistic or clear-cut as increasing wages. So what to do?
  8. Caring for your locs. Also, I am sometimes fascinated by the actual voice of some of the blogs I read and this chick is nothing like I expected …


My most pinned image on Pinterest

I am not really an active Pinner but it has slowly become the last thing I do just before I fall off to sleep. One of the most common pins on my profile that has the most likes and pins is the following diagram and I thought it apt to explain why I pinned it to begin with.

LOVEly ....  Rustic California Home – Reading Nook (Emily Henderson)

Source | Pinned here by me

Coffee table. I have been looking for an interesting piece of furniture like this for my house and I just love that it’s quite unique and it would give character to any room. I also just love lamps. In any form

Wall colour. I love how intense it is but also the beautiful contrast between it and the brown table and the furniture. Would love to try it on one room wall before being bold to do it all over a room / the house.

Gallery wall. For some time I have been toying with doing this well, because we have all these wedding pictures and other stuff from before that it would be lovely to showcase them like this.

Bookshelf. In place of buying one, it’s quite a space save to make one out of a pre-existing wall like this.

Do you also like this pin? What’s your favourite detail?

Sunday Reads

Sent from me on a particularly long drive so enjoy!

  1. Very sad story about the depths that refugees take to get to better opportunities in the West. Particularly following the news of the two South African stowaways.
  2. Some beautiful musical sounds! h/t Miss Milli B
  3. Marriage is so many things but this is a choice that my mind cannot fully wrap itself around. I can’t even …
  4. Simple explanation(s) why there are fewer women in Tech and possible solutions.
  5. In case you ever wondered about cooking and what they eat in Space!
  6. Bye bye SOTRU! I actually feel like I am saying goodbye to a good friend.
  7. I was just speaking to a colleague about how to make good food cheap for the poorer folk to be able to eat wholesomely.
  8. A better question to ask in life: What did I learn rather than did I win?
  9. No more sorry for me!
  10. I literally licked my lips as I read this recipe for Morccaan Spiced Pumpkin and Chickpea stew :)
  11. YUM!!! And this Coconut Quinoa bowl.
  12. I have enjoyed reading about this project – to read across the world in one year – over the years and the preparation for the Audiobook is no differen​t.
  13. ​I love this DIY Activity and would love to try it one day

A visit to the Museum

Two weeks back I decided to check out the Wits Arts Museum (WAM) and they had an exhibition by Penny Siopsis and Peter Schutz. I much preferred Penny’s and thankfully we can take pictures (though flash is not allowed so excuse the quality of most). I love dolls so I greatly enjoyed the different installations she had that included them.

Wits Art Museum is proud to announce the exhibition, Time and Again showcasing a survey of the work of globally recognised South African artist, Penny Siopis. This exhibition reflects over three decades of Siopis’ creative production, and draws on the recurring themes of history, sexuality, race, memory, estrangement and violence. Many of the works on show were featured on her recent retrospective exhibition of the same title at the South African National Gallery in Cape Town. 

20150613_14431120150613_14430720150613_14360420150613_14341120150613_14223720150613_14220520150613_14213820150613_144335 (1)20150613_142325 (1)

If you are going to go, no food and drink is allowed in the Museum, Besides that, entry is free and they are open from Wednesday to Sunday 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. and parking is readily available a few streets away. Also, on the first Saturday of every month, they have Art Classes between 12 and 1 for all levels of  expertise.


The time I tried to sell something online and got scammed

Earlier this year I decided to finally sell my wedding dress. Having checked out a couple of sites, I decided to start with the free ones: OLX, Gumtree and Locanto. I then looked for various pictures of the dress and proceeded to post these on the sites.

Within a day of posting on OLX, I got an email from a lady called Mary asking if the dress was still available and whether I could check the cost of postage as she wanted to buy it for her niece and surprise her – she would pay for the postage. OKAY? I remember thinking that she must not have planned a wedding in recent times as most brides like to take charge of that part of the process but I countered that with, Oh what a sweet aunt!

All the same, I replied and said that the dress was available and to ask about the postal address is as I couldn’t get a quote for the delivery costs without it. So it turns out that “Mary” was somehow based in Lagos and wanted me to send the package there :'(

At this point, I felt uneasy and decided to back out and stop responding because my gut just said something was not right because “Mary” now said that she had already paid the money and she sent me proof of payment that was so so so dodgy coupled with the fact that I NEVER RECEIVED THE MONEY – NOT THEN OR EVER. Anyway, our conversation proceeded as follows:

Mary: So take the package to the nearest South Africa Post Office (SAPO) and get it ship out and get back to me with the shipment details ASAP.

MeLook, it’s not working so I have resent your money. Please let me know when you get notified.

MaryI want you to know that I have already make the payment and my account has been deducted and your money is intact but still pending in your
account and all what Bank need from you is the shipment tracking
number for verification as soon as you ship out the item and forward
the shipment tracking number to my Bank via notification sent to you
for verification your bank account will be credited immediately Okay.
But the money haven’t reflect in your bank account but as soon as you
ship out the package through Post Office and get back to Bank Of
America with the tracking Number,the money will reflect in your
account straight away.

I thought the scam was about getting the money but it seems the dress is also lucrative as they can sell it for cash. In this case, I would have sent the dress to them and by the time I would have gotten back to them, I would have sent the dress and they would stop responding when I kept asking for them why the payment has not cleared.

Well, I decided to ignore the email and Mary went away. And the money never cleared!!

Please see below, the dress that I am trying to sell and contact me ( if you would like to buy the dress or know a genuine person in Johannesburg that might like to buy.

PS: I never heard back from my add on Locanto and Gumtree but better that outcome than OLX. I recently posted the add again and I have already had three queries from people with funny looking email addresses but I shall try and be open minded (but safe) this time round.

Updated to add: Again I renewed the posting on the above site including a paid hosting site and I got the following response from three different email addresses (but likely one user?):

Thanks for your swift response.I’m (insert fake name), Look I’m offshore (on sea), I’m buying this package as a (BIRTHDAY GIFT) to my cousin who was transferred to West Africa. I’ll add an extra R1800 to your final price for the package which will be for the shipment of it via DHL post mail and other expenses. I’ll be paying you through PayPal. If you are interested kindly get back to me with your PayPal email address so that i can easily transfer the fund to you asap.


Sunday Reads

I quite enjoyed putting together the food-related Sunday Reads but this week I went back to the more generic content. Enjoy!!

  1. My sister recently asked about these food in a box services in Kenya. Any leads anyone?
  2. I love this Op-Ed on the Bruce Jenner story. As a Christian, struggling to figure out this whole business so I will stick to his initial name and gender.
  3. This makes genius business sense – buy the left over luggage and on-sell it.  Wonder what happens in South Africa and Kenya or Uganda.
  4. Bringing beautiful Kiswahili sayings to the modern-day world. Nice!! Check out the artists’ tumblr here.
  5. Tried this recipe this week and how YUMMY!
  6. Loving these suggested titles to Rachel “I-Identify-As-Black” Dolezal’s possible memoir title.
  7. How many of these do you remember the before look?
  8. God really made us all so unique. Loving these pictures of these different cultures
  9. “Affordable” Weekend Gateaways in Cape Town. JUST!

Some reflections from this week

This past week I have had three significant spiritual prompts that I shall proceed to share below.

God desires to continuously bless us. However, sometimes we make a choice to walk away from communion with Him and he cannot bless us in those circumstances because He is a holy God and will not sully his name. However, His word does talk of  God as a Father that causes sunshine and raise to fall on the just and unjust (Matt 5:45) and so in this we can take comfort because He will still bless us but the extent is limited or enhanced by our action.

Through suffering, God refines the just and the unjust. Speaking with a friend, I loved this explanation of why bad things happen to good and bad people alike.

Not only so, but we also glory in our sufferings, because we know that suffering produces perseverance; perseverance, character; and character, hope. And hope does not put us to shame, because God’s love has been poured out into our hearts through the Holy Spirit, who has been given to us. (Rom 3:3-5 NIV)

All of us need to learn something about ourselves or our faith at each point in our lives and so we each have that thing that makes us stop and cleave onto Christ because of the hope it inevitably builds in us.

Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle. This is very true and never more this week.

First, I have been attending an evening Bible Study and a lot of it is tailored around group work. This week I sat next to these two friends (a guy and girl) and I was moaning about working in groups again (fourth week, one more to go) and then about being with them because they appeared very quiet and I’d have to get things going for all of us. The guy was very quiet and less expressive and only later did he explain how English is not his first language and how he struggles to express himself because he hasn’t studied much and I was so chastened and it also cautioned me to be very patient with people that are “other” in my life. Also, made me wonder how many people leave Church because of such superficial things like they feel like they are not speaking or sounding right, looking good, dressed well or driving a nice car.

Second, I have often felt like a new colleague is sometimes overbearing and quite bossy BUT, in the name of being professional I had decided to take it in my stride and handle that. Early this week, we got sharing and she shared with us about her mom’s final days in care and the toll it took on her being in South Africa and the mom in Europe (to protect her I won’t say the name of the country) and as she shared, I started to see her in a new light and based on that moment, I decided to be easy and take her as she is not out of pity but because of a difficult part in her past. I like the quote above and I always tie it to the fact that we are made in the image and likeness of God (Genesis 1:27) and therefore I must be careful with that fact for we are in that sense supernatural beings and deserve honour and respect just for that if nothing else.

Grrrrrr!!! for Management Consulting speak

Show me someone that often uses these words and I will show you a pompous management consultant.

  • Big Dig
  • Deep Dive
  • Low hanging fruit
  • Quick wins
  • Big picture thinking
  • Leverage
  • Value Add

Urrrrgh but sadly when used, the effect is to appear intelligent and to immediately gain the attention of all the attendants in the meeting.

Another moment of Chimamanda beauty and awe-struckness

  • What am I doing with the privilege that I today so richly and abundantly enjoy? As an educated woman, a freely worshiping Christian, a friend?
  • Life is too precious to waste it not being authentic and choosing to downplay my real self so that others around me can feel content and happy in themselves. Ain’t nobody got time for that.
  • In closing, be an ally to a woman today! Look for a place to give back and share some of your life’s lessons honestly and as non-judgmentally as you possibly can dare to be.

Read Full Transcript here.

Food related Sunday Reads

In case you are looking to planning your meals for this coming week, see some recipes below:
  1. A refreshing Chickpea stew 
  2. Quite an interesting Macaroni peas recipe.
  3. If you love to bake and need a cake for various occasions here are some links to help you on that journey.
  4. I love her philosophy of introducing new meals to children and some of her tips about parenting in general.
  5. These Foodie blog awards sound like great fun and has some of the best foodie bloggers in case you are interested in some new reads!
  6. Bean and whole grain salad recipes aka my new meat. Yum!!
  7. Chorizo and chickpea stew. Also, a great blog to follow – she has just written her third cookbook.
  8. In case you are looking for recipes to get you into quinoa. Happy transitioning … <3
  9. Particularly this one – the spinach and mushroom quinoa bowl.

Happy Cooking!!

Protected: A little dare I participated in recently

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28 People On The Most Life-Changing Thing They Did In Their Twenties


In my twenties I:
i) Met and married a great guy
ii) Moved towns and this broadened and challenged my world view.
iii) I realised that my parents are extremely wise and they really did know what they were talking about.
iv) Made and lost some friends and wouldn’t have it any other way.

The twenties have been good to me but i must say I am looking forward to some stability and growth in my thirties.

Originally posted on Thought Catalog:

saysthefox saysthefox

1. “I broke up with the person I knew I couldn’t marry.”

-Elizabeth, 26

2. “I went back to school. I had taken some time off. And I was behind everybody else. My friends had already graduated and gotten real jobs. But I made it, and got my degree at age 26, and I wouldn’t have done anything differently.”

-Megan, 44

3. “I gained a sense of self-worth. Then lost it. Then gained it back again. And lost it again. Then gained it back again.”

-Stephen, 28

4. “Traveled internationally by myself.”

-Anna, 30

5.  “I’m only 3 years in to my twenties, but not living at home and moving right into the city after college was a pretty cool experience for me. Expect for the expenses. That’s a little less cool.”

-Nick, 23

6. “I broke up with my boyfriend because I knew he wasn’t the man I…

View original 602 more words

Sunday Reads

I enjoyed putting together this list this week as I had some time on my hands and read through some really random things.

  1. What goes into deciding on a Book Cover? I have always wondered but here is some help.
  2. Of randomised social experiments and how they often play out.
  3. This phone could well be the FUTURE!
  4. A caution against growth for it’s sake or due to expectation.
  5. Ever wondered what your wedding costs would have come to if you had invested that amount instead? Well don’t use this tool to find out.
  6. Oh dear me for the 2022 World Cup Construction workers in Qatar!
  7. This article brought back so many memories to mind: Sweet Valley, Hardy Boys, Nancy Drew? Late learner of the fact that these books are all ghost written !
  8. I guess this confirms what we already knew that cocaine is a recreational drug.
  9. Calls for a study into the full competitive gains from the sharing economy, Uber and the likes.
  10. Getting to grips with an open plan as an introvert.
  11. Good to know that spies also have to submit expense claims, tihiiii!

Words we need v5

Again, another opportunity to skim through Urban Dictionary and look at words that the English Dictionary seriously needs to consider.
A child had by a celebrity just for the attention. Usually given a bizarre name, because who cares what the child has to go through growing up, they’re just a kidcessory.
A distinct, 21st century fear that a photograph or video posted on a social network medium will go viral and you will forever be immortalized in internet infamy.
Just about to hit send on a text message when you think better of it and stop.
a self-posted image to social media that features a flashy display of large quantities of money.
When the pleasure you get watching something on TV comes from your hatred of it.
A well intentioned person who repeatedly agrees to do some type of charity work, but ultimately does not follow through with the commitment, often with an excuse at the last moment.
the frustrated feeling of being on the brink of something fantastic but never actually tasting that satisfaction.
the act of employees using their organization’s Internet access for personal purposes during work hours.
While texting a group of people you and one of the people in the group also have a private texting conversation.
Enjoy … 

Motherhood and on women being gatekeepers for “culture”

The otherness

A friend and reader reminded me of this article on a writer and her husband who both decided against having children and it reminded me of a conversation I had with a workmate. (Back story: We work together for the same company not the same projects and stuff like that and we have only ever had conversations around the coffee machine and stuff like that.)

So she found out I am married (how little she knows me, anyhu!) and then asked when I got married and whether I have kids so I say, nah. I am only a newly wed. So she asks again, no kids at all. I was like no. So I am smiling but she has this look of utter disgust on her face and tells me how women that don’t have kids are impatient and so selfish she is looking at me like she can’t even believe she is having to interact with one. And suddenly, all her earlier thoughts of me were usurped by this knew knowledge.

My Aha! moment is the fact that either being married or being married in Africa has meant that so many women (strangers and known, alike) are so invested in my womb.

Always the question, when did you get married gets followed by, when is the baby coming with a pointed look at my stomach. Very intrusive. I cope by giving lengthy timelines, to saying never, to talking about how we shall adopt dogs and the like. But I do get taken aback at the fact that this is a very sensitive topic because couples can fail to conceive for numerous reasons but such flippant questions could be hurtful and emotional for some other folk. More than that, is the fact that the concern is only with me and they don’t grill men half as much.


In the words of Janelle Monae “get off my womb”urrggh!

Sunday Reads

… brought to you from a Windy and Rainy Cape Town.

  1. Oh Judy Blume! So many memories of first books! (NYT)
  2. Jeez! Grew up on this stuff and never had the frame of mind to think of the broader circumstances.
  3. I kind of want to be like these women! (NYT)
  4. An interesting experiment on race, wonder if it would work in South Africa
For white people … means eventually coming to the understanding that they’re white — and, more particularly, to understand, on a gut level, what white privilege actually means to them. White people are raised to believe they have no race, that they are “normal.” Their whiteness becomes like water, or air — so pervasive as to be invisible.

Some reader help please?

What do you do with your old prescription frames? I am looking to donate them to a charity in Johannesburg with little luck. Any leads?
Please reply in the Comments or send me an email. Thanks!
PS: I tried The Lions Operation Brightsight and I got no response from them …

Book review: Open City–Teju Cole

I have finally gotten to review this book.

The back of the book cover describes the book thus

‘The past, if there is such a thing, is mostly empty space, great expanses of nothing, in which significant persons and events float. Nigeria was like that for me: mostly forgotten, except for those few things that I remembered with outsize intensity.’

Along the streets of Manhattan, a young Nigerian doctor doing his residency wanders aimlessly. The walks meet a need for Julius: they are a release from the tightly regulated mental environment of work, and they give him the opportunity to process his relationships, his recent breakup with his girlfriend, his present, his past. Though he is navigating the busy parts of town, the impression of countless faces does nothing to assuage his feelings of isolation. But it is not only a physical landscape he covers; Julius crisscrosses social territory as well, encountering people from different cultures and classes who will provide insight on his journey-which takes him to Brussels, to the Nigeria of his youth, and into the most unrecognizable facets of his own soul.

A haunting novel about national identity, race, liberty, loss, dislocation, and surrender, Teju Cole’s Open City seethes with intelligence. Written in a clear, rhythmic voice that lingers, this book is a mature, profound work by an important new author who has much to say about our world.

My thoughts?

Overall, I felt the book was pretentious, difficult (even impossible) to get into and as I read it, I thought how it’s possible for people to hype up something crappy into this larger than life thing. I will admit that as a result Open City was on my to-read list for almost three years before I finally bought it and wasted my time reading it.

In many parts I felt it to be unstructured, disjointed and almost like taking a bus that promises to go somewhere but never quite leaves the bus station! I honestly preferred the little story within a story and in those instances I could see the writers brilliance.

Discussed themes that were of interest to me include: the Jewish state, belonging/ identify, family dynamics, Nationhood and Migration as well as the power/benefits of solitude. But I feel like all this was overshadowed by the fact that he wanted to tell us about the different streets that Julius had walked on in New York and Belgium.

Final recommendation: Do not read the book. Avoid at all costs!

Monday Morning Jam

No clue what they are saying but it’s lovely and the video is awesome!


Sunday Reads (Evening edition)

  1. More benefits to all from paid paternity leave
  2. Struggling to make a decision? Here’s how to go about it.
  3. I know about schools like this.So much pressure to succeed or be the best. SO. MUCH.
  4. A pea pilau recipe Smile
  5. A huge risk for little or no pay. So sad