Preach Seth Godin

Best work followed by best work followed by more best work is far more useful and generous than merely doing your best work once and insisting we understand you.


All the Time!!

Requires so much discipline to keep pushing when you feel like your best is good enough but there is so much more reward to doing so.

Long Sunday Reads

Enjoy some lovely reads this Sunday!

  1. Five recipes to enjoy your Zuccini/ babymarrow
  2. On being a foreigner – the less obvious kind
  3. The more obvious kind of a foreigner
  4. MUST MAKE RECIPE: Pumpkin Chickpea Coconut curry
  5. I enjoyed this podcast on ivory smuggling. Until the focus shifts to where and who the users are, we shall keep talking about it to no effect.
  6. This made me feel some type of way. This does happen to friendships and the best time is when they can get past that and be reunited.
  7. Sad read about the after-effects of the land grab in Zimbabwe.
  8. Yaaaaasss!! on the benefits of having older working women at work.
  9. On the fetishisation of the black woman’s body coupled with her overall undesirability relative to a white woman.

Different Sunday Reads

I got this from this little blog  that I have where they often feature a Married Couple and showcase their home. So I decided to answer these questions on our own First anniversary.

Years married:  1 today
Where they live:  Johannesburg
Tell us a little bit about yourselves. The Mr grew up in Johannesburg while I was born and brought up in Nairobi, Kenya.
Tell us your love story in one sentence. Met at Uni and were friends for a large part of the first year and then started dating and got married six years after meeting.

Tell us a little bit about where you live. We are currently renting a little two bed apartment. After the wedding expenses, we decided to save up some more for a deposit on a property in a couple of years. We chose a suburb quite close to work for both of us and we both spend 10 – 15 minutes commuting as it was important to us to limit the length of the commute. With six weeks to the wedding, we had no place and had both given notice on our places and had to find a place because the Mr had to move in at the start of the month. One afternoon, I found a place I liked, I called the agent, set up a meeting, viewed it, asked her to meet the Mr the next day and when we checked out, paid the deposit and moved in. It certainly helps to be quite aggressive with the property agent.

What is your favorite part of being married? Doing life with a friend, a solid and great partner – the good, the fun and the not so good. Endless hours of laughter and retelling of life’s best moments. Planning for the future and talking about a dream. Also, still getting to know each other with each new day.

What has been the most surprising thing about marriage? People’s expectations around so many things: 1) The appropriate time for you to start a family; 2) Roles and responsibilities around the house; 3) The expectation to always be together for all events and meetings. Between us, having to communicate more and working together to get to a single outcome that works for both of us. Definitely, abandoning the self and working on the joint.

Tell us about the process of moving in together. Neither of us had really lived alone prior to getting married so when we moved in together it was mainly with clothes, a few large appliances and the gifts we got from the wedding. Since then we have accumulated stuff together – me: mainly getting stuff for the kitchen, us: doing the large pieces together. We did decide on a neutral palate for the colour scheme and then we play it by needs and sometimes wants. Our big thing is making our home comfortable and inviting for us and our guests.

Which room in your home is your favorite, and why? I would have to say the sitting room and our bedroom because they both have a sense of being complete (needing very little more) and being comfortable but luxe.

What most makes your house feel like home? Knowing that all the stuff we have belongs to both of and has a specific memory attached to it and also the fact that it is our little space and that we can do with it as we please or don’t care to. Also, I kept all the cards we got from the wedding and that for me brings to mind the fact that we have a community that is rooting for us to stick things out and work on things.

Where do you splurge and where do you save when decorating? Still very much in the early stages of decorating so I can’t say much BUT,  I am finding that if it’s something that we use occasionally, it’s easier to look at saving and if it’s something we don’t then splurge.

What is your favorite memory from your wedding? So many moments, locking eyes with each other for the first time and having my mom hand me over to the Mr; having the priest join our hands under his stole as he pronounced us man and wife, OUR EPIC FIRST DANCE!

How do you remember your wedding in your home? I mentioned the cards we got from guests at the wedding; the candle we lit to show us being united as one and then pics I recently got blown up for our home.

 How does your family handle finances? We have a spreadsheet that summarises personal and joint finances and each of us is directly responsible for updating it and making sure that the appropriate costs are covered. We often touch base to talk through money decisions and then we continue. I would say both of us are equally involved in the decision making and implementation.

What’s your best tip for balancing your relationship and other life priorities? We have tried to implement a weekly date night but it’s not our thing. So we make sure we take time to talk and catch up with each other. When we have something that requires both of us to participate, we often consult on the others availability before making plans as sometimes the other might be committed or not feel like attending that particular event. In terms of family expectations, we try and not put the other one too far out of their comfort zone and just look out for them.

What different decisions, if any, would you make for your registry if you knew then what you knew now? I really enjoyed what we got and even the out of the list gifts we got. If I could do it differently, I don’t think I would have done it any other way.

Who cooks dinner? Definitely me! I love to cook and he washes up/ helps with the prep.

What is your go-to weeknight meal? Weekend meal? Jeez!! Don’t really have a standard go-to but it would have to be something that involves chicken/ chickpeas rice and a quick salad.

What’s your favorite place to find recipes? My trusted recipe book where I have cut out stuff I like, recipe books I had before we got married, Food 52, Serious Eats and Other blogs I like.

Do you have a favorite date night idea to share? Nothing beats getting into a series together that involves staying up late and pigging out at the weekend to get through it all. Also, planning a quick road trip and making a fun outing of it, even if its a trip that you periodically take together. We also love to listen to music together.

What is one small way you love or serve your spouse? By setting out his breakfast for him to take to work, he probably doesn’t like breakfast as much as I do but he takes it daily. He randomly surprises me with a cup of tea, made just as I love it and making sure I am always warm because I HATE THE COLD or BEING COLD.

Do you have children? No children yet!

Before getting married, I wish someone had told me… the stakes are so much higher once you get married. Everything seems magnified – every fight/ happy moment feels that bit bigger. A friend of mine once told me how marriage magnifies all the issues you had while dating and that’s true.  I have also learnt the safety in marriage that comes from involving our families, God, the State … and that’s protection for him and I.

Happy anniversary love!!

Long weekend Reads

Some reads for the long weekend

  1. Interesting to learn about the different methods and techniques that go into making a pair of jeans.
  2. Desperation drives even the best of us to do the worst of things.
  3. Reading about these kids just broke my heart!
  4. Again with making kids the centre of a home and the toll it takes on them!
  5. But I love this Pope!
  6. Of expected things that don’t happen
  7. Love this post about waiting!
  8. My parents clearly spoke to these parents. No sleepovers for us either!
  9. I wanna try this pasta recipe

Happy Women’s Day!!

Belated Sunday Reads

Travelled with some friends this weekend and so the Sunday reads were a bit late but here goes …

  1. A perfect age to get married? HUH? How old were you when you got married/ will you wait before you get married?
  2. Looking for various ways to use tomatoes in your cooking?
  3. Because I always wanted to be a pathologist …
  4. Because my two sisters have sons, here are a list of things that mommies of boys can do together.
  5. Obama will be in Nairobi for the weekend (and the city has shut down)
  6. I want to meet this girl. We could be friends. I am sure.
  7. I like this video and the subjects discussion on relationships, race, being foreign and gender.
  8. People over migration policy any day!
  9. If you are looking to make a very South African dish– mieliepap bread.
  10. Such a positive story. There are people whose lives are truly driven by a cause bigger than themselves
  11. Cauliflower tice biryani salad! YUM!

Sunday Reads

Some great reads coming up from a less than warm Joburg morning :)

  1. Love this blogger, her pictures are spectacular. Check out her guide to the off-track places to visit in Joburg.
  2. Two very opposing views on Rihanna’s latest video. I watched the preview on the BET Awards then I caught twenty seconds of the actual video and I stopped. I think it’s gross and demeaning. View one, View two.
  3. Some reading lists from Africa and India.
  4.  Some influential Africans to watch on Twitter.
  5. The blogger herself is actually quite a lovely writer too!
  6. In case you are wondering what to do with an overload of cauliflower and zuccini.
  7. I am not my hair. I have my hair natural and locked but I accept that different versions work for different African women and people should select what they like and work with that and not judge other women for choosing to do something different with their hair.
  8. I love this lady’s home. VERY MUCH!!
  9. Definitely trying out this Chicken/Rice recipe this weekend.
  10. Might also try this chicken and couscous salad recipe.
  11. Wanna know how your income fares globally? Try this Calculator here.
  12. More about how Uber enters markets.
  13. Very interesting conversation around amateur porn by Rashida Jones (Be warned, the content could be offensive for sensitive readers)
  14. Looking to volunteer your time at a worthy cause? Here is a site that connects volunteers to need.
  15. Do you love to learn something new each day?

Guest Post: Lamentations 1 & 2: God of Evil and War?

About the author

Lola Alli is an aspiring Development Economist whose broad research interests include: the political economy of Nigeria and India; the economics of globalisation; global poverty and politics; innovation in agricultural commodity chains in Nigeria and India; and Yoruba gender mythologies.

Economics and Politics undergraduate at Newcastle University ’15; Development Economics postgraduate at University of Cambridge ’16.

Check out her blog over here.

Authors Disclaimer: I wouldn’t advice a ‘new’ Christian or anyone with very minimal biblical knowledge to read this conversation

Lola Ali: “Just a little background before I ask my question, …. when they (the Israelites) demanded for a king during Samuel’s time, God said he would provide (King Saul) but He warned that the kings would destroy the land and enslave the people … This prophecy became reality after (I believe) King Solomon – The sins of the last kings of Judah, and the Israelites in this region are what led to the war between Judah (including Jerusalem) and Babylon. And from our previous bible study in Daniel, we already know that God delivered Judah into the Babylonians. This happened sometime between the book of Jeremiah and his second book, Lamentations. I cannot understand Lamentations without studying Jeremiah so I went through a few chapters. God specifically created Jeremiah to warn His people to return k to Him (Jeremiah 1-3) so they can avoid what happened next. So I’ve got an idea of the kind of oppression that the Israelites went through using Jeremiah’s writings in the Book of Lamentations 1&2

But what I’m currently meditating on is the nature of God in these chapters. 2 Timothy 3:16 says that all scripture is God-breathed …etc. 1 Cor 13 says Love is patient … ; somewhere else says God’s true nature is revealed in Jesus dying on the cross and so on .. and then there is ‘if you’ve seen me (Jesus) you’ve seen Him (God)’. I was just thinking that hmmm Lamentations 1&2 depicts the opposite of these interpretations of God: love and patience. So I’m trying to understand why God appears so ‘violent’ in this book.

Jeremiah 13:14 says ‘I will smash them (the Israelites) one against the other, fathers and sons alike, declares the Lord. I will allow no pity or mercy or compassion to keep me from destroying them’. I can go on and on but …

Why is this question important:

1. The verses I included imply that this portrait of God is somehow consistent with the God we see on the cross – Jesus;

2. This is one of the main reasons why atheists do not believe in God – how can one worship the same God that is ‘smashing’ His children or allowing them to be smashed but still shows love and forgiveness by making us righteous through accepting Christ.”

T: “So I can kind of explain it a bit. We must remember that God sent Jesus because he didn’t want the law to go on forever where he punishes us for our sins literally. If you look at Deuteronomy 28 it explains the curses that came with disobeying the laws and then the latter part declares the blessings. When God realised that man could just not keep up with His Law, He sent Jesus to come and experience it, which is why he now become our intercessor because he saw it all, experienced it all! Hence the provision of grace and mercy to mankind….”

L: “I understand that – no doubt about what you said. The law wasn’t/isn’t efficient. But what I’m trying to understand is how can I reflect on Christ on the cross and Christ in Lamentations. How is the same God commanding genocide and war, but shows love on the cross? Is this perhaps the shadow of Christ? The negative contrast of Christ? The portrait of God pre-purposed in the law such that He becomes a shadow without light? And then the ‘real’ God is what we see on the cross. Am I making sense? Linking this to Job and Psalms, we see these representations of God again. But how do they reflect Christ and the God we know today. God of love, kindness and patience. Not necessarily the conditions for the coming of Christ as you explained”

T: “And that’s why even David although a man after God’s own heart was still punished. And Psalms 119:71 – David said it is good for me that I was afflicted that I may keep your statues. The suffering is only necessary because if everything went smoothly we would not respect him. He becomes more of a robot”

L: “Unless the law was needed to drive man to Christ, to show our need for Christ hence Lamentations.”

B: “What is the law? … so He (God) was punishing them (in Lamentations) for not obeying Him or rather trying to teach them a lesson of life without Him”

M: “….. The law includes the Mosaic law, and more. They were political and religious”

Lola: “Okay so this is my understanding of Lamentations. In the Old Testament the Israelites had to live Godly lives by following a set of laws. Obedience of the law was needed for blessings and forgiveness. I’m not sure what exactly the law was but it was more than just the book of Moses – the 10 commandments. I’m assuming it included some sort of political constitution as well – hence the role of the Pharisees perhaps? -Studying ‘The Law’. The religious Law, however, was included because of the sins of the people, and to escape punishment from God. But it didn’t work ….. by the ‘Lamentations-era’, the Israelites were known for worshipping other idols and committing other sins because of the Kings of Judah, and their foreign wives.

But hey! God did not actually destroy Israel by Himself. Instead, He let Babylon do so because His presence wasn’t there. It was His shadow – He was waiting for them to see the light –to see how life is different without the cross, without Christ and ultimately, without God. The Israelites went through the shadow of the cross, the non-presence of God, in order to understand that the law wasn’t inefficient. They had to realise that they needed Christ in order to have a better relationship with God.”

T: “Hence Galatians 3:13.”

Lola: “ YES! So in essence, we see what life was like without Christ and just The Law. This makes me appreciate Christ on the cross – the true nature of God, which is LOVE. So God wasn’t wicked during Lamentations, he was making a point about life – life without God is chaotic. When there is no God, there is no peace! There is Lamentations 1&2.”

Gnovembers add: This asks the age old question of how does a loving God sit by and watch while evil acts happen to His beloved children/ How does he actually punish His Children? God is a Holy God and he abhors sin because it is a stain before his presence. Because He loves us, He has sent His son to die on the cross that we may be reconciled to Him, when we accept this, we reap eternal life. If we don’t, the consequence of sin is death i.e eternal separation from His presence. Not wholly easy to accept but the moment we begin with the being of God then we can accept it somewhat better.

On Friendship


The beauty of age is that we also know when to call it quits and walk away. I am big on friendship but not any friendship where I cannot be honestly expressive and where my friend is not able to communicate with me. Cheers to authentic friendships :)

Originally posted on Doing Life By His Side:

The beauty of being older and awake and more introspective and also having taken the time to LEARN myself is that I know what it means to be a friend.

And to have a friend.

I am big on friendship

Because let me tell you something:

  • If a friendship is not reciprocated, it is not friendship
  • If a friendship is not honest, it is not friendship
  • A friendship is not about competition, who has the best car, the best house, the best life etc
  • If you are not coming through for your friend… you suck.
  • If you are always reaching out and never in reverse, this not friendship.

Let me tell you something, we are all born selfish. And some people never outgrow it. It is not my portion to be in life to be a selfless friend to be stepped on. I left that nonsense in my youth. Nope.

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Book Review: Capitalist Nigger

Buy here

I recently read this book and hated it.

It was poorly edited and very repetitive, also, I felt that Onyeani, the author, did not really counter the accusations he made against Black people – that we don’t really like to research and come up with new knowledge, rather we just sit back, consume and adapt what people around us have done. I would have liked to see his well-thought out theory that is counter the status quo. However, he did have some gems that I took note of.

  • You must understand that the same amount of time it takes to start a small venture might be the same amount of time or even less than it takes in starting a major one.
  • You must possess great discipline and an iron hand if you are to succeed in this world … One of the greatest drawbacks to our march to the promised land of wealth and money is our lack of discipline and persistence in the face of adversity.
  • If you are a slave, you cannot be independent and distinct from the whims and caprices or dictates of your conquerors.
  • Capitalist Nigger … understands that the State of Black economy can only be created when a group of young Black men and women dare to be success. Yes we have to dare to be successful.
  • If you cannot buy African, there is absolutely no way you are going to create a Black economy.
  • A Capitalist Nigger understands that for the Black economy to be created, he must have to create a niche for himself. The movement to restart the Black economy must be planned with absolute focus, with each individual focusing on how he can contribute to making it a reality.
  • The Capitalist Nigger is not going to patronise people who disrespect him and denigrate his intelligence as inferior.
  • It is extremely necessary that we take a few minutes,  hours,  days or months to ponder the intelligence of a race who cannot produce the basic things of life that are needed for their survival and have to depend on those who have oppressed them for years to come to their aid.
  • The question really is how could Africa have millions of educated men and women, yet have to import experts in all fields to manage areas of economic development, engineering and others for which Africans had gone to the same school.
  • Today, Africa is incapable of defending itself militarily, it is incapable of sustaining itself economically,  it has lost its culture and its socialisation is based on European culture.
  • The second annihilation which confronts the African child when he begins his school life is the name he must answer to. … They insisted that  if Africans had to become “Christians” they had to abandon their names which are historically and culturally rich. … I have never seen a European adopting an African name, despite the fact that some of them had lived or were born in Africa. They are not a conquered people ….

The book made me ask myself/ think of:

  1. How am I procuring from black people and making sure that the money circulates within the community I live in or if not, among African people? During the wedding, I tried to have as many African vendors as possible and sometimes it didn’t work out but for the most part,we did keep it within.
  2. It did get me wondering about some of the franchises closest to me and how many of them are owned by a African owner. Also, how would I go about finding that out?
  3. I had to come clean to the fact that part of my reluctance to patronise African-owned establishments is the lack of #excellence and the expectation that because I am supporting them, I should be happy to take scrapes from them. None of that! I won’t have it!
  4. Any establishment that disrespects me or my worth as a buyer, I complain about and if after suitable time no change is made, I vote with my feet and tell my constituents to also abstain from taking their patronage there. And this is the case, African or not!
  5. English/ Caucasian/Foreign names for African children in this day and age. NO! JUST NO!
  6. I still feel sad that I do not speak an African language. Thankfully I have Kiswahili which is African. But I wish I could speak with my grandparents and now some of my in-laws!

I would further recommend Decolonising the Mind by Ngugi wa Thiong’o. Similar subject but mainly about language and literature and the editing is THAT bit better!

Sunday Reads

Enjoy …

  1. Bringing up spoilt kids and how we have allowed it! This is my worst, worst, worst fear!
  2. I love potato salad but I hate mayo. Here are some alternative dressings. 
  3. Hilarious ad with little kiddos on my world’s favorite topic – poo!!
  4. I loved Rory Gilmore. I wanted her life (actually still do). We are so due for a Movie!
  5. I would still buy one of these dolls at all of thirty!
  6. BECAUSE Hummus!
  7. To take or not your husbands surname? Main article and Readers response (NYT Articles)
  8. Three foodie bloggers that piqued my interest this week: Alexandra Cooks  | Eat in my Kitchen Dishing up the Dirt
  9.  Such a sad story but also inspiring about the strength of mankind.

Thank me later … Hint: After you take off your dancing shoes …

Such memories of the ’90s being care free and learning the lyrics. And if you grew up in Kenya, chilling for matatus to go home and only wanting to be in the hippest of them (Yasssss!!!) AND, How old are 112? Jeez seeing as I am the eternal 12 year old in my heart ….

Sunday Reads

I had taken some time off work this week so I the reads will be fewer than usual!

  1. Ever wondered how headhunting happens for some of the more senior positions? Here’s how … (Audio)
  2. God definitely made bacon and this would make Him happy.
  3. Because I am really serious about hanging stuff on my walls and here is a lovely tutorial of how to do it properly.
  4. These shootings while wrong are so heartbreaking!
  5. I feel about this exactly what I feel about wedding financing! BAD IDEA!!
  6. For the econometric geeks out there – dealing with missing data!
  7. The solution for corruption is not as simplistic or clear-cut as increasing wages. So what to do?
  8. Caring for your locs. Also, I am sometimes fascinated by the actual voice of some of the blogs I read and this chick is nothing like I expected …


My most pinned image on Pinterest

I am not really an active Pinner but it has slowly become the last thing I do just before I fall off to sleep. One of the most common pins on my profile that has the most likes and pins is the following diagram and I thought it apt to explain why I pinned it to begin with.

LOVEly ....  Rustic California Home – Reading Nook (Emily Henderson)

Source | Pinned here by me

Coffee table. I have been looking for an interesting piece of furniture like this for my house and I just love that it’s quite unique and it would give character to any room. I also just love lamps. In any form

Wall colour. I love how intense it is but also the beautiful contrast between it and the brown table and the furniture. Would love to try it on one room wall before being bold to do it all over a room / the house.

Gallery wall. For some time I have been toying with doing this well, because we have all these wedding pictures and other stuff from before that it would be lovely to showcase them like this.

Bookshelf. In place of buying one, it’s quite a space save to make one out of a pre-existing wall like this.

Do you also like this pin? What’s your favourite detail?

Sunday Reads

Sent from me on a particularly long drive so enjoy!

  1. Very sad story about the depths that refugees take to get to better opportunities in the West. Particularly following the news of the two South African stowaways.
  2. Some beautiful musical sounds! h/t Miss Milli B
  3. Marriage is so many things but this is a choice that my mind cannot fully wrap itself around. I can’t even …
  4. Simple explanation(s) why there are fewer women in Tech and possible solutions.
  5. In case you ever wondered about cooking and what they eat in Space!
  6. Bye bye SOTRU! I actually feel like I am saying goodbye to a good friend.
  7. I was just speaking to a colleague about how to make good food cheap for the poorer folk to be able to eat wholesomely.
  8. A better question to ask in life: What did I learn rather than did I win?
  9. No more sorry for me!
  10. I literally licked my lips as I read this recipe for Morccaan Spiced Pumpkin and Chickpea stew :)
  11. YUM!!! And this Coconut Quinoa bowl.
  12. I have enjoyed reading about this project – to read across the world in one year – over the years and the preparation for the Audiobook is no differen​t.
  13. ​I love this DIY Activity and would love to try it one day

A visit to the Museum

Two weeks back I decided to check out the Wits Arts Museum (WAM) and they had an exhibition by Penny Siopsis and Peter Schutz. I much preferred Penny’s and thankfully we can take pictures (though flash is not allowed so excuse the quality of most). I love dolls so I greatly enjoyed the different installations she had that included them.

Wits Art Museum is proud to announce the exhibition, Time and Again showcasing a survey of the work of globally recognised South African artist, Penny Siopis. This exhibition reflects over three decades of Siopis’ creative production, and draws on the recurring themes of history, sexuality, race, memory, estrangement and violence. Many of the works on show were featured on her recent retrospective exhibition of the same title at the South African National Gallery in Cape Town. 

20150613_14431120150613_14430720150613_14360420150613_14341120150613_14223720150613_14220520150613_14213820150613_144335 (1)20150613_142325 (1)

If you are going to go, no food and drink is allowed in the Museum, Besides that, entry is free and they are open from Wednesday to Sunday 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. and parking is readily available a few streets away. Also, on the first Saturday of every month, they have Art Classes between 12 and 1 for all levels of  expertise.


The time I tried to sell something online and got scammed

Earlier this year I decided to finally sell my wedding dress. Having checked out a couple of sites, I decided to start with the free ones: OLX, Gumtree and Locanto. I then looked for various pictures of the dress and proceeded to post these on the sites.

Within a day of posting on OLX, I got an email from a lady called Mary asking if the dress was still available and whether I could check the cost of postage as she wanted to buy it for her niece and surprise her – she would pay for the postage. OKAY? I remember thinking that she must not have planned a wedding in recent times as most brides like to take charge of that part of the process but I countered that with, Oh what a sweet aunt!

All the same, I replied and said that the dress was available and to ask about the postal address is as I couldn’t get a quote for the delivery costs without it. So it turns out that “Mary” was somehow based in Lagos and wanted me to send the package there :'(

At this point, I felt uneasy and decided to back out and stop responding because my gut just said something was not right because “Mary” now said that she had already paid the money and she sent me proof of payment that was so so so dodgy coupled with the fact that I NEVER RECEIVED THE MONEY – NOT THEN OR EVER. Anyway, our conversation proceeded as follows:

Mary: So take the package to the nearest South Africa Post Office (SAPO) and get it ship out and get back to me with the shipment details ASAP.

MeLook, it’s not working so I have resent your money. Please let me know when you get notified.

MaryI want you to know that I have already make the payment and my account has been deducted and your money is intact but still pending in your
account and all what Bank need from you is the shipment tracking
number for verification as soon as you ship out the item and forward
the shipment tracking number to my Bank via notification sent to you
for verification your bank account will be credited immediately Okay.
But the money haven’t reflect in your bank account but as soon as you
ship out the package through Post Office and get back to Bank Of
America with the tracking Number,the money will reflect in your
account straight away.

I thought the scam was about getting the money but it seems the dress is also lucrative as they can sell it for cash. In this case, I would have sent the dress to them and by the time I would have gotten back to them, I would have sent the dress and they would stop responding when I kept asking for them why the payment has not cleared.

Well, I decided to ignore the email and Mary went away. And the money never cleared!!

Please see below, the dress that I am trying to sell and contact me ( if you would like to buy the dress or know a genuine person in Johannesburg that might like to buy.

PS: I never heard back from my add on Locanto and Gumtree but better that outcome than OLX. I recently posted the add again and I have already had three queries from people with funny looking email addresses but I shall try and be open minded (but safe) this time round.

Updated to add: Again I renewed the posting on the above site including a paid hosting site and I got the following response from three different email addresses (but likely one user?):

Thanks for your swift response.I’m (insert fake name), Look I’m offshore (on sea), I’m buying this package as a (BIRTHDAY GIFT) to my cousin who was transferred to West Africa. I’ll add an extra R1800 to your final price for the package which will be for the shipment of it via DHL post mail and other expenses. I’ll be paying you through PayPal. If you are interested kindly get back to me with your PayPal email address so that i can easily transfer the fund to you asap.


Sunday Reads

I quite enjoyed putting together the food-related Sunday Reads but this week I went back to the more generic content. Enjoy!!

  1. My sister recently asked about these food in a box services in Kenya. Any leads anyone?
  2. I love this Op-Ed on the Bruce Jenner story. As a Christian, struggling to figure out this whole business so I will stick to his initial name and gender.
  3. This makes genius business sense – buy the left over luggage and on-sell it.  Wonder what happens in South Africa and Kenya or Uganda.
  4. Bringing beautiful Kiswahili sayings to the modern-day world. Nice!! Check out the artists’ tumblr here.
  5. Tried this recipe this week and how YUMMY!
  6. Loving these suggested titles to Rachel “I-Identify-As-Black” Dolezal’s possible memoir title.
  7. How many of these do you remember the before look?
  8. God really made us all so unique. Loving these pictures of these different cultures
  9. “Affordable” Weekend Gateaways in Cape Town. JUST!

Some reflections from this week

This past week I have had three significant spiritual prompts that I shall proceed to share below.

God desires to continuously bless us. However, sometimes we make a choice to walk away from communion with Him and he cannot bless us in those circumstances because He is a holy God and will not sully his name. However, His word does talk of  God as a Father that causes sunshine and raise to fall on the just and unjust (Matt 5:45) and so in this we can take comfort because He will still bless us but the extent is limited or enhanced by our action.

Through suffering, God refines the just and the unjust. Speaking with a friend, I loved this explanation of why bad things happen to good and bad people alike.

Not only so, but we also glory in our sufferings, because we know that suffering produces perseverance; perseverance, character; and character, hope. And hope does not put us to shame, because God’s love has been poured out into our hearts through the Holy Spirit, who has been given to us. (Rom 3:3-5 NIV)

All of us need to learn something about ourselves or our faith at each point in our lives and so we each have that thing that makes us stop and cleave onto Christ because of the hope it inevitably builds in us.

Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle. This is very true and never more this week.

First, I have been attending an evening Bible Study and a lot of it is tailored around group work. This week I sat next to these two friends (a guy and girl) and I was moaning about working in groups again (fourth week, one more to go) and then about being with them because they appeared very quiet and I’d have to get things going for all of us. The guy was very quiet and less expressive and only later did he explain how English is not his first language and how he struggles to express himself because he hasn’t studied much and I was so chastened and it also cautioned me to be very patient with people that are “other” in my life. Also, made me wonder how many people leave Church because of such superficial things like they feel like they are not speaking or sounding right, looking good, dressed well or driving a nice car.

Second, I have often felt like a new colleague is sometimes overbearing and quite bossy BUT, in the name of being professional I had decided to take it in my stride and handle that. Early this week, we got sharing and she shared with us about her mom’s final days in care and the toll it took on her being in South Africa and the mom in Europe (to protect her I won’t say the name of the country) and as she shared, I started to see her in a new light and based on that moment, I decided to be easy and take her as she is not out of pity but because of a difficult part in her past. I like the quote above and I always tie it to the fact that we are made in the image and likeness of God (Genesis 1:27) and therefore I must be careful with that fact for we are in that sense supernatural beings and deserve honour and respect just for that if nothing else.

Grrrrrr!!! for Management Consulting speak

Show me someone that often uses these words and I will show you a pompous management consultant.

  • Big Dig
  • Deep Dive
  • Low hanging fruit
  • Quick wins
  • Big picture thinking
  • Leverage
  • Value Add

Urrrrgh but sadly when used, the effect is to appear intelligent and to immediately gain the attention of all the attendants in the meeting.

Updated to read: Please also check out this Reddit link with similar babbage.

Another moment of Chimamanda beauty and awe-struckness

  • What am I doing with the privilege that I today so richly and abundantly enjoy? As an educated woman, a freely worshiping Christian, a friend?
  • Life is too precious to waste it not being authentic and choosing to downplay my real self so that others around me can feel content and happy in themselves. Ain’t nobody got time for that.
  • In closing, be an ally to a woman today! Look for a place to give back and share some of your life’s lessons honestly and as non-judgmentally as you possibly can dare to be.

Read Full Transcript here.