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Three Random Facts

  1. I am convinced someone might one day want to write my biography so I am cataloguing my life in this blog, journals and keeping significant letters and cards.
  2. I sometimes cook like I am presenting a cooking show online. This involves preparing all the ingredients in advance and sometimes explaining what it is I am doing.
  3. I play back all voice notes I send to try and determine whether I do have a good voice for radio. I am not sure I do.

7: Considering a career change?

If money was no issue and I could chose other careers to switch to, I would do any of the following:

  1. Librarian or a bookshop seller/owner. Running the bookshop, I would read some of the books at the desk in between servicing clients and dealing with other bits of running the shop. If I was the librarian, I would get first dibs on all the books as they came in from the different people. I clearly love reading and this would be a cheap option for me to meet that need in my life.
  2. Food critic. What’s not to like about getting the chance to go to different restaurants and order various items from the menu and write about them? Well maybe if I had to also take pics and stuff. I think its proper #firstworldproblems to get food and then have to sit around while others take pictures of it in different poses.
  3. Developing the musical score for films and series. This is weird, I really love my music but I don’t really like movies much. Yet when I do watch a good movie, part of what makes it is the soundtrack – it has to be totally complimentary and awesome. I love Grey’s Anatomy and really what also makes the show are the songs they play at key points of the plot.
  4. For someone that doesn’t like to draw much, I would be a cartoon illustrator for little kiddy’s books. So cute and I imagine so fulfilling too!
  5. Radio producer and part of the team that develops the content for the different radio shows. I love talk radio and it never ceases to amaze me how they generate some of their stories and the fact that despite how bizarre the topic, people are guaranteed to always call in and contribute to the topic. I also know how radio is quite a powerful medium and so I would like to somehow be involved in shaping people’s minds and conversations for positive rather than negative.
  6. Fashion design. I certainly have an eye for what can/can’t look good on someone.

And what about you?


I read this article about the state of Kenyan talk radio. And it is very true.

Forgetting the whole schlep about the ethics of calling in and pretending to be the injured party in an unfaithful relationship, is the fact that the people listening in count that kind of show as being entertaining. And day in, day out, they tune in faithfully and listen to the show! If its not that, its the morning show host who talks of all sorts of sex-related topics first thing in the morning and with such detail that even the  most depraved of us would blush terribly! I think its crass, and I feel very sorry that in this day and age of liberalised media that we can’t shut down that kind of rubbish.  Maybe I am dead boring (and I admit that maybe thats the case) but I much prefer the kind of talk radio that makes you think and consider new ways of thinking and working and ideas, oh the very essence of life, but where is the local stuff  like that in Kenya? Without BBC, whats there?