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Sunday Reads

Goodbye HHP

HHP is one of the first South African musicians I ever loved and in some ways he reminds me of the Mr so hearing of his death yesterday was bittersweet on so many levels.

Sunday Reads


Sunday Reads


Sunday Reads




Cry Woman cry, we are on our own

The last couple of weeks have been really tough for women in South Africa as case after case hit the media of women and children of all ages being violated and their bodies inhumanely disposed of and it broke me shattered me. (For context: search the hashtags #MenAreTrash,  #KaraboMokoena and #Courtney Peters) A lot of the incidences were targeted at Black women, which I happen to be.

What upset me further is the fact that in many of these cases, the accused/ the perpetrator was almost always someone known to the victim and/or her family and even went ahead to assist the family to look for the victim. What sort of special animal are you though?

What hurts even more is the fact that justice is meted out based on the socioeconomic status of the victim and therefore thousands in the townships die and no hashtag follows their death. In fact, we hardly know their names and their deaths are not reported on.

The countless rape myths that follow the victim are unbearable. Why was she dressed like that? Why was she with him? Why did she go to his house? How dare she be a lesbian? No, just no!! It is not her fault but his.

A friend of mine tried to think of what to do and even now I still don’t know. Beyond the usual trying to protect yourself from being raped or being violated, what energy is left for you to think of another and to try and stop it from happening to the next woman?

Books read: January – April

I happily enjoyed all of these books that I would happily recommend any of them.

The Promises of God

Today is not an easy day, but I will choose to focus on the following truths about God:

  1. He is the Creator and Sustainor of Life. He made all things, visible and invisible for His pleasure.
  2. God is not a man that He should lie, nor a son of man that He will change His mind.
  3. Our greatest need is for salvation, and that He has already finalised on our behalf.

Yet, I will focus on God. Even today.



Sunday Reads

Greetings from a rainy and cold-ish Cape Town!

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  3. So sad this story about dying alone but intriguing what happens behind the scenes.
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  6. More on the boy child’s woes!
  7. Some beautiful placards driving the message on #Feesmustfall
  8. Got myself some Castor and Olive oil from this place and it smells DI-vine!
  9. Yummy recipe!! Cauliflower, quinoa and a stir fry

Two boys: one dead, one imprisoned

Last Monday, at a school in the eastern part of Johannesburg, one young man tired of being bullied by a classmate, took his mom’s gun (she’s a policewoman), went to school and shot the bully dead. Read more here.

This story raised so many questions for me and for the past week, I could not stop thinking about the deceased boy and his family – who swear that their son was innocent and a churchgoer and the ‘offender’ now out on bail. What particularly struck me was that regardless of what really happened, the rest of the school children are reported to have said “good riddance” because the deceased was a known bully and terror. I have never been bullied so I can’t begin to imagine what the bullied boy felt, but murder? In all, two families are left grieving and the kids at the school obviously traumatised.

What’s the solution? Will metal detectors help or is there a deeper social problem here? Don’t know really.

thats all

There are certain parts of the Bible that we read and often pay lip-service to them, without thinking much. Like the bit about suffering…we know how it encourages endurance, and builds character and all that and usually, when the biggest suffering you have had to endure is starting the day without your brand of coffee, or having to wear the same bag/shoe or not having anyone to call with the free minutes that expire that month….then you just read through it in passing. This week my very young friend lost her son after a brief illness and that feeling is just something else. I feel like I have all these questions, and stuff that I want to ask God, and when I do, I can’t even begin to imagine what my dear friend is going through.. God bless and be strong!