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Podcast Recommendations

​I love podcasts and on my commute to work and back home, I have been catching up on some good episodes this week.

  • I love Ear Hustle and this week they had a Q&A session, I particularly loved the bit where they went round asking the guys what their prison theme song would be. If this is you first time, the boom boom room is definitely my all-time favourite episode.
  • This is Uncomfortable, a new podcast I got into was talking about class anxiety. Something that I can definitely associate with. Well, I loved how the lady in question just broke it down in a way that made me think of my own discomfort with money.
  • Aminatou and Ann also talked about all the money feelings we have. One of their subjects was saying how they sit with a group of their friends and everyone writes down their annual salary, they jumble them up and pick them out say them aloud so even if you do not know who earns that much, you at least know they are in your friendship circle. Mind-blowing, would love to see the same from my friends.
  • Woman’s Hour talked about period sex – the good, the dirty and freaky J
  • The Mr is left handed so this episode from Radio Lab hit me personally. The previous two stories were also quite impressive.

Happy Listening 🙂

Sunday Reads

In light of the new phase I am in presently,I decided to share parenting-related articles

Sunday Reads


(Belated) Sunday Reads


Something on my heart

How can small groups deepen their faith?

Encourage your group members to choose a verse or passage of the Bible that illustrates:

  • A way they would like to grow in Christlikeness.
  • A promise they need to remember.
  • An attribute of God’s person they want to know more deeply.
  • A precept they want to apply to an area of struggle, pain, or temptation.

Sisters, Jesus is not your Cheerleader

And, to be clear, Jesus does encourage. He offers words of strength to the weary and comfort to the hurting. In a world where we so often feel we don’t measure up, we need his encouragement daily. By focusing on only part of his message, however, I’m concerned that we’ve reduced Jesus to a spiritual cheerleader. And, in turn, that’s what we’ve become to one another. We offer words of affirmation, but not rebuke; words of forgiveness, but not repentance. We rightly celebrate his grace, but often forget to mourn our sin.

How to win the war for your mind

Take your thoughts captive and examine them closely. Bring them into submission. Consider the fruit. Then fight back with gospel truths. This is how we go to war.

When we don’t love the Bible

What can we do when we’re unmoved by God’s love and the gospel’s power?What can we do when we’re unmoved by God’s love and the gospel’s power?

Good lovemaking is about God

You can have the best spouse on the planet and enjoy the most fulfilling sex life imaginable, and still this fact remains: if our hearts are not satisfied in God, they will never be satisfied. Spouses can be wonderful helpers, but they are sorry saviors. The best way to have a blessed sex life is to delight in the God who gives the gift. Jesus is always better than any gift he gives you, including sex in marriage.







On blogging: search terms that led people here

Again, I decided to update this list.

  • Whititude – the poem, descriptions about it, the writer that is still the most common search term. Funny-weird not haha because I don’t really read a lot of poetry or any of that.
  • Rebecca Nganga – my beloved lecturer.
  • josphat nanok bio – can’t imagine why!! But apparently he is a Kenyan parliamentarian
  • age of consent south africa – To my shock people search a lot for this term and it leads them here! Horrors of horrors!!But see my position here.
  • can i have skhothane punchlines and unknown skhothane CV – because I know so much about urban culture.
  • 419 Scam letters – my favourite piece of writing!!
  • Karumaindo Nairobi – some well known brothel in the hometown!!
  • various variations of good morning couple – because of these beautiful illustrations by Nidhi Chanani
  • Everwood and Oakwood – wedding venues.
  • For someone that doesn’t write about sex, I do get a lot of sex-related search terms that lead people here.

It always makes me smile to see this so enjoy!!


its all relative, or is it?

I am a little concerned about the Jules High School rape charges ( that first were and then were dropped and then morphed into statutory rape charges) and thing is I can’t even pin my finger on the exact issue.

By way of background, the 15 year old female student allegedly claimed that she had been drugged and then raped by a group of boys. Turned out later that they were only two, as later that week two boys were arrested and then the charges dropped following lack of evidence. This is despite the fact that the video of the same act, had gone viral in the school and was allegedly available online for a mere R10 (1.4245 USD).  Now, this post is not even profound and I might even totally miss the entire argument and all the nuanced thoughts and arguments that might relate to these events. My main issue is why there are any charges to bring before the court, at all. I guess this closely relates to a question I came across earlier this week, asking when the best time is to have your first sexual encounter.  As I said, it is a multi-faceted issue and I might then stick to the Jules High incident entirely and leave you to ponder the second question.

I guess arguments are made that at 14 and 16 (the boys) and 15, the girl, these kids are primarily in school to study and nothing, or little, else that does not directly relate to this. Maybe, the real issue is the shock that we all feel that these kids had the time and the energy even to apply themselves to organising and following through which such an act during school hours. But whose problem is that? Is it the education system that has failed the students, their parents even (I am sure some people are pointing fingers and snickering) or who should be at blame here?

If they are all minors and it’s consensual, is it still a criminal offense that warrants such hype and expense at the court. If two “minors” are having consensual sex, is it wrong? And while it might be ethically or morally wrong, are there any grounds to take them before a Court of Law and charge them? Apparently the Law says that minors cannot actually consent to having sex as legally, they are not entitled to and going by Contract Law, any contractual arrangement they enter into (including sex) is voided. Does this mean that it does not matter if they are both minors and intercourse results out of their misguided agreement?

I admit, I might have missed it entirely and you might shed some light on the same.

UPDATE:  The case was later dropped and the students will be rehabilitated instead.