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As you have your breaky/tea/ lunch break, please enjoy stuff that I have read this week that I liked.


Some more design porn :)

I recently discovered this blog that posts a pic a day of the most beautiful homes. Seeing as I have recently moved and creating a home, these are some of the things I have been drooling about recently.

Love this little dining space

A moment for the colour of the wall!! Also love the table and the coffee tables.

Maybe just one of these at the foot of our bed

I like the imagery of the mismatched dinning chairs

Table for two? With the beautiful lighting fixture

Just the arrangement of this loft! The windows, the couches, the dining table. Just. ALL. Of. It

Now to pray for money to buy beautiful furnishings for our place!

The four hundred and sixty eighth post

Featured image

I kind of alluded to it yesterday, about why I blog. However, this post was inspired by a conversation with a friend who said that she is thinking of shutting down her blog because the reason she started it is over and she basically doesn’t have new material.

Why do I blog?

Because I love to write and I love to share and save my thoughts in one place. I have always journalled but that runs into different books while this is a bit more static from year to year.

I think I have an interesting voice to add onto the blogosphere and share with some of my followers and readers.

I also read a lot of blogs and always get inspired from that to do and try and be a better blogger which I then like to try out or respond to on this platform.

More than that, I blog because it makes me happy. Very happy.

Why do you blog?

Source: April 17th Prompt

Monday morning beauty


The budding trees outside my balcony. So beautiful and delicate. Enjoy :) 

Sunday jams …

I LOVE these songs and somehow they have always managed to soothe and encourage my soul and I pray that today, the same thing happens to you.

This article requires it’s own post ..

Please read throught it and all the comments made thus far.

Why 12 Years A Slave will always matter to Louisiana

It was written a while back but for some reason WordPress Pressed it this week.

I love most about it that it is steeped in a very real human interest angle but it doesn’t shy away from the brutal hard facts.

Two conversations at the traffic lights


I pull up to a traffic light and hand over food that I had gotten from the house to give a beggar when I come across them in the course of my day.

Me: Here is some food.

Gentleman: Oh thanks Ma’am (starts to walk off)

G: Oh, I’ll give this to my colleague over there.

M: Why?

G: Oh, I don’t eat rice.

M: Really? What do you eat?

G: Pap en vleis

M: Okay, I will bear that in mind.


When I eat out with friends, if someone won’t take away the food left on their plate, I always take it with me and give it to street kids because most restaurants would rather trash the food than give it to needy people.

Me: Here you go.

Gentleman: Oh thanks Ma’am

G: My name is Jimmy, what’s your name?

M: (I give my standard fake name) Jane

G: Thanks Jane. I also don’t have shoes, I wear a Size 6 (and lifts his foot to show me) maybe you have some shoes at home you could help me with?

M: No, I am a size 5.

The end.

NOTE: I never roll down my window in the night and NEVER at any intersection that has a history of people smashing at windows. As I speak to these guys, my window is maybe open only 20% and my eyes are constantly out for the traffic lights and anything else.

My office lunch today

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Got the recipe from here and boy is it quite filling!!

Recommended app for like, forever!



I must confess that I am not the kind of person that would generally recommend white noise type apps or any others that boost productivity but not this one! It actually felt like I had managed to bring a trendy cafe into the office (coffice anyone?) and it helped me to focus on what I needed to do because I work in plan.

More details here but from me, its a definite recommend!

If anyone uses it and like it, please lemme know your experience.

Late afternoon reading

  1. Make an ordinary day happy
  2. Mapping the impact of ethnicity in Kenya
  3. 25 famous women talk aging
  4. And the Economics Nobel Prize goes to …
  5. 75 monumental pics of our lifetime (so far)

Stuff I don’t speak of on this blog

  1. Sex.
  2. Politics – I might react to something but it won’t be an analysis, merely my opinion.
  3. Economics- which is odd because I am an Economist. I just find that this is my way to unwind from what I do for a living.
  4. Swear words or any other coarse language.
  5. Religious bashing although I will talk about my Christian faith.
  6. Fashion – I might like an outfit but that’s that!
  7. Very personal stuff about me because I enjoy having an anonymous blog.

Never a dull moment in Joburg City

Joburg city

These ads, penis enlargement and advertisements for a traditional healer/ witchdoctor are all the rage in the centre of Johannesburg town.

Daily Prompt – Sweet Sixteen

This is very late but I found this post in my drafts and decided that better late than never ..

When you were 16, what did you think your life would look like? Does it look like that? Is that a good thing?

When I was 16 and struggling to comprehend moles in Chemistry and looking forward to finishing High School the next year and get into the “real world”.

  • When I thought ahead to 29, I thought that I would be working at a job I loved with my whole being and rising up through the corporate ladder. Not really the case, I hadn’t banked on the fact that this perfect job is not just sitting in a shelf waiting for me to show up.
  • I thought I would own my house and I would furnish as I wished. The house would have a big kitchen and I would experiment with different dishes and host people all the time. This is mixed as I don’t really entertain as much as I would love to but I still enjoy cooking.
  • I thought I would be married. Somehow I never thought about the kiddies.
  • I was hoping to have traveled and seen the world. Well I moved countries, but I am nowhere near achieving this.
  • I was hoping to buy myself as many books as I could and CDs. Oh, silly memory but I really wanted an iPod. Which I got and really loved. I do buy myself books and I relish that little privilege. I also belong to a library which further feeds that urge!

On the whole, I think I stuck to the 16 year old vision which to some extent makes me happy and somewhat content. Thanks 16 year old me!

Another round of words we need

Again, another opportunity to skim through Urban Dictionary to get words that we actually need.


Too Small; Could Not Read

Contact sad

When you are made sad by other people’s negative comments or attitudes, usually through Facebook posts.


When you see someone who’s natural expression for that day or moment looks like a combination of being pissed off, and smelling something awful.


A selfie of your shoes

Give it a goog

When in doubt of an answer to ones question, this would be the response given in reference to the search engine Google to help them find their desired answer.


You loved the original so much, when the sequel comes out you have Sequelphobia, because you have the fear it won’t live up to the original.


To discretely sniff ones underarms for stank before venturing out in to public areas as to not offend other with fowl body odor.


not quite dinner but definitely past lunch.

First World Hungry

When you have plenty of food to keep you well nourished, but you gluttonously want or desire more than you need. To “feel” hungry even though you ate today. As defined by Louis C.K. on March 29, 2014.

Runners Block

a lack of will or reason to run. Often lasts weeks. Comparable to writer’s block.

Off to give it a goog so enjoy …

Word for the day ..

Surely the arm of the LORD is not too short to save, nor his ear too dull to hear (Is. 59:1 and repeated elsewhere in Isaiah)

Amen and Amen!! Sometimes in life we forget that the Lord is mighty to hear and to act. Even when things appear bleak, yet is He there and working things out for our good. In Kiswahili we speak of seeing the hand of the Lord and now I understand why!

Ingredients I always have

… in my kitchen, pantry or fridge.

  • Ginger
  • Garlic
  • Lemons and lemon curd – I use this in addition to fresh lemon juice, it just spares me having to get lemon rind. As it has sugar, I also reduce how much sugar I add.
  • Cheese
  • Butternut
  • Red and White wine
  • Coconut milk

Story of a Wedding: Vendors used

This is the last of the post where I shall be reviewing different aspects of the wedding. Please let me know your thoughts. 



PS: I deliberately avoided rating the suppliers because I appreciate that experiences will differ one markedly according to the individual. However, vendors marked recommend, I would readily use, time and again.

Cake: Mel from Luvvies Bakery in Cresta.

Dress: Great Weddings in Melville

Stationery: Angelique from Everything I Do (More here) RECOMMEND

Caterer: Candice from Maple Drive Catering RECOMMEND

Decor: Thato of Camelot Hotel RECOMMEND

Photography: Kagiso Legotlo RECOMMEND

DJ: Mpho from Ipheladi

Makeup: Katlego from Lashed Make up RECOMMEND


Story of The wedding

Over the next few days, I shall be reviewing different aspects of the wedding. Please stick around and let me know your thoughts.


This is the one post that will make me wish repeatedly that I shared pics of myself online/ for this blog. The outline of the questions are inspired by one of my favourite blogs, Southbound Bride.

Love Story

The Mr and I met at Wits University while undertaking our Honours degrees in 2008. I had recently moved cities and he was one of the people I soon became friends with.

The Proposal

We had spoken of getting married and so I knew that he would ask just not when. I sound like a control freak but I had also given some guidelines, not in a public place and not in front of any of our families and I didn’t want something over the top. One Thursday after work, I went over to his place and he met me at the door, seated me comfortably then he knelt and asked me to marry him. Knowing it was coming and seeing it happen, two very different things!

The Venue

Well funny story. We selected a venue, paid a deposit went for the decor set up and all of then then life happened and we changed our venue to the Spruitview Multipurpose Park where with three months to go, we started to plan the wedding afresh.

The Wedding in 3 Words

Happy, relaxed and personal

Wedding Style

We really had no style, we just knew we didn’t want it to be too stuffy, we wanted it to reflect our personality and we certainly did not have anything that 30 years from now we would look at and think, why did we select that? I’d say elegant and timeless is something we strove towards. Our wedding colours were yellow and navy blue with touches of white.

DIY Elements

We proudly had none. We didn’t have time as both of us were working full time and planning the wedding. We opted to pay vendors to bring to pass our vision.

The Flowers

I happen to be that one bride that doesn’t like flowers much. I had a small bouquet of blush proteas for me and yellow arums for the girls.

The Dress

I had a mermaid style sleeveless dress with an illusion neckline. Early on, I knew I did not want a strapless dress because I am not so big on top and I didn’t want the dress to look like a towel on me. I wanted (and got) a plunging back which greatly appealed to me. My sister lent me her veil, which my mom lovingly fixed up for me.

Memorable Moment

Walking down the aisle and having my mom hand me over to the Mr and the moment when the guests realised what our first dance was.

Proudly South African / EA details

  • We served traditional cakes and traditional ginger beer at the reception.
  • We presented cakes to our respective in-laws.
  • On the menu we had a Kenyan salsa (kachumbari) and South African dishes such as samp and ting‘.

The Honeymoon

We spoke about the budget and then the Mr went ahead and booked us 7 glorious days in Mauritius. It was winter and off-season but we enjoyed it just as much and I cannot sing enough of the country’s beauty. The hills and how lush it is reminded me greatly of Uganda.

Advice for Future Brides & Grooms

  • Compare quotes from two or three suppliers, make a decision and stop looking.
  • Determine your budget and try as much to stick to it – see what your negotiables and non-negotiables are.
  • Hire a wedding planner if you can, if you can’t don’t work with family members.
  • Have an engagement shot with your photographer, it helps to relax you and you practice for the big day.
  • Relax on the day itself and savour each and every moment because it goes by very quickly.

Tomorrow I will share about the special vendors that made our day possible.

Story of a Wedding: South African boy meets East African girl

Over the next few days, I shall be reviewing different aspects of the wedding. Please stick around and let me know your thoughts.



So you know how you meet a boy at school, think his difference is fascinating, get to know him a bit and then you say yes when he asks you to marry him and the difference in culture suddenly becomes stark? No? Well, this is what I learnt from planning the wedding about the difference between a wedding in the East (of Africa) and those in the South.

  1. Something as simple as how does the bridal party make their entrance into the reception. In EA, the guests come and join in a single dance with the bridal party and they all dance in together. In SA, the bridal party has to perform a routine that they rehearse and all the guests look forward to. In hindsight, it wasn’t too bad but as I don’t really like to dance, it was a bit of a bummer in the period leading up to it.
  2. Dowry. Obviously both communities pay dowry and I am actually not opposed to it’s payment in case someone wants to comment about how backward/ sexist or whatever else. In Teso, the girls family will usually pick 100% of the dowry from the boys home and that’s the traditional ceremony. Only men are involved and particularly from the paternal side. In SA, the malumes (maternal uncles) can and often get involved, there are quite a few stages to it, gifts are given to the girls and boys family and part of the dowry is paid. This was a very contentious issue and I shall not say anything further about how it was resolved.
  3. Parental involvement. I thought this was more of a family than a South African thing. My parents weren’t super involved in the planning, they just asked about the highlights and the mega details, his parents and family were VERY involved. In EA, we plan weddings with peers who give time, money and their effort to make it a success, I can’t speak of what they do in SA as I never found out.
  4. I found out at the traditional wedding that in Tswana culture, the bride and groom have to spend some time at the boys home following the wedding. I have never heard of this practice back home ! It’s nice to know we can stay over but in reality, we will probably drive home in future rather than stay over at the in-laws just because home is not that far away off.
  5. I always knew that the groom kinda saunters down the aisle with his groomsmen, not so here where the mom/ a sister or special cousin gets to walk him down the aisle.

I am sure there were so many more lessons and I might update this list at a later stage/ as they occur.