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Sunday Reads

6 words that will demystify debt crises | TED

  1. Discipline, nature or nurture?
  2. In case you love Longreads and want to catch up on some of the year’s best readings.
  3. As if I did not already want to go to Turkey,this beautiful post here for you!!
  4. Oh dear me, I can comfortably say I will never be an insta-mom!!
  5. On the prevalence of C-sections in the US. Interesting to note that it varies with Mothers ethnicity, age, day of the week and that something like having more on cal obstetricians would keep it within the WHOs 10% target.
  6. The low rewards to thinking short-term!
  7. On using simple household items to tell the story of global inequality!
  8. For all the word ninjas out there – the 58 most mistaken words in the English dictionary.
  9. Maths and Colouring Books if ever you wanted to combine the two!



i will overcome


I wish i was above, swimming away but instead I’m fretting here about whether I am good enough for this year of school and fighting off the panic that creeps upon me when I think of failing. I am asking myself whether I really wanted this thing (I DID) but right now, I cant like this feeling im having in the pit of my belly. Now that I have gotten over this self centred, lone invite to the pity party shindig- Im about good enough to get on with it so please, lets gloss over this and not get all you know……………. 🙂 is for real.

If i didnt have to go to school I would look for a job getting lyrics for the shows that i love, love, looooooooooove. What would you do?

I read Psalms 8 leo. Lord who are we that you are mindful of us? That you love us? That for a time we are slightly above Angels? Indeed who are we?