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The Cape Town Art Fair

I went by this past weekend and it was truly the best use of my time. I enjoyed it and would happily recommend it to anyone. Below, some of the bits that best stood out for me.



A lovely weekend actually

Because I really did.

I am the kind of person who likes to make little to-do lists and then go ahead to do them and then derive such pleasure from them.

So this weekend, I met up with a friend to read up on some school work and I was pretty pleased with myself as the weather was twelve shades of nasty, cold and rainy and unbeknown to us was the fact that the library was set at single digit temperature and we were literally freezing our seats off. I had a couple of readings to do and so I did those and made notes that I later typed off. Two ticks off that list!

Then yesterday, I practiced a little of my driving and that was nerve-wracking but going good..This we did, on the way to my sisters lunch. She turns 31 tomorrow and so we took her out and had the waiters sing her happy birthday, something I am sure she wanted to kill us over greatly enjoyed.

The weather is horrid…Can’t do cold AND rainy! But I hear that the cold front is going to pass soon.Yeah, you better or else….

I laugh at those who take the day off…WICKED LAUGH…