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18. Sunday Reads

  1. Economists/ data nerds on Tinder might like this
  2. In this day and age of super processed foods, it still surprises me to learn that baby foods are not verboten
  3. I always wondered if Black Twitter is because the large majority of contributors are Black of whether it’s due to the ugliness of it.
  4. For the love of all things Malcolm Gladwell.
  5. Is there hope for us?” Such a heartbreaking story of the state of mankind.
  6. Please God do not let this become an actual thing! Please?
  7. Wanna know the music that played the year you were born?
  8. For my nephew that loves to bake cupcakes
  9. 15 Quick fish recipes
  10. All you need to know about cooking with all things coconut

We call her Woman II

The 16 Days of Violence are presently running and so I would like to take a moment to think of all the women in miserable situations and to say a prayer for them at this time. Also to thank God for my own situation and the relative freedom(s) that I enjoy in my status as a woman in 2010.

Thank you Lord and we pray that any woman who is thinking at this time of leaving or making a change to her own situation, we ask that you strengthen them and give them an option at this time.