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Famous Friends I want to make


I love Viola Davis’s dedication to her craft.

Image result for shonda rhimes

I enjoyed her book but this after her writing on Grey’s Anatomy, HTGAWM, Scandal … Yes!

Image result for pumla dineo gqola

My first encounter with her was the book Rape and it was jarring but I loved how she laid out her arguments and have loved her books after.

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We just need to meet Chimamanda, we just need to.

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The questions I have for the William sisters, individually and collectively.

I love her memoir, Always another country. Please read it?

So who is on your list of famous friends?


Fave Emmy Red Carpet Looks


Best, in terms of I love their personality, the show and they look good!

Simple looks but really gorgeous!!

Kerry Washington in her maternity look. Yessss!!

Not sure why, but I love this dress!!

Confused about these two looks. Not obviously bad but they just need little tweaks.

All pics sourced from here.

What were your best looks?

Yes!!! She stays winning!



I love this woman and what she stands for and her speech was amaze!!! Good job Viola and what an inspiration 🙂

Double edition Sunday reads

Some stuff I read over the past week and liked.

  1. Wanna know what Obama eats?
  2. Avoiding sexism in the Economics field.
  3. Because I Love Viola Davis.
  4. Why Teenagers behave as they do.
  5. Hair through the decades
  6. Why are slow cookers sales on the rise?
  7. Why twelve weeks of maternity leave?
  8. Very interesting project related to books
  9. Should bosses allow workers to work from home?
  10. Top 50 movies of the 2010s so far. First 50. Second 50.
  11. What happens when a restaurant dies?
  12. The unlikely intervention of meritocracy and privilege
  13. My next little challenge (starting on Ash Wednesday)
  14. So sad to hear that Parenthood is over.
  15. LOVE this chick’s (Rachel Kerr) music. She sounds like Bay but she is so much better.
  16. BONUS: Don’t know what this writer expected but she got told in the comments.

… and the winner is

ViolaDavis-630-jpg_010956 without


All I’d say, never wear the wig ever again!

Viola Davis decided to ditch the wig she traditionally wears in favour of her little ‘fro. How young does she look!

This totally shows the finger to all the glossies that imagine that when african women with natural hair want a make over, they are secretly crying out for a weave intervention.  Sometimes, they just want to have their hair done up like Viola on the right.

ION, it would have been nice if she had worn the Oscar for Best Actress, watched the Help and she did a phenomenal job!