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Sunday Reads

Afternoon me

Some lovely reads this week as you can see below.

  1. Goodbye Downton Abbey
  2. A Vietnamese coffee cake
  3. Cooking with cauliflower. Ten recipes.
  4. … specifically this cauliflower risotto. YUM!!
  5. Go big or go home in relation to Nigerian Weddings. Thank God we did not have that pressure way back when …
  6. Restoring the world’s oldest library.
  7. This broke my heart this week. Teenagers who kill in order to become famous or get a following. JUST SAD!!
  8. I am really keen for Fuller House. Nostalgia, much?
  9. Again, why women friendships are the bomb diggity!

Historically, friendships between women provided them with attention, affection and an outlet for intellectual or political exchange in eras when marriage, still chiefly a fiscal and social necessity, wasn’t an institution from which many could be sure of gleaning sexual or companionate pleasure.
For many women, friends are our primary partners through life; they are the ones who move us into new homes, out of bad relationships, through births and illnesses. Even for women who do marry, this is true at the beginning of our adult lives, and at the end — after divorce or the death of a spouse.

Enjoy and have a lovely Sunday.


Sunday Reads

Also known as what happens in the real life that almost always constricts a great blogging schedule!

  1. Upcycling old kitchenware beautifully!
  2. Weep for this generation 😦
  3. Great (and practical) ways to teach your children about money.
  4. Yet another lentil recipe.YUM!!!
  5. Another chai recipe – cupcakes this time.
  6. Vegetarian biryani. YUM!
  7. Something we also learn about marriage on the grind.
  8. Because she is that bit close to John Legend.
  9. On testing teenagers for AIDS.
  10. I know someone whose Dr could not tell her the right size of her baby. Very scary and confusing for the mom-to-be.
  11. Some things to do for yourself this year. I like the bit about having therapy, kinda feeling that vybe this year. Also, exploring your new city or going to a totally new place.
  12. Five strategies to get your academic writing “unstuck”.
  13. Youngest person to buy a Gulfstream Jet is a Malawian Pastor. Will leave that there.

Happy Sunday and reading!


Double edition Sunday reads

Some stuff I read over the past week and liked.

  1. Wanna know what Obama eats?
  2. Avoiding sexism in the Economics field.
  3. Because I Love Viola Davis.
  4. Why Teenagers behave as they do.
  5. Hair through the decades
  6. Why are slow cookers sales on the rise?
  7. Why twelve weeks of maternity leave?
  8. Very interesting project related to books
  9. Should bosses allow workers to work from home?
  10. Top 50 movies of the 2010s so far. First 50. Second 50.
  11. What happens when a restaurant dies?
  12. The unlikely intervention of meritocracy and privilege
  13. My next little challenge (starting on Ash Wednesday)
  14. So sad to hear that Parenthood is over.
  15. LOVE this chick’s (Rachel Kerr) music. She sounds like Bay but she is so much better.
  16. BONUS: Don’t know what this writer expected but she got told in the comments.

Ripped from the headlines

This  post is part of  the Daily Post at WordPress  posted on Monday this week. Briefly:

Head to your favourite online news source. Pick an article with a headline that grabs you. Now, write a short story based on the article.  

I happened to pick up yesterday’s Daily Star newspaper and there on the front page was this story .  A ruling of the Pretoria High Court found that sections of the Sexual Offences Act, which made consensual sex between teenagers a crime, were unconstitutional. Hence, it is no longer criminal for children aged between 12 and 16 to have consensual sexual activities with each other.  This section of the law also made it illegal for teenagers to participate in any sexual activity including kissing. The ruling also states that any adult aware of such conduct between teenager has a duty to report it or they face jail time. Below is my response to this ruling (please note: the actual judgment has not been released and this is based on sensational reports by newspapers).

  • There are two issues at stake here: a legal issue and a moral one and not always will one inform the other. Morally, it is upon all of us as parents or parents-in-waiting to talk to teenagers about the benefits of abstaining but its not the place of the courts to do that on our behalf.
  • This ruling does not in any way make paedophilia legal – the legal age of consent in South Africa is still at 16 years old. Sex between an adult and a minor is still viewed as statutory rape.
  • Teenagers are already having sex, this does not in any way legalise it. This ruling clarifies further inconsistencies in the law where one section criminalises sexual activities for teenagers but another allows them to gain access to contraceptives.
  • The ruling offers an “out” for adults so concerned about underage sex – they are welcome to report the matter. Indeed, they are prevailed upon to report this matter to the authorities.
  • I don’t feel strongly about this ruling at all.

weren’t we all teenagers before though?

* This is obviously a very serious issue and i do not want to appear to make light of it in any way whatsoever. I just feel like the pressures on teenagers has grown rapidly with many of them being forced to resort to all sorts of activities to belong or be accepted.

Part two available here and here.

And below the spoof of this whole situation