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(Belated) Sunday Reads


Sunday Reads


28. Another Daily Prompt : Bookworms

September 14
Bookworms grab the nearest book. Open it and go to the tenth word. Do
a Google Image Search of the word. Write about what the image brings to mind.

Jackets was my word and it brings to mind:

  • Comfortable
  • Source of Warmth
  • Stylish
  • Expensive – particularly for Winters

This was not part of it but here is an image that is exciting me at the moment! Enjoy!!

I love the colour, the fit and the cut of the jacket

15. Some fashion advice I live by ..

That I have gotten mainly from my dad and my stylish first born sister. Also, stuff that I have picked up over time.

  1. Always be comfortable in whatever you wear. Otherwise you get awkward and it shows.
  2. Dress appropriately for whatever the function / occasion.
  3. Fit, fit, fit …. pick the right size of clothes. Always.
  4. My sister always says wear a belt with any pair of trousers/skirt that has belt hoops.
  5. Carry a handbag (When I was nine, ten, eleven, she would already try and impress this on me and I would look at her like huh? and now look at me!)
  6. From my dad, don’t mix black and brown. I NEVER DO!
  7. If you wear something chunky at the top, balance it out with something fitting on the bottom.
  8. I NEVER wear skirts with shoes that show my toes. Just eeks me out!
  9. I prefer round toe heels because  feel like they are kinder on my toes.
  10. In general I am a very conservative dresser – not too loud prints, very dark tones, sensible and comfortable shoes.

Any fashion rules you live by?

14. Psst do you watch Suits?

…. Well I do, but probably not for the drama or any of that BUT because I simply love Jessica (Gina Torres)’s outifits. Below are a few that I would like to steal.

Gina Torres

I feel like that sleeve would look silly if you saw it hanging on the shop hangar but somehow, it just works!

Just behold the cut on her bodice!

Gina Torres

Even the really simple items have something memorable about them that she looks well turned out each time! I also love the length of the sleeve on the red dress.

Gina Torres

You would think the bib would make her bust appear smaller,right? Wrong!

My current style idol: Julianna Margulies

I love the Good Wife and I realised recently that part of the appeal for me lies in the clothes and fashion style that the lead aka The Good Wife has. Below are just some of the top looks for me and a reason why it does it for me.

I love her jackets – the cuts are always impeccable and so beautiful to behold.


When I see her formal dresses, I am almost tempted to go out and buy a couple of dresses to wear to work. I currently have a sum total of ZERO!


I love this get up below – feel like going on a date!


And her red carpet look is almost always impeccable.

image    image    image

Flawless though she is, the dress below looks like she ripped her curtains and stitched them into a dress.


Whose style are you crushing on this season?

The story of a friendship ….

Normal programming will resume soon but for today, I am guest posting over at Nyangi Styles, talking about friendship through clothes and accessories. Continue reading …