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Sunday Reads

In light of the new phase I am in presently,I decided to share parenting-related articles

Three Random Facts

  1. I am convinced someone might one day want to write my biography so I am cataloguing my life in this blog, journals and keeping significant letters and cards.
  2. I sometimes cook like I am presenting a cooking show online. This involves preparing all the ingredients in advance and sometimes explaining what it is I am doing.
  3. I play back all voice notes I send to try and determine whether I do have a good voice for radio. I am not sure I do.

Podcast Love

I have spoken about podcasts and how much I love them here so many times before. Here are some of my favourites and as an added bonus recent episodes I have listened to that I just loved (please click on the image to get the episode that I loved).

Ear hustle

Hidden Brain

Fresh Air



Characteristics that I value in others

  • Curiosity about one self, people, life or other.
  • A passion for life. You have to have that thing that drives you.
  • Ability to laugh at one self and others but not in a mean girl way. 
  • Loyalty.
  • Not being clingy / able to chill with yourself and do stuff on your own.
  • Ambition or wanting to better yourself.
  • Being comfortable in your own skin and trusting that people walk through life in different lanes and being OK with yours.
  • A love for simple things. Yes big luxurious things are great to have, but someone that you can enjoy the small everyday things with is even better.
  • A fear of God, I don’t know any atheists/ agnostics because I feel it is important to have a fear of God, an external standard that guides you and reigns in your own inner and crazy self.

What about you, what qualities do you look for in other people?


A Relationship I Still Love

All of this week I am thinking a lot about relationships and one long-term one that I have is with my dreadlocks.

After seven and a half years, I really really still love my hair. It is now waist-length and just as exciting as when it was first locked. After all these years, I still get excited at having my hair washed, twisted and then styled. Before that I delight myself by looking at pictures online and choosing an appropriate style and then looking forward to the big reveal at the salon. When I see someone with dreadlocks that either have a style I would like, that are dyed beautifully, longer and sometimes even shorter than mine but just look so good, I get the worst dread envy.

And all of the above is how I know that I made the best move and I still don’t regret it. Nah, nope, I am still good. CONFESSION: Come Summer, I do want to trim them slightly shorter, just an itsy bitsy bit.

In the meantime, below are some styles I am looking forward to in the next couple of months.

Loc updo and custom color by Shawn Lamar Daniels, Atlanta Ga

For a wedding or special date night

The Beauty Of Natural Hair Board

I love the braid at the front, it elevates an otherwise boring style

I love the take on the traditional morehawk – but a part of me keeps thinking of the weight on your head.

Weddings on my mind

See below a bunch of wedding related items I have been gazing at. Yes, I still have some wedding blogs that I religiously follow.

Not really a fan of the wings on the side but for this jumpsuit, I would do it.

Inline image 1

For some reason, the cape works and would help me overlook that slit.


Braid Wedding Ceremony Sign | Credit: Knot Just Pics

I just love the imagery of this board and the fact that you can make it part of your home decor as a daily reminder of your wedding.

I love this stationery!!



Things to do in Nairobi (for me)

I was listening to Cape Talk this afternoon and the presenter was talking of the touristy things in Cape Town that local residents had never gotten round to doing. This triggered a similar thought for Nairobi. So here goes my list according to Travel Start and Migrationology.com.

  1. Go Karting on Langata Road.
  2. Ice Skating at Panari Sky Centre.
  3. Watch a local production at Phoenix Theatre.
  4. Visit the highest floor of the Kenyatta International Conference Centre (KICC).
  5. Attend Rugby Sevens.

Do you live in an iconic city? Have you crossed off most items on your city’s to-do list?



According to WordPress, today is NINE YEARS since I started blogging. What? Where has time gone?

This here little blog really means so much to me and gives me an outlet to share about myself and some of my interests and I am grateful for this opportunity and for many of you guys that read, comment, like and follow.

Thanks and here’s to many more!!

favourite scents

Bvlgari Pour Femme

Bvlgari Pour Femme

bvlgari rose essentielle

Bvlgari Rose Essentielle

Paco Rabane Lady Million

Recently, I got Lady Million by Paco Rabane and so far, so good.

on a lighter note/ about me

I realized that many of my entries are dark and too “weighty” so hopefully this will change that perception. its meant to be a list of things that make me happy,sad,whatever or uniquely just me!

  1. I am saved
  2. I teach twelve year old Sunday School
  3. My best flavour of anything is: vanilla, cinammon, cummin, coffee or mocha
  4. I love coffee and tea with a passion- a lot that is, not with the fruit 🙂
  5. My favourite colour to wear is black and to decorate my house would be yellow, reds and oranges
  6. I am presently addicted to chatting and Facebook
  7. I love rock music especially Third Day and Barlow Girl
  8. When writing, I hate using paragraphs and capital letters when i ought
  9. The adjectives that best describe me: loyal, passionate, naughty, cold, analytical, detached, perfectionist bordering on control freak
  10. Have a fear of walking in front of someone pushing a supermarket cart, or on a kerb thats uneven lest i fall in,  or of smelling different as a result of using new lotion/ soap/ perfume
  11. I have stalker tendencies and potential
  12. I have kept a journal on and off over the years since i was twelve
  13. I have kept all the high school notes i passed during class hours
  14. Hardly ever do i skip breakfast
  15. I dont eat red meat
  16. I work best in the middle of the night when all else is still around me
  17. I hate jazz, instrumental, R n B, House, lingala music
  18. I love love love Grey’s Anatomy, Prison Break, Gilmore Girls
  19. My best fragrance is any Bvlgari perfume
  20. I hate the feeling of dust between my toes, i hate it when people rub their bare feet against mine, im pretty protective of my toes generally.
  21. I love writing lists
  22. Favourite writers: Jodi Piccoult, Marian Keyes, Francine Rivers, Maeve Binchy
  23. Favourite destinations: India, London, in Africa? maybe Tripoli
  24. I cant stand dishonesty,double speak or indecisiveness
  25. I’m easily susceptible to salesmen and sales pitches
  26. I’m heavily into bags and earrings and of late shoes
  27. I hate to beg and make people feel like i depend on them to do anything for me- id rather not ask and suffer in silence
  28. I’m INTENSELY private and secretive especially about the smallest and most insignificant of things
  29. Mybed means the world to me
  30. Rarely do i get colds
  31. I love rainy mid-mornings and afternoons

will keep updating with time so wait and see