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Sunday Reads


I read something lovely recently

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I recently read this (poetry) book and it was amazing. A workmate recommended it and initially I thought poetry *insert puke face*. ASIDE: Am I the only 8-4-4 product that does not appreciate poetry for leisure? Anyway, its ~165 pages and since most of the poems are a couple of lines, I finished it in one fell swoop. I LOVED IT, did I already say that?? Below are some of the amazing poems I loved.

There is danger in letting people misname you. If you are a fire, do not answer when they call you a spark.

Tell the story. Give it a name and skin of its own.



Please go out and get the book. It’s a lovely read.




new direction

I have decided that I shall write a lot more about Africa this year and not just the traditional war rally cries but well thought out articles too about current affairs, social matters and everything else in between. I passionately think that Africa must begin to tell her story and not look to others to do that for them. It is a crying shame when that happens! And each of us, originally from here and the others who have since taken up home here, must begin to do that. Stories of a diverse nature that reflect the heartbeat of the continent, stories that beat with the pulse of the land and that reflect the varied colours that make me proud to be African and to live in Africa. Motherland oyeeeeeeeeeee!

Yesterday was 50 years since the assassination of Patrice Lumumba, he would have been 85 this year!