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Sunday Reads

In light of the new phase I am in presently,I decided to share parenting-related articles

Friday Feels

I recently discovered H.E.R. and love some of her songs.



Enjoy your weekend!

God of Truth and Grace


Take your pick – which version do you prefer better?



It’s a really tough call for me because I totally love Mary J Blige but I also love the second version!!

of Burma, mugs and songs

A friend of mine bought me a new cup on Sunday just on a whim and I was reminded of my earlier whinge about my friends and how they don’t do things for me.

I quite like this song. OK you must understand that I rarely listen to R n B so for me to like this song and go to this extent of placing it here,it is super. It does make me think though and that’s not a good thing at all. Did I make a mistake and at what point did I know and should I just have walked away? Mhhh….

The situation in Burma is a particularly pathetic one coz its a couple of ignorant juntas who having wealth and power at the expense of the citizenry and democracy are now out to maintain it at all costs. In the recent weeks we have been thronged with pictures of Buddhist monks matching down the streets of Rangoon and the brave Burmese ordinary folk standing guard around them. While the cases of undernourishment in children under the age of three continue to rise and the price of basic commodities continue to soar, the Generals are able to live lavishly. There are numerous sanctions that have been placed against the country but often this affect only the common guy who is already so harassed by the haves that one really wonders what is the place of these sanctions especially if not all the countries honour them and the common people are the only ones who are affected? Who ends up paying for these sanctions anyway?