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Some Economics-related Links

  1. Some great mentoring for economists available on this blog.
  2. … and a lot more here.
  3. An interesting paper explaining why fewer young men are working.
  4. I love this retelling of the Brown v. Board landmark ruling.
  5. Never knew that multi generational disability is this prevalent.
  6. There are some ethical issues for me with this medicine for the wealthy offering.
  7. … And even more on healthcare inequality in the rural southern states.
  8. I enjoyed this podcast on the state of land and inequality in South Africa.

If ever I was to write a letter to Big Brother

Big Brother Africa “The Chase” started yesterday evening and besides being too old for this thing, I feel quite aggrieved.

I am upset that the prevailing accent across the continent is predominantly foreign, American even. That says to me that the 28 housemates, 25 because I happened to hear three that sound authentically African, have either studied in high-cost, above average schools, or they have lived overseas. Which is fine with me but I feel like the show is then boring and does not represent the diversity that is characteristic of Africa and doesn’t really show us how the other side lives if all the housemates already have a similar socio-economic background. It also upsets me coz the three housemates that are authentic then stand out like a sore thumb coz they sound rural. Big brother, Big Fail!

I am upset that in addition to the accent issue (and the underlying socio-economic dynamic) is the fact that half the people in the house already seem to be in the public eye – countless beauty queens, TV and radio producers, the one who posted nude pics of herself and the likes! What happened to twelve (or fourteen) relatively unknowns who have nothing going besides the urge to play the game and win the millions? I suppose that these are the only people that can afford 91 days off work! Again, when you include some contestants with “normal” day jobs, they then look too average for school, called boring and then colluded against and voted against – watch this space!

PS: Big brother, I miss the times when we had just one house and 12 or even 14 housemate! This business of mixing things up and having a posher and another non-posh one.