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Famous Friends I want to make


I love Viola Davis’s dedication to her craft.

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I enjoyed her book but this after her writing on Grey’s Anatomy, HTGAWM, Scandal … Yes!

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My first encounter with her was the book Rape and it was jarring but I loved how she laid out her arguments and have loved her books after.

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We just need to meet Chimamanda, we just need to.

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The questions I have for the William sisters, individually and collectively.

I love her memoir, Always another country. Please read it?

So who is on your list of famous friends?


Sunday Reads


Sunday Reads

Recipes to try

Sunday Reads

  1. Women, language, rites of passage and the khanga.
  2. Cobalt mining and the lost lives in The DR Congo.
  3. Rhino poaching in South Africa.
  4. Attitudes to marriage in certain communities.
  5. Nairobi’s art and culture scene.
  6. Pssst! Africans also migrate within the continent.
A reporter asked Williams whether she should be considered one of the greatest female athletes of all time. Her perfect response: “I prefer the words ‘one of the greatest athletes of all time.’”

Sunday Reads

Work has been so frantic so blog posts are few and far between but here are some Sunday goodies to enjoy!

  1. The best way to end up mediocre is via tiny compromises.
  2. This article has a point but it also smirks of “shame” mentality that in my mind does not advance anything beyond making us say “pity”.
  3. Serena for Glamour Magazine (I mean after Lemonade,it still got better?)
  4. This sounds like a great job opportunity.
  5. So many great movies with strong black women in the lead to look forward to.
  6. Simple but cost effective solutions to chronic homelessness.
  7. A favourite Economics blogger is stepping away from the Blogosphere for a month with the possibility of making it permanent and it feels like a break up.
  8. A beautiful session of pics – Black guys with their daughters. Happy Fathers Day to all dads out there especially mine!
  9. I’m not sure whats happening to BBC but there are so many stories of looking up lost loved ones. This was a very (sad) but interactive one.
  10. Remember the bursary for virgins only?Well, the official ruling came out that it’s discriminatory.
  11. Easy to make strawberry ice cream.

Sunday Reads …

  1. A bit delayed but goes to show my love for Serena Williams.
  2. Some inspiring and some not so inspiring toilet messages.
  3. 31 Make Ahead lunches for the days when you need inspiration.
  4. A beautiful profile of the Pope
  5. Always down to read many tips on how to style a bookshelf
  6. I must confess I have also stalked people online many a time before.
  7. I would love to read this book!
  8. An interesting take on differences (or lack thereof) in the productivity of Agricultural v Non-agricultural workers.
  9. Do you use Google or a Cookbook to get recipes!
  10. I promised to bake cake for my nephews upcoming 11th birthday so here are a few recipes I am considering: