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Best of 2014 posts

As the year draws to a close, I do find myself looking back on the year and feeling very reflective. So I looked back on this little here blog to see posts that appealed to me for one reason or another. It also just struck me how it really does feel like it was just the other day that I wrote them down. Just the other day.

  1. Memories of a favourite teacher.
  2. A guiding verse for 2014.
  3. Cooking poached pears and a sweet potato casserole.
  4. Reviewing a short stories book that I rather enjoyed.
  5. Comparing the view of marriage in East and West Africa.
  6. Rediscovering Avo and Eggplant.
  7. On listening to podcasts at work.
  8. My all-time favourite books.
  9. Ann Patchet on marriage and relationships
  10. Love you Mom and Porridge

I would cherish the feedback though from you guys. What posts did you appreciate the most? What did you enjoy most and would like to see more on the blog? What did you like least and think I should drop?

Happy blogger birthday to me

Yikes, it’s been 7 years since I started this little ol’ blog and I still love it just as much.

Sorry for the silence, I feel like I have forgotten to write and so easing back into work is taking much longer than I thought it would. Will be back soon with interesting posts!


On blogging: search terms that led people here

Again, I decided to update this list.

  • Whititude – the poem, descriptions about it, the writer that is still the most common search term. Funny-weird not haha because I don’t really read a lot of poetry or any of that.
  • Rebecca Nganga – my beloved lecturer.
  • josphat nanok bio – can’t imagine why!! But apparently he is a Kenyan parliamentarian
  • age of consent south africa – To my shock people search a lot for this term and it leads them here! Horrors of horrors!!But see my position here.
  • can i have skhothane punchlines and unknown skhothane CV – because I know so much about urban culture.
  • 419 Scam letters – my favourite piece of writing!!
  • Karumaindo Nairobi – some well known brothel in the hometown!!
  • various variations of good morning couple – because of these beautiful illustrations by Nidhi Chanani
  • Everwood and Oakwood – wedding venues.
  • For someone that doesn’t write about sex, I do get a lot of sex-related search terms that lead people here.

It always makes me smile to see this so enjoy!!


Happy birthday to me

I got a diary that asked me to write a letter to myself on the 1st of January and read it at the end of the year. Well, as I am twenty five days too late. Happy 29th birthday and all the best for this year and always.

I wish for myself this year to keep my sanity and maintain all my close friendships at the same time. Regarding friendships, I wish to have few and dear friends that I can share with and be open to laughter, criticism and everything else in between.

I pray for financial stability. Boy how I do!! I am embarrassed to bring this up again, but I totally need a side-hustle because I really want to travel and I am willing to sacrifice something to do this. I want to use my skills set and the time in the evening I have to make this work. Definitely not those online data entry jobs, nah, something more legit and visible.

I want to work with women this year and empower them in a meaningful and tangible way. I want to grow closer in my walk with God and indeed, this is finally the year that I shall read through the book from Genesis – Revelation!

As usual I want to read great books, eat good food and have a merry old time.

Cheers to a great year and happy birthday to me …

Happy new year to all & 2013 in review

The WordPress.com stats helper monkeys prepared a 2013 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

A San Francisco cable car holds 60 people. This blog was viewed about 1,800 times in 2013. If it were a cable car, it would take about 30 trips to carry that many people.

Click here to see the complete report.

Something light hearted on such a difficult day




Please note these are not my cartoons and if circulated please do not pass them off as yours or acknowledge me.

Career thoughts of some 20-somethings

Two weeks ago, I finally got the opportunity to read the November Destiny magazine. This is typically the birthday issue when they introduce various readers to selected mentors. Ah, what am I saying, just look at the cover below.

Herein also is the supplement, “The Power of 40”, looking at top achieving women across the different fields who are under 40 years old. This prompted me to ask myself and indeed a few others the question below.

Do you know what you want out of your career? What are your goals in the short, midi and long term? Should you have these and/or is it ok if you don’t?

Response 1
I don’t really know what I want right now so I’m just giving myself time to find myself again.
 Response 2
We grow (up) knowing that we can do anything. ANYTHING and we want to do it all. But can’t seem to decide or settle for something so we end up feeling very unfulfilled.
 Response 3
Probably enjoyment actually career progression, being able to live comfortably earning respect and a name for myself.

I read about all these women and I felt underachieved. I am 28 year old, 29 in a few weeks and it forced me to look at my career and wonder, what am I doing? Is there a plan and what is that plan?

But that was the first reaction, I did step away and realise that in the medium term, it’s important that I learn as much as I can, experience different organisation cultures, push myself out of my comfort zone and get involved in different sectors and types of work. That this is the phase to learn and so what if it takes me longer, I will get there and will have learnt a lot more about my strengths and weaknesses and what I like and don’t like to do. And that I am sure will serve me in good stead later.

I also think it’s OK to work with a long-term definite plan and wing it in the meantime. It is OK to be flexible and meander along, provided it brings you to the long-term equilibrium (suddenly had a vision of my Honours and Masters Macro lecturer).

What do you think and how do you plan your career?

Aside:  Following this post, I decided to cancel my True Love subscription and rather pay for Destiny. Good choice!!!

If he is hiring, I am applying!!

The quote below from this article is my personal work philosophy.

As knowledge workers we need to advocate for space so we can find the signal in the sound.

As managers we need to protect our people’s space to think, concentrate and get things done.

There is a time to collaborate together; there is a time to be in monk mode. As Pablo Picasso is credited with saying, “Without great solitude, no serious work is possible.

I work best in a silent environment where I can sit with the information and process the information BUT within the broader context of the group so I can clarify/check understanding/ conclusions with the broader team. One is not better, neither is the other worse. They are just components of work that I like to engage in.

How do you like to work?

31: Lessons learnt from daily posting

I don’t typically blog daily (sorry new readers/subscribers but do stick around!) but this month, I decided to have my own Daily Post challenge and see how that goes. I also noticed that a lot of bloggers will do that in October and without even planning,  I posted something on the first and the second and then I decided cool, this is what I am going to do. And along the way I picked up a couple of lessons.

  1. Its been tough to come up with content that is fresh, inspired and funny/witty at the same time.
  2. Having to generate content made me focus more on writing and less on living which then made me sad. I was living through the blog and not really savouring and enjoying the moments as I had planned them.
  3. I got lazy, I didn’t think or reflect enough as I would think of something to write and immediately write. So I started cheating and writing shorter paragraphs that weren’t a reflection of me that allowed to check off that particular day.
  4. On the more positive, it made me write on a whole lot of other topics than I might typically have considered.
  5. I loved and enjoyed the writing daily and wouldn’t mind continuing on condition someone occasionally helped me generate content.

For now, I am off to take a bit of a break and enjoy some time off and when I come back, I might be back to blogging twice or thrice at week. Certainly not at the weekend as I shall be off living my fabulous life 🙂


Decided to update the page just in keeping with the changes around me and the direction I am planning to take this blog.

21: KE vs SA: First impressions

Moving towns is not easy, least of all one that you have lived in 20+ years and love dearly. The following is a list of things I first compared between the new home and old home. Enjoy and take it in the spirit it is intended.

  • Being able to read books and newspapers at the bookshop. And not have to pay for them. Oh and no one looks at you funny or tries to intimidate you.
  • Funeral cover advertising. Like regular health insurance except they pay for the costs of your burial. Ah, Ok!
  • Openly gay people. My sisters and I kept saying there must be a third gender because of these men and women that proudly embrace their “other” sex and take it on full-on. One of the leading local soapies even has an openly gay married couple. Yeah, let’s see that on ANY Kenyan station, public or privately owned!
  • Street fashion. It’s interesting to just stop and stare at people’s unique interpretation of fashion. Very colourful and unique.
  • Understanding the phenomenon that is “excess”. Why am I paying for insurance if I must cough up the first X thousand of any claim I make????? Just sounds like daylight robbery.
  • That motor insurance is optional! In Kenya everyone must have insurance whether comprehensive or third-party. Not so here.
  • The prevalence of Afrikaans and Afrikaners. Coming here I knew South Africa has eleven official languages I just didn’t think it had been integrated and people could openly speak of it or that some people were comfortable with and proud to be culturally Afrikaner!
  • I liked the fact that many people my age spoke an African language. As we all know that’s one thing I sorely regret not being able to partake in.
  • Churches having braais with beer/evening events with sherry and beer! And that after the service you can decide to light up your cigarette and no one will kick you out.
  • Leaving handbags on chairs during communion in church and that no one steals the bags.
  • How people combine traditional and modern/traditional and religion and they just know when to do so.
  • Almost all Black names will have a meaning. Nice!
  • The fascination with race – like never knowing I was Black till I came here.
  • Being told the scope of an exam. How’s about reading the whole semester work and then being surprised coz it is called an exam, right?
  • Calling lecturers by their first name to their face. Yeah!
  • Drinking tap water!  In Kenya that’s asking for death right there.
  • The number of well-maintained public parks for recreation. I keep expecting someone to grab that land and construct a house or school.
  • A public transportation system that actually works and/or cheap cabs.
  • I love(d) that any Church service had people from all racial backgrounds.
  • The difference in pronunciation between stuff I knew from home: Panado v Panadol, Weetbix v Weetabix.
  • Butternut and pumpkins are always sweet. That and the introduction to food stuff like “dombolo” (dumplings) and samp. YUM!

19: Stuff I like (to do)

  1. My faith and sometimes looking through my Bible and reading a section that in times past inspired or encouraged me
  2. Chatting with my sisters about ALL things under the starts
  3. Random Whatsapp/ Gchat conversations with a friend
  4. Pilates on Tuesday morning
  5. Getting into a book so much that you feel like you and the characters are one
  6. A hot cuppa at just the right time
  7. Catching up on blogs I love
  8. Music and Podcasts
  9. Browsing through a bookshop
  10. Cooking, baking or trying out a new recipe
  11. Yoghurt

What inspires you?

15: Thought for the day

Two thoughts dancing through my brain right now?

You don’t need permission to be you

… For the devil comes to kill, steal and destroy but I have come that you may have life and life in abundance … (John 10.10)

Go forth and release the dreams that you have burning up inside you. You know, the ones that won’t let you rest at night and that you see first thing in the morning when you wake.

How to Bargain with a Kenyan Thief

How to Bargain with a Kenyan Thief.

Read, enjoy and most importantly SHARE widely.

My begging bowl and I

I have been blogging for a few years now and reading blogs for just as long and something that I have never quite figured out is how people get to review stuff on behalf of manufacturers or service providers? In particular, I would be interested to find out who approaches the other and on what basis? This is a bleg of note as I would love to be considered to review something (books, holidays, restaurants, anything). Please? Maybe? Thank you in advance!

Shi town stand up

That’s all.

on friendship and its dynamics

So I have a friend, who is dear and loved by me, but of late I feel like I have allowed the relationship balance to tilt so that all I become is a listening and/or sounding board for her stuff and mine just bounces back. I feel really bad for saying this but I have thought about it long and hard and questioned the feelings of hurt and I arrive at the same conclusion.

I read this post recently, and it struck a chord with me.

I feel like last year I had a lot of stuff happening in my life, the permit, starting work and the paper, oh the paper. And maybe I bent my friends ears with them having to listen to me and encourage and comfort and so this year, I knew, that a lot of it would be about listening and doing the same. I suppose that’s the thing with friendship – its a cycle, and the roles keep changing between all the players involved. And I guess, I would do well to roll over and read this new script for the moment.

Sadly, I really dont mind doing any of this, I just wish, that she would listen to my stuff and just acknowledge it some of the time.

Cheers and hearty back slaps

After a very long and trying period, I have finally completed my Masters degree. Thank God and thanks to my family and friends for supporting me through this journey. After 22 and a half years in school, I am finally done and can look forward to a little bit of rest from books. No homework, no supervisor meetings, no proof reads, NONE OF THAT! Woop, de do!

Only regret, at none of my graduations did I get to throw my hat in the air as above 😀


its all relative, or is it?

I am a little concerned about the Jules High School rape charges ( that first were and then were dropped and then morphed into statutory rape charges) and thing is I can’t even pin my finger on the exact issue.

By way of background, the 15 year old female student allegedly claimed that she had been drugged and then raped by a group of boys. Turned out later that they were only two, as later that week two boys were arrested and then the charges dropped following lack of evidence. This is despite the fact that the video of the same act, had gone viral in the school and was allegedly available online for a mere R10 (1.4245 USD).  Now, this post is not even profound and I might even totally miss the entire argument and all the nuanced thoughts and arguments that might relate to these events. My main issue is why there are any charges to bring before the court, at all. I guess this closely relates to a question I came across earlier this week, asking when the best time is to have your first sexual encounter.  As I said, it is a multi-faceted issue and I might then stick to the Jules High incident entirely and leave you to ponder the second question.

I guess arguments are made that at 14 and 16 (the boys) and 15, the girl, these kids are primarily in school to study and nothing, or little, else that does not directly relate to this. Maybe, the real issue is the shock that we all feel that these kids had the time and the energy even to apply themselves to organising and following through which such an act during school hours. But whose problem is that? Is it the education system that has failed the students, their parents even (I am sure some people are pointing fingers and snickering) or who should be at blame here?

If they are all minors and it’s consensual, is it still a criminal offense that warrants such hype and expense at the court. If two “minors” are having consensual sex, is it wrong? And while it might be ethically or morally wrong, are there any grounds to take them before a Court of Law and charge them? Apparently the Law says that minors cannot actually consent to having sex as legally, they are not entitled to and going by Contract Law, any contractual arrangement they enter into (including sex) is voided. Does this mean that it does not matter if they are both minors and intercourse results out of their misguided agreement?

I admit, I might have missed it entirely and you might shed some light on the same.

UPDATE:  The case was later dropped and the students will be rehabilitated instead.

show me the plan

The impasse with the Anglican Church and the female bishops

My lecturer was right, hope they listen this time round

It’s a pity that teen boy stars don’t also go through this

Very convenient witchcraft this is

Facebook and people’s death.