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A little storm in Johannesburg

With Summer, comes rain in Joburg. Except, sometimes it storms and it can turn a lovely evening into a dark and grey night.

















Turns out that some parts of the city and the country experienced tornadoes last night.

its not a nice feeling….

Stuff that I have come across today.

Why my dreads will itch for some time. Coupled with the fear that one of them will split in between and be SHORTER than the rest….can’t shake it off.

And then I discovered this/ her

I guess, its bad when lecturers cant muck on their undergraduate students, right? I don’t really mind, question was why was it allowed to begin with?

I really want to start a book club, then while trawling through stuff, I discovered this club. Now if only I drove a car, and could get there and out fast?

And that’s me in links….:-)

two times lucky

today i said all that i have been thinking silently about for almost a week now. today i let you know what i feel, but what, if anything, did it achieve?

next time

losing patience

not for too long

losing myself

BOOORED but oh no!

I have had one of those weeks where the days seem to run faster than the 24 hours allocated to do them in…I have been getting to bed with just enough energy to just turn out the light and drop dead.

Excited about: my friend coming over for the next week and all the mischief we shall get up to, getting on well, coming clean with a friend, this  and this too! All the tools I need to feed my blogger-reading addiction.

Not excited about: marking 75 scripts THIS weekend (before the mentioned friends visit), my honesty that led to a conflict, the saids friends departure and the job hunting process

I guess, its a slow Friday and I just wanted to write something:-)

Oh no but i got something after that that i had wanted to write about all week…we went to this church on Sunday, all glitz and big screens and loud guitars and moving Worship and it confirmed to me once again why I’m such an Anglican…If I settle here I’m looking for a church like the one at home, very traditional but with myriad opportunities for me to serve at…speaking of which I was hearing about the thing that I want to be involved in: I want to work with little girls or guys, about 11 to 13 and maybe get involved with them for a couple of years and just help them navigate through live, love and faith and that thing…thats of course before my friends and I all start having babies and then we can do that for them


one bad day…a little set back and then a burst of fun and enjoyment and then back to square one and the vicious cycle continues as such… I found out that a friend of mine is going back home this past weekend and for some reason I will really miss her though I’m sure we shall continue to talk just as often…I pray!


In my first semester at Daystar, I read this book about masks and why people are afraid to show each other who they really are- the exact name escapes my memory for the moment but yeah, it was a real eye opener. I think that in life we all need some kinds of masks to protect us from the raw emotions that we would otherwise be seeing in the eyes of all  the guys around us. To some extent its necessary and I have indulged in that kind of thing once too many times before. I mean does the kange as he gives me my change really care that my father hasnt paid my fees, or the ice cream man has taken up fort outside my house for defaulting on past debts or that I have just showered in cold water? Hardly. Neither does the mama mboga, the gate man or the lunch lady. The only problem I have is when masks come up within people who purport to have really close friendships. Thats when I totally dont get the whole mask vybe, coz, sasa ya nini….?

Am I a happy or a sad person? still trying to figure that out