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Sunday Reads


Sunday Reads

Enjoy …

  1. Bringing up spoilt kids and how we have allowed it! This is my worst, worst, worst fear!
  2. I love potato salad but I hate mayo. Here are some alternative dressings. 
  3. Hilarious ad with little kiddos on my world’s favorite topic – poo!!
  4. I loved Rory Gilmore. I wanted her life (actually still do). We are so due for a Movie!
  5. I would still buy one of these dolls at all of thirty!
  6. BECAUSE Hummus!
  7. To take or not your husbands surname? Main article and Readers response (NYT Articles)
  8. Three foodie bloggers that piqued my interest this week: Alexandra Cooks  | Eat in my Kitchen Dishing up the Dirt
  9.  Such a sad story but also inspiring about the strength of mankind.

Book Review: Baking Cakes in Kigali


Just finished reading ‘Baking Cakes in Kigali’ by Gaile Parkin. It’s set in Rwanda about this lady, Angel Tungaraza, who bakes cakes for various clients and through the different occasions the story unfolds. She is also menopausal and bringing up her orphaned grandchildren with her husband, Pius.

It was a nice easy read, with a wide array of very interesting characters. It did get a bit monotonous especially around the tea drinking sessions. This story also made me think of the ‘No. 1 Ladies Detective Agency’ and how Alexander McCall Smith really gets into the psyche of Precious Ramotswe and how when she (he) speaks you really bought into it. In Baking Cakes,it felt a little rehearsed and like the writer had not really immersed herself into the character of Angel Tungaraza – a bit superficial bordering on condescending.

Would I recommend it to anyone? Yeah, its a light and easy read and of course any book about Africa, is a good thing to have in your ‘already read’ list. So yeah, definitely read this book if it crosses your path …