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8: 419 Letter with suggested edits

*I received this letter this morning and decided to make some edits as indicated below. (Please note: Anything in brackets, I included, anything else is the writers)

Hello, (a name would be a nice little touch, people respond better to that)

Pardon my intruding, as I realize that, naturally this email will come to you as a surprise due to the fact that we have never met before. (Yep! Pretty astute)
However, it is with due respect that I humbly seek your assistance as I make this appeal to you with the understanding that any facts or opinions expressed in this email are given in confidence and solely for your personal information and use. (I bet you they are not readers of this blog so I am safe. I pray)

I am afraid this is the only way I can get this issue resolved. Nevertheless if this does not interest you, kindly disregard this e-mail; otherwise if you are interested, I open my arms wide to do business with you.

I am an auditor with a reputable auditing firm here in the United Kingdom (KPMG) few years ago; I came across some funds in an account that had been dormant for a long period of time. The account was worth GBPВЈ100 million (One hundred million pounds) after thorough investigation I found out that the owner of the account had passed away and there was no record of any family member(s) or next of kin who came forward to claim the money. (What a caring and devoted auditor! Although seriously, are auditors really allowed to do this? )

I therefore secretly invested Sixty Eight Million Pounds (GBPЈ68, 000,000.00) in a high interest investment product with a reputable bank which ran for period years, hence I made a huge profit of Eight Million Three and Twenty Thousand Pounds (GBPЈ8, 320,000.00) for myself. (But aren’t you reputable? Why would you decide to do this?? Or do you mean you took the initiative to do this?
The investment program has been discontinued and i have returned the capital of Sixty Eight Million Pounds (GBPЈ68, 000,000.00) back to the bank coffer.  (Just the one then?) Presently, the (GBPЈ8,320,000.00) profit I made is in an escrow account with the bank. (But take me back to the point where you invested someone else’s money on their behalf without a letter of authorisation as they have passed away!)

I need your kind and humble assistance as a foreign partner to enable me pull out and transfer the interest I made from the investment to your country or any other account of your choice. I will need you to partner with me to invest the money in your country and also provide a foreign account where, after all documentations, we can wire transfer this fund. (Have you notified the deceased’s family? Wouldn’t they be best placed to assist you since you helped preserve the value of their inheritance?)

You are free to open a new bank account for this transaction, if you don’t feel comfortable to use your regular bank account. I will be ready to meet with you as soon as you have confirmed the funds in your bank account. (Not if you have already wiped out everything else from my original account first!)

I am willing to share you 20%. This transaction is 100% risk free. There are no risks involved in this transaction. If you are willing to carry out this transaction with me, please get back to me with your contact details. (Again, back to the generic and impersonal email, don’t you know who I am and what I do? Or where you can find me!)

I look forward to your response.

Yours Faithfully,
Anderson  Osai

I quickly checked and this Anderson Osai dude actually has a LinkedIn profile that attests to the qualifications detailed here and a Google+ Page. These guys don’t joke!!!

On the reals though, how do these guys make their money?

If anyone is interested, please also read this book.