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favourite scents

Bvlgari Pour Femme

Bvlgari Pour Femme

bvlgari rose essentielle

Bvlgari Rose Essentielle

Paco Rabane Lady Million

Recently, I got Lady Million by Paco Rabane and so far, so good.

Brain dump … reality TV ed.

  1. Its a sad day when Ice and Coco have their own reality show. I mean, what do we wanna know from them?
  2. I oddly totally like Khloe and Lamar. I think they are a lovely (TV) couple. Very chilled and believable.
  3. Please don’t let Kim and her man have a spin-off reality show? Please?
  4. I am not a parent, but, Kimora Lee’s kids are all you need not to mix parenting and any sort of money or privilege. They are such spoilt little so and so’s.
  5. Please DSTV could you bring a new season of Whose Wedding is it anyway.
  6. And the original one, not the spin off: surprising the bride or bride v groom. Nah, just the original edition please.
  7. Masterchef Australia! YUMMY Thumbs up Don’t know about the South African one, but I hope they continue with the third season of it!
  8. My new secret love like is Come dine with me. But as I don’t feel too passionately about it, I actually can’t wait for the local version and snoop on people’s homes!

Wanted to hit ten, but 8’s just as perfect, yeah. The sad thing about reality TV is that its inane, mindless and sometimes un-inspired but day after day or each week, we tune in and feed on it some more. Eeek!


A few random thoughts I am swirling in my mind at the moment…
  1. Christmas time is here…only the best time of the year!
  2. A little taken aback at the Dewani case. How easy is it for someone new in the country to come to SA and just get a hit man to murder his two week old wife? And for 15K? Really?
  3. This murder also just throws you, I mean, they didn’t have a long courtship and at what point exactly do you begin to discuss who the recipient is on your Life Insurance. In two weeks, have you already changed your benefactor? I know I’d not!
  4. I’m turning 26 next month and oddly, I’m feeling a little anxious about it. Jeez! Get outta here to that feeling, these are my next best years and I better just embrace them…
  5. Excited about an upcoming wedding in the family, cant wait! Very excited 🙂
  6. Feeling the wanderlust. Wanna get into a car and drive long and hard to somewhere beautiful, where the trees swish and swoosh, and drink lovely tea from delicate little cups and feast on fattening little pastries and tarts. *Sigh, sigh* A random weekend in the country (why don’t I live in England already?) Maybe Magaliesburg?
  7. Loving Simphiwe Dana’s latest CD. Love it to bits and more:-)
  8. My idea of shopping is buying CDs, books and stationery. Clothes, urrgh! not so much! On Sunday, I was just mindlessly strolling through a shop when I saw this gorgeous black dress that easily goes from work to party and party to work effortlessly and it came in my size and didn’t break the bank too much.  Good times, so I scooped it up!
  9. Mandatory end year function tonight…JOY.
  10. Discovered two new blogs and I am overjoyed. Really lovely break for me. Always.

Happy holidays all…And remember that Jesus is the reason for the season!

PS: The title is courtesy of Urban Dictionary: tl:dr ——-> too long, didnt read!

knowing me, knowing you…

The last thing I do before bed: Plan my activities for the next day including think through my outfits

Favorite thing about my house: My bed and specifically, my bed

On a cold winters morning: I think of Nairobi’s weather and Kampala’s humidity

My signature dish: Chicken Cacciatore, always reminds me of finishing high school

When I need to unwind: I like to take a walk or change my normal routine a bit

Celebrity crush: Alicia Keyes J

On Sunday mornings you’ll find me: Heading to Church

I could spend the whole day: reading and surfing the internet

I feel my prettiest when: my hair is properly styled and my toe nails look good

It’s worth the splurge: CDs and books

the one where i feel i have to

It has been such a long time since I posted and so here are a few random thoughts running through my mind!

  1. I think Lady Gaga tries too darn hard. And I’d be embarrassed to like her!
  2. Going olive green for my bedroom wall and decor, looking to stitch most of it myself. Matching colours that anyone knows of? Soft yellow, Pink?
  3. Reading the Anatomy of South Africa and although its a little dated, seeing as Thabo Mbeki was still in power, its been quite educational in terms of learning about the people with influence and power in SA and the ANC government.
  4. At the weekend, went to this place for a braai, must say that despite the surroundings, they do serve up a lovely plate!

So whats caught your fancy?

show me the plan

The impasse with the Anglican Church and the female bishops

My lecturer was right, hope they listen this time round

It’s a pity that teen boy stars don’t also go through this

Very convenient witchcraft this is

Facebook and people’s death.

cost of doing business

My new evil and very time consuming compulsion is reading blogs by newly weds…..Damned is what I am!

I’ll read this later when I have time

Still wanting to sign up for pottery classes  – in the meantime, these servers are to die for.

PS: The title is based on an annual survey undertaken and published by the World Bank

its so cold, might as well snow

just looking through some of the links and here are a couple:

Who does this? a blog of a kids fashion sense? seriously?

who wears these clothes? on the real tip

a novel idea….

for the foodies out there-

I like this guy a lot


little pill on the hilltop

two things I do that I know I ought to stop: One, is looking at disgusting things over and over and having to commit it to my mind, the gross-ER it is, the greater the fixation! Two is feeling sad and making sure I play music that makes me feel worse about it or replaying things past that made me feel worse! And then look at what I stumbles upon! not on but I do…..so what fixation have you got?

sweet Jamaica

Ok so my whole weekend was taken up watching the Olympics (and house hunting but thats a whole other post) and most especially the male and female 100m finals!

AND dude did this in all of 9.68 seconds-I mean! As if this wasnt good enough, the women went ahead the next day and did this!

Wow! can you just imagine the dub they are playing in the Jamaican quarters????

idols finals

I watched though at this moment I must say how bored I am by it all- the guys who got talent for some reason are being undermined by the voters and I mean, how does Trinah the Winner leave? now Eric will win but look at me, I’m so writing off Nicolette who is the proverbial cockroach, now dont get me wrong, I loves the girl but the winner walked off jana night!

I know iv been in SA long when Eric’s hair doesnt bug me, when I first came here I couldnt believe that could be a hair style but now I’m thinking, hey not too bad, it’s better than the ‘fro he had on earlier. THAT, I loathed!

I saw the true meaning of some song by Souljah boy, the very common one, that kila Kamau, Omondi and Mutua knows about and well, I ain’t never! is all I’ll say! it’s filth and I just think, if your gonna be singing a song, make sure you know what it means and if it’s what you stand for as a person,ok? go right for it!

all the small things

These are all random thoughts and nothing herein is correlated!

  • I did an EXAM yesterday that I am waiting for the results with all parts of me crossed!
  • The Catholic Church has issued the toughest statement against ordaining women as priests! Who chooses and what if its your calling? Why should they stop you? well, Heaven isn’t too far that we won’t hear all these answers.
  • While I was seating in the house all numbed out from the macro experience above, I kept thinking of all the hot Caucasian men I know and the list is pathetically short:
    • Patrick Dempsey
    • Dylan McDermott
    • Chris Martin of Coldplay
    • the front man of One Republic
  • Can anyone else think of any other hotties?
  • I’m thinking of starting to write lyrics but my sister keeps bashing my dreams, should I be offended. Like really and truly yeah?
  • I’m convinced that there is a gay agenda that is being pushed by all the TV programmes I mean, do we need to see it on Grey’s and then on Brothers and Sisters when the Priest has a gay lover? what is all this? I mean, come on script writers…

who is

I read an article today and I was floored by how lucky I am. Who remembers their first love experience and how do the two compare? I dont think we can even begin to imagine!

I also came across these facts below: eat your hearts out. I hope!

All in a days work, innit? The figures are from the US and so ought to be taken with a pinch of salt!

I just finished reading this book and well, I was not dazzled! Not in the least!

Im also reading this one at this time and it made me rethink Economics and how we administer the deadly combination between it and Politics- i thought of a Masters dissertation while at it. chill pill, yeah?