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Brain dump … reality TV ed.

  1. Its a sad day when Ice and Coco have their own reality show. I mean, what do we wanna know from them?
  2. I oddly totally like Khloe and Lamar. I think they are a lovely (TV) couple. Very chilled and believable.
  3. Please don’t let Kim and her man have a spin-off reality show? Please?
  4. I am not a parent, but, Kimora Lee’s kids are all you need not to mix parenting and any sort of money or privilege. They are such spoilt little so and so’s.
  5. Please DSTV could you bring a new season of Whose Wedding is it anyway.
  6. And the original one, not the spin off: surprising the bride or bride v groom. Nah, just the original edition please.
  7. Masterchef Australia! YUMMY Thumbs up Don’t know about the South African one, but I hope they continue with the third season of it!
  8. My new secret love like is Come dine with me. But as I don’t feel too passionately about it, I actually can’t wait for the local version and snoop on people’s homes!

Wanted to hit ten, but 8’s just as perfect, yeah. The sad thing about reality TV is that its inane, mindless and sometimes un-inspired but day after day or each week, we tune in and feed on it some more. Eeek!

blame it on the paper and all the academic writing

I recently read a book that while it would officially be classified as ‘chicklit’ actually made me think a lot. As I write , why do I say that as though the two events are mutually improbable, like a hot and freezing bit of ice…

Anyway, this is the book I read.

In the book and here, they define a starter marriage thus:

A starter marriage is a first marriage that lasts five years or less and ends before the couple has children.

This term was first coined by the writer Pamela Paul in her famous book, The Starter Marriage and the Future of Matrimony where she talks about this very thing: people getting married younger, slightly older than they did a century back, and staying married for fewer years and higher divorce rates.

Of course this was in America and while this book is mainly fiction, we do know that art imitates reality, or does reality imitate art? Either way, its cause for concern and it made me look at all my friends marriages. OBVIOUSLY ( and this is the all-important disclaimer) : I have no idea what’s happening in most of them and so I am not basing this on what I might have seen or not seen BUT it just scared me a little and made me ask myself, what would happen to these weddings.

Easily ten or so of my friends, acquaintances AND close friends, have gotten married in the last three years and most seem happy but they were also within the ages of 25 (for the girls) and 27 (f0r the boys) figures given by Paul from her study of these types of marriages. I was recently speaking to a friend of mine ( and I fear I might have talked about it before…) about how it appears that young people today seem to go into marriage with so many exit options where they might walk away from the union. Now I don’t advocate for people to stay when the marriage is violent BUT… I recently read a magazine that spoke about Divorce and while that is a landmark in and of itself, one of the ladies interviewed stated how she thinks that she gave up too soon and given a second chance would opt for the reconciliation route rather than the option she took. Now that just made me feel so sad, that while nothing is stopping her from doing so now, she only discovered that now, AFTER the divorce…

Having read about this new phenomenon, hardly positive enough to be called a trend, I wonder whether these couples knew going in or if they only saw these signs later. I have heard and seen some of my friends make certain choices with their potential mates that made my eye brow rise, but thats their choice, or is it really? Mhhh…


BBA is such a yawn…I wonder why I looked forward to it! Can’t wait for it to start

Reading this now

Sad about Caster… and how its all being publicized and how petty the Australians are being about it all

Listened to a sad show yesterday about whether to read your childs diary or not?

Met a lady today morning who I think was making racist comments about the bus driver and I just wondered….then the bus came! YEY

im so foolish

My new game is to look at people and to come up with the least likeliest things about them. For instance in my exam yesterday I kept looking at my German 39 year old professor lecturer who was listening to music and trying to think of what he would be listening to. My conclusion, dude was listening to Kwaito! It would be so easy to go with Classical that its a no brainer…Admittedly, the game only works with people you don’t know too well! Another thing too, I’m  a closet Pussy Cat dolls fan….like totally! In my heart is the urge to go and be a doll dominatrix (if you dont know, thats the title of their album!) but truly, I bet you wish your girlfriend was hot like me…dontcha?

On a serious tip though, I had once blogged about the situation in Burma and then just recently hearing about the American guy who swam to her house and stayed over night despite her pleas to leave! and then they go and put her on trial! she who is on house arrest already! come on Generals, the elections are coming up soon and we have your number, they can look at less thinly veiled attempts to stop this popular candidate from running once again… I mean. Its a total ggrrrrr! Oh and i read somewhere that this Yettaw dude had earlier tried the same thing and he got stopped so this time what happened that they didnt see him?


on radio yesterday afternoon, i heard how Kenya is on the brink of political turmoil….and you can imagine how i almost panicked with the need to hear the rest of the statement! alas, Martha Karua my former hero and the Justice and Constitutional Minister has quit!

closer to home, they dropped the charges against the next President! His trial cost the taxpayer a whopping 60M ZAR! and now he is gonna be the next president??????what do Africans want? does it mean that we loathe people with a clean background, if you cant steal, how wil we know that you are able to lead us? if the IMF gives you funds to build a hospital, will you take some? if no, then we obviously wont vote you in at all…SA was held up as the only country in Africa wacha tuone sasa!

cant wait for Easter to do my hair and sleeeeeeep in

lessons in patience

i was just thinking as i was coming home that my life is so drama filled but this here blog hardly ever reflects that.

jana i went to Ruaraka for my driving test and i blame this entirely on high school, burn! but yeah add Test to anything and im all test mode. i had a long day on Monday part of it because i had to finish my last two hours of driving and they werent following each other. From the top, i was on point on the board mpaka i was looking at the board guy those ones of i dare you to find fault with what im doing and of course he couldnt. THAT could only have been God coz at times, i was a blonde and totally spaced out on the board. In the afte, i went onto the road in a Touring(YUCK car) and  with a drunk instructor, i know between me the learner and the drunk instructor…..accident!

so the instructions say to be there by 0745hours and then i manage to get there five minutes late and im totally panicking here, we left town at 0900hours and got there at half past. Then we get there and we chill. If  id known how much time id be chilling, id never have let feelings of impatience fester. At 1030 we begun registration, and here chicks first and i was like the second one on the line. Then we chilled some more. Then at 1100hrs we begun the theory and then man asks me a question that i had NO clue about and i saw it, so clearly, how people flunk their driving tests! but he was so jazzed by my middle name and then i redeemed myself with the signs and the board so i passed. At 1115, im done back to the waiting room to chill some more. At noon, we go to do the Prac and all Im praying is please let the car start and dont let me kanyaga that accelerator like mad- so by 1240hours im done and once again we just chill. Finally at 1400hours, we go through the filling of some form that we need to go with to KRA and finally pick the DL. so at 1445, we go to some office to CHILL! at this point, your hungry, thirsty and so tetchy but hey, what brought you there you have in practise now you just a vital green paper. So at 1530, im done but being a non-local, i had to walk across to get a photocopyof some stuff so it was only 1600hours when i left! the irony: i KNEW id be done by 1! so yeah, im now a driver…..:-?

i almost walked into a shoot-out, drama!


why do I always have a clearly thought, hard-hitting entry and then when push comes to shove, I lack execution? so I’ll just write about various thoughts I’ve been having with myself and from various conversations I’ve had this past weeks. Why? In a bid to write less reflective in a general way and lighter and more airy entries…

I cut lose certain friends this week and Im still sadly grappling with whether it was the right thing to do. Its wrong but I’m prone to a little gossip every now and then but I have decided to remove myself from this situation. I need a new view on these things and space couldnt be spelt any louder. BUT really, how loud can you tell a pal clearly making a wrong decision to change courses? Im having to do that right now and who knows for how long but I know Im still here if she needs me, regardless of the time

Iv heard so much about this book– I must read it soon or else …..oh! and this one too

In 2007 I was a tad selfish and finally I did something about it, I apologized to my Daddy and well, I cant do much about it but at the root then was the desire to stamp my own authority and wrong means but hey, cant change a thing can only learn vital lessons about it and move on. If I had to go back, I’d not do things differently but I’d AVOID the same path I took then. I knew I was finally all grow’d up when coming home one evening, I realized how unsafe I’d been and this was me thinking and not my dad telling me that! we live, we learn!

I’m feeling snail mail this year so I’m gonna be writing more letters and making the post offices all over the world earn their keep. On a tangent, it seems the recession might have resulted in something very positive in America as reduced spending on movies and DVDS and all that has meant increased time at the Public libraries. So, its a nice thing,right? 

Two of my pals have left home this week to go and work in SA and Netherlands and I so miss them but hey, facebook ni nusu ya kuonana so its not gonna be that bad. Who am I kidding?  

I’m almost leaving till December and Im so not jazzed about it coz a morning like Tuesday this week, I was all teary and sob-eyed and well, I might as well embrace it for what its gonna be 😦

in my head

what am I doing different?

Why does it hurt so bad?

Am I doing the right thing?

Is it worth it?

Is it catching or is it in the water?

Should I ask?

Will he come through?

When does it ever end?

How good am I really?

Why such a turnaround?

What could I have done differently?

These are just a couple of the random thought running through my head right now. Just in from a wedding and I saw an old pal whom I guess we just got no vybe right now and well,I thought it would be awkward but alas! not, it was very we have been married for a couple of years type of thing:=)

idols finals

I watched though at this moment I must say how bored I am by it all- the guys who got talent for some reason are being undermined by the voters and I mean, how does Trinah the Winner leave? now Eric will win but look at me, I’m so writing off Nicolette who is the proverbial cockroach, now dont get me wrong, I loves the girl but the winner walked off jana night!

I know iv been in SA long when Eric’s hair doesnt bug me, when I first came here I couldnt believe that could be a hair style but now I’m thinking, hey not too bad, it’s better than the ‘fro he had on earlier. THAT, I loathed!

I saw the true meaning of some song by Souljah boy, the very common one, that kila Kamau, Omondi and Mutua knows about and well, I ain’t never! is all I’ll say! it’s filth and I just think, if your gonna be singing a song, make sure you know what it means and if it’s what you stand for as a person,ok? go right for it!

a Suzie moment

So much for the elaborate post I had in my mind….

I read this and I’m so thinking that the answer is no, if a man wants you, nothing will keep him away from you and if he doesnt want you, nothing will keep him with you. A hard truth I know only too well!

So I spoke to a pal of mine yesterday whom I’d kept missing over the last few weeks,  my oldest and the closest thing to a best friend I have and well, we just kept laughing about how we have grown up- a Suzie moment is when you spring upcoming nuptial on your pals and this is a classic if I may say so myself!

A colleague of mine is from Zim and we had an eye opening chat about why things are as they are and why those guys appear so relaxed and not taking things into their hands as it were you know. All I can say is, now I know. I’m also reading this book and I feel really disgruntled and overwhelmed as an economist- we think we know the answers and yet sometimes we are to blame for the myriad problems that so many nations are in today!

all in a post

Ok i hear that this chick is fifteen years old and she is covered in the June edition of this magazine and she is topless- at all of fifteen what was i doing? i definitely wasnt posing nude for nobody and would not have been paid enough to anyways and even then, if my mother had heard this- kiboko on the shameless man who would dare suggest this. Children today have it swell. or not.

i never got what this chick blogs about then today voila! je prend i have gotten it…








i watched the recent bond movie and its so true of Bond. James Bond. (aside: that movie was so hot- the opening scene? had to dry my wet palms so many times.good work) try again here though-







isn’t that true though? that for women, the more gray hair you have, the more respect you command? i didnt actually know the opposite is true for men? Sean Connery, Mel Gibson, Denzel Washington? coulda fooled me. now onto the harder bits and i guess to show how sets totally passed me by:







ok whats she saying? seriously? or here:







oh i get it… these are things that chicks will for all the time,ama? anyway, i think i might keep going back till i get it. and now im looking for fillers to make this the longest post ever- it aint working though.

just before i throw in the towel, i read this post here and it made me so upset.. tell me what you think of it all though:-)

the dirty secret

what they really dont tell you about South Africa is that monopoly is a joke and that their local KPLC, ESKOM, here had no plan. they watched us as we increased your consumption of electricity and now they are “rationing” or rather calling it the much prettier load shedding and this means that one week on Tuesday between Tuesday and Saturday 6-10 p.m. and then again the other week on Thursday at the same time, there is bila power! what in goodness name, huh? a friend of mine rightly put it, in the US of Africa? how can there be power in Kenya and then here, bilaz? What irks me is at the peak of Winter, i get that people will be using more power in these months to heat their homes and what but!!!!!! and then coz few homes have gas in them (they all wired for elec) it literally means, bila food- you cant even cook a meal and all that. SO ITS OUT OF THE CLOSET.

Watching Idols, I saw Angela give Scarr a kiss and it hit me, i utterly hate it when Africans kiss on telly. its eeeeek and someone ought to tell them you know! i know its ukoloni-mamboleo but i still think its disgusting and some.

Im done with my crazy assignments and what have you so I feel like i ought to be standing on the rooftolps and shouting like mad. off to do just that now……………:-)

break time

Christmas comes early when your office organizes a trip to the Coast and you all HAVE to be there for a week-why after all do we say Mombasa Raha? its been meeting after meeting and still more meetings thereafter until when i get to my room at night-its only sleep and nothing else. TOTAL bummer is all i can say. we break tomorrow and then i have to leave in the night as Saturday seven a.m. has to find me in Nairobi-without anything to say, had a chance to think a lot about stuff but nothing concrete yet so wait and see i guess.