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Long weekend Reads

Tomorrow is a Public Holiday in South Africa so snuggle in and read up!

  1. Is the World Bank becoming obsolete? I certainly hope not!
  2. ‘Sexiness’ isn’t one of the main qualities that a girl needs to make it in a tough and competitive world, in my opinion. And if she is trading on that, then you’ve got a problem.” More here
  3. Who doesn’t like to look at beautiful food?
  4. Twelve types of peeps on Instagram (Aside: A close pal is on my bum to join and I.just.dont.feel.like)
  5. Looking for a whole week of recipes to make?
  6. I’d say this is a compulsion, but we all need something.
  7. In case you ever wanted to make your own tea blend
  8. Not so sure about this tech solution for the homeless. Not sour grapes, just not sure.
  9. I love reading about teachers using contemporary sources to get students to learn and really engage with the material.
  10. Because I just love Toni Morrison
  11. This is how to teach Maths.
  12. What a cool grannie!
  13. How much does stuff cost in your parts of the world?
  14. Crazy unintended consequences of the US’s Migration Policy.
  15. Was talking about this with a friend earlier this week.