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Sunday reads …

  1. If you would like to incorporate more vegetables into your diet/ be vegan. Here’s how to go about doing so.
  2. Recipes to enjoy your grains.
  3. Such a beautiful and poignant story of motherhood.
  4. And this post on surviving after losing a mother from one of my most favourite bloggers.
  5. Creative ways to counter the rising pay gap e.g. publish pay info by gender, make an offer that ignores past salary levels, teach women how to negotiate.
  6. The Mr and I have the same and different takes to this Saturday dilemma.
  7. I so DO NOT endorse people that believe in presenteeism.
  8. This is the kind of meaningful stuff I want to do with myself.
  9. But what is this now???????????? Virginity testing, school only for virgins? Madness!!!
  10. Because who would not like poached pears with tea?
  11. Another tea recipe (tea-infused lemon tart)
  12. What Obama carries in his pocket  … (Lemme know what you think?)

In the kitchen lately …

One of the things I wanted to do before I turn 30 was to get a few dessert dishes that I include to my repertoire of dishes.

Poached pear (with a dollop of ice cream – NOT home made 😦 )

Red wine poached pears

Made using this recipe. As I don’t like mine too sweet, I always adjust the amount of sugar.


Sweet potato casserole

Made using this recipe. Again, I also reduce the amount of sugar in both recipes.