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Happy birthday to me

I got a diary that asked me to write a letter to myself on the 1st of January and read it at the end of the year. Well, as I am twenty five days too late. Happy 29th birthday and all the best for this year and always.

I wish for myself this year to keep my sanity and maintain all my close friendships at the same time. Regarding friendships, I wish to have few and dear friends that I can share with and be open to laughter, criticism and everything else in between.

I pray for financial stability. Boy how I do!! I am embarrassed to bring this up again, but I totally need a side-hustle because I really want to travel and I am willing to sacrifice something to do this. I want to use my skills set and the time in the evening I have to make this work. Definitely not those online data entry jobs, nah, something more legit and visible.

I want to work with women this year and empower them in a meaningful and tangible way. I want to grow closer in my walk with God and indeed, this is finally the year that I shall read through the book from Genesis – Revelation!

As usual I want to read great books, eat good food and have a merry old time.

Cheers to a great year and happy birthday to me …

time and planning

Its one year since Osama’s death. And that’s not the issue for me as much as the length of time that has passed! ONE YEAR! It was this time 12 months ago – what am I doing? what have I done in times past? Where is time going? Jeez! This is how we get old and we don’t even know it. Tick tock, so much time going past. So many plans, not so much time to execute. This quote below reminds me of that:

“You cannot discover new oceans unless you have the courage to lose sight of shore.” Admiral Rickover

Spring cleaning

Things I would like to get done in the next few months:

  1. Tidy and pack away all my Masters and Honors reading materials
  2. Dry clean winter coats and wash sweaters and scarfs
  3. Fold away winter bedding
  4. Run thrice a week
  5. Go to Pilates at least once
  6. Buy a clutch purse and formal shoes for work
  7. Buy fabric for and stitch a pair of bed sheets
  8. Cook two balanced meals at the weekend
  9. Go to Parkhurst and explore that part of town
  10. Drive on the highway – solo.
This is in addition, to looking through and giving out clothes that are in great condition, but I havent worn in a while, which to me, means I wont wear again.