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Six weeks ago, I went and finally locked my hair. It has been a lovely experience, through the scratching and the itchy feeling in the first few weeks, which they say is totally normal and has since reduced, which they also say should happen… I love the experience a lot. I am so impatient though for them to grow and get long and for them to bond already…SIGH, SIGH..

Had Greek with my family this last Sunday and this is what I ate….


totally mindless

22122007017.jpg Im feeling pressured to post pictures on this blog and anyway i need to clear my phone of some of them so I might as well post them here and liberally over the next few blog entries too.

Im finally have a well deserved break for like the next two weeks. I am dreading April coz when i talk of work shikanaing, thats an understatement like nothing. Papers, presentations, Tests…………. the full dealy and some. The research topic isn’t coming but hey, when its good and ready it knows where i am( if thats not false bravado then blimey,i actually know nothing) Its been raining nonstop since Friday night and leo the weather was 9 and they say that its NOT Winter. What then could this be? I can so see myself getting miserable with all this madness. Na sasa what is this? For how is this cold helping? Urggggh.  To be positive, it will allow me to wear my 2010 scarfs and that is always welcome 🙂  Ok jana on telly i watched this programme on losing weight and part of the shame thingy do is for you to show your poo and be told how your diet has contributed to it looking so …. or not….. . So jana i learnt that there are seven kinds of poo and you should strive for number four. I am so hooked on that gross programme cant pass up on the opportunity to watch it coz it allows me to have a peek into someones MOST personal of personals.  So jana she showed some of the cuts that they put into sausages and according to UK regulation, a sausage just needs to have 42% (edible) meat content and the rest they can stuff with all the YUUUUUUUUUCK parts of meat- the eyes of Pigs, their ears and feet and all that……. (OK i also learnt that pigs have blue eyes, but i digresss) It got me thinking. What is Farmers Choice using seeing as our market is largely unregulated? Somebody next time you are in Nakumatt or Uchumi, please grab a pack of Farmers Choice sausages and tell me the content of edible meats on it. I shudder to imagine what it must be. goose bumps on arm at the thought…… cant wait to talk long evening walks with my husband and to decorate My house and to open the wedding gifts. I can pass up having to call his mother mom(?) and to impress the relaz on his side, all that i can pass up on. Changing my name, should I? is it exactly cast in stone? Where did this come from? BEATS me for sho.

Of late I’ve been catching myself praying for my hair to cut so i can put dreads on it. Nimetamani siku nyingi sana na sasa natafuta sababu kwa vyovyote vile……. 🙂