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Passion catches

I love it when I watch people do anything, however odd or random, that totally absorbs them and that fully consumes them, like this guy in the video.


Beware of language though ..

Life would be so much better without ..

  1. Sulky moody people
  2. People that spit and pee in public
  3. Single, friendly types on a bus or flight
  4. Loud, flashy clothes and individuals
  5. Science fiction, horror and fantasy
  6. Basketball, volleyball and netball
  7. Reading manuals
  8. Religious fanaticism
  9. Sycophancy and hypocrisy
  10. The smell and taste of hot milk and hot water
  11. Eating burgers or schwarmas in public
  12. Music: Soul, Jazz, Lingala
  13. Practical jokes/ pranks
  14. Rum and raising ice cream
  15. Visible panty lines and visible underwear
  16. The feeling of dirt between my toes or having rain fall on my toes
  17. Biscuits, chocolates or sweets with nuts or coconut in the centre
  18. Red meat