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11. Sunday Reads

  1. The ethics of selling/ donating breast milk
  2. I don’t know that I would reconsider after all this time had passed. Not sure because for me time enhances or clarifies things! (NY Times)
  3. Because Nigerian Weddings are HUGE and here is proof.
  4. For the upcoming wedding season, what you actually need to get that bride!
  5. The morality of reporting on the dark net. I am quite curious but I do not think I would ever allow myself to wander to the dark side. Just not sure I would recover.
  6. Annual reviews for, ahem, your marriage? Yay or Nay? I am #teamyay. Here’s the actual Performance review (PDF)
  7. So well said. On the lessons that we can get from failure and how it’s only ever a lesson for the next things we go into. Read it and smiled/ bit down the tears I already had.
  8. I wanna try this vegan ice cream recipe. Yum!
  9. Or this pear and ginger sorbet.
  10. Or these pear cardamom muffins.
  11. Sources of protein for a vegan.
  12. Had dinner with a friend recently and we spoke at length about how (female) friendships tend to drift apart over time and how we both deal with that. Female friendships are beautiful, emotional, exciting and all of that but they do change over time and some people can adjust better than others but you never really know until it happens!

These days, I focus on finding ways to stay in touch with my family-friends, mainly by incorporating them in every aspect of my day – through texts and talks of plans for visits. Now, it’s a case of quality over quantity. We don’t sit around quite as much in our pajamas on Tuesday nights, so instead we talk more and plot and plan for future celebrations.

It is hard, though. Staying in touch with friends lies somewhere between the world of the constant marathon phone calls of a long distance relationship and the scheduled Sunday Skypes used with far away family. More often than not, in that between world, the plans have a tendency to fall apart.

And so you work harder at it because family-friends are worth it. They’re rare, hard to find, and must be clung to regardless of distance and time and change in circumstance.

And you know what? We may never come home to each other again, as Mindy said, but seeing each other on weekend visits brings me back to myself in a way that only family-friends can, and that’s more than I could ask for.