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20. And now for an announcement

Seems like October is the month when I announce or detail changes in my personal life and this year is no different!

The Mr and I are headed to Cape Town and while a part of me feels meh! about it, I am also looking forward to it because I feel it will be a lovely time for us in this phase of our life. So packing, moving and getting used to a new city!!

14: Monthly Menu – October

I came across this blog where the writer endeavoured to cook a meal from Rachel Allen’s cookbook Easy Meals.

Since I don’t have the staying power to stick to all those recipes, I decided to tweak it and this month, pick four recipes from the one book rather. And they are:

Tagliatelle with bacon peas and mint

Chicken Stir fried Noodles with Asparagus

Yoghurt Masala Fish with potato wedges with Broccoli 

Thai chickpea and mushroom curry with couscous