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Some of my (long) holiday reads ..

  1. If you are not a Longreads fan already, here is a list of their best articles of 2016.
  2. I am all about female friendships and stuff. I also love the authors idea of an article’s club.
  3. My friends and I have these kinds of conversations all the time. Why can’t I ever record them???
  4. Things people say after a miscarriage.
  5. Black Power!
  6. Kindness is the glue that holds couples together.
  7. What to choose when considering a Bible Study to join. We all need tips on how to improve our prayer life. Yep. At least me!!
  8. I guess con artistes are always looking to make a quick one so academia is also fair game.
  9. Short-run solutions to youth unemployment in South Africa. Can young offenders reform successfully?
  10. I love the aesthetics of this home!! This housing option seems quaint, but not for me.
  11. Helping kids to make New Year resolutions. Some help for adults too. More help from podcasts.
  12. Cool places to chill in Johannesburg. And in Uganda.
  13. On identity and what makes us, us. 
  14. I watched the movie Birth of a Nation and liked it.
  15. Recipes: Cooking with soy sauceFragrant Chickpea Basmati Rice with Fresh Coriander.

Decided to update the page just in keeping with the changes around me and the direction I am planning to take this blog.

Africa, Arise!

We toast the New Year and pray that this year might bring joy and many of Gods blessings to all, and especially the continent of Africa. I like the prayer for Africa that we always say in my church.

God bless Africa
Protect our children
Transform our leaders
And give us peace

God bless Africa
Heal our communities
Restore our dignity
And give us peace


Especially we remember: Ivory Coast (and the discounted elections), Sudan (and the upcoming Referendum), Zimbabwe (the political leadership there), SA (the Bible exhorts foreigners to pay for their hosts), Kenya and Uganda and the continent of Africa.


Talking to a friend over the weekend I realized that I am the kind of person who can without thinking give so much of my self,person and time to another without giving one thought to myself and my welfare. And as I say this I realize that this does not make me selfless . No. We are in the midst of organizing a bridal shower for a dear friend and each of us needed to contribute some money for the day. No problem. I had also been singing about how I needed to go for a pedicure. My friend just commented and said,” …  so without thinking, you will give money for the shower and not treat yourself?”

And it hit me that many times that is what I do! I place myself last. Time and again, I come last and I can’t do it any more, very few people do the same for me but noooooooooo! I just keeping giving more than what I get in return and sadly there comes a time in every girls life when she has to be Number One.

Talking of weddings and showers, what do I get my friend? I had thought of getting a voucher for her to go for a full wax and when I think of it, will she do it or will it just go to waste? Many of my friends do not wax/shave and I don’t know whether this is likely to change with the thought of impending nuptials. I doubt it though so I won’t take a risk with the voucher.

I have learnt so many things but at the top of it all, is that in life when you get a good thing, you take it (or GRAB it) and run for dear life. When you are on to a good thing, grab onto it and don’t let go of it come what may. This probably makes me sound like a selfish person but I think this is a new awakening for me. Finally and slowly, I am coming into my own and I don’t know whether I will love me or if those around me will love me and accept me for who or what I am/will be at that time. I hate change even in as much as I know that the only constant in life is that same detested thing. CHANGE.