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A Recent Menu

So before I turned 30, I wanted to host a fancy dinner at my place and host a couple of friends. Being in a new city and making friends therefore provided the best backdrop for this as I decided to host a bunch of ladies that I have recently come to know whom I also thought would be a good fit to develop new friendships among themselves. The additional backstory is that I have so many cookery books and this gave me the chance to whip one out and base the days’ meal on it. I used Rachel Allen’s book, Entertaining at Home – easily my best recipe book.  So below is the prescribed menu:


Tomato, mozzarella and tapenade crostini


Bulgur wheat pilaf

Braised Moroccan chicken with basmati rice

Ribboned carrots with honey and parsley

Green salad


Blackberry mousse

Chocolate cake




Monthly Menu: May

This pasta recipe, except I substituted Asparagus that are out of season, for French beans.

Pumpkin soup with bacon crumbs.



Roasted vegetable couscous – I used aubergines, onions and peppers.

Potato bake (I like mine with peeled potatoes and I sometimes add tuna) with stir-fried french beans with sesame seeds and pine-nuts.

Monthly menu: April

If the record is anything to go by, I clearly haven’t eaten anything this year Smile with tongue out

Harissa lentils with cauliflower and rice

Sweet and sour stir fried fish with ginger and grilled foil potatoes

Mushroom stir-fry noodles with grilled french beans

Bulgur wheat, mixed peppers, mint and goat cheese (but I will probably replace goat cheese for feta)

14: Monthly Menu – October

I came across this blog where the writer endeavoured to cook a meal from Rachel Allen’s cookbook Easy Meals.

Since I don’t have the staying power to stick to all those recipes, I decided to tweak it and this month, pick four recipes from the one book rather. And they are:

Tagliatelle with bacon peas and mint

Chicken Stir fried Noodles with Asparagus

Yoghurt Masala Fish with potato wedges with Broccoli 

Thai chickpea and mushroom curry with couscous