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So what did you expect?

This morning the Mr and I had a little fight. I had to take my car for a service – something that in my horror, totally feels like a dentist’s visit what with the information asymmetry, pain (actual and to the wallet) and the fact that there is a specialist whom you trust but then again, information asymmetry. At the root of the fight though is that ugly word: Expectations.

Any one about to be married, or married for a day and an hour will long have heard the mantra that expectations kill a marriage and that the counter is communicate, communicate, communicate. Our little fight had me reassessing all the different expectations that I had regarding marriage and an assessment of all other expectations I have held since our marriage started.

  1. I expected a partner that would take charge of cars and who would directly engage with mechanics and basically inform me when I needed to do any car-related changes.
  2. Ergo, any fixing of stuff around the house. I would highlight any issues and he would oversee to the fixing – whether directly or outsourced, I am ambivalent. To be honest, a lot of the technical stuff I was happy to delegate away.
  3. All newly weds are told that they need to set time for date night or else … Consequently, I too came into marriage with this (fear-driven) expectation and very early on we both figured out that given the pace of our lives it would be infeasible to designate a specific evening to always hang out. Having said that, when one of us is hectic, there is no expectation to do stuff but when things simmer down, we often hang out.
  4. My family has a habit of starting to plan for Christmas from as early as August/September. His family? Not so much. Initially this made me feel slightly helpless. Besides the family tradition, my personality is such that, you can never be too prepared OR start preparing too early. What we now try and do to incorporate both our idiosyncrasies is to have a lose discussion in September and refine it in the following months. This is certainly imperfect (according to me) but it definitely helps somewhat.
  5.  I thought that I would hate meal planning. Turns out, I love it.
  6. Sometimes as wives we expect that our husbands will become our best (female) buddy. That’s not the case and surely it’s not the reason that we fell in love to begin with. So keep your buddies and work on building a friendship with your husband too.
  7. Before the wedding I had heard of brides that often felt a bit sad after the wedding because things had gone back to “normal”. Did I feel the same way? Emphatically, NO!! After the energy and time spent planning the wedding, I was only too happy to settle for normal.

I must say these lessons are over and above learning how selfish I am, how much space and time alone I require. All of that. Marriage is certainly not the penultimate goal, neither is it my most defining relationship but I must say I have learnt a lot and it has been very fulfilling for me.

Up to a challenge? Like a Woolies Challenge?

I wish I was being paid to promote this challenge below but it’s just something that is close to my heart – nutrition and particularly, what kids eat. Oh,  and I also love the brand!

Competition runs from 27 January to 16 February 2014.


Enter the lunch box challenge by sending a photo of your healthy lunch box idea (contact details at the bottom of this post). To stand a chance to win, use at least 3 food items currently on WRewards and make sure you include all 6 food groups. Entrants stand to win weekly great prizes and an overall grand prize where five entrants stand to win R10,000 for their school fees and a further R10,000 for their school.

The 6 Food Groups to be included are: Protein, Starch carbohydrates, dairy, fruits and vegetables, fats and fluids

Competition summary

  • Name and Surname
  • Age (if you’re younger than 18 years of age)
  • Contact number
  • Woolworths or MySchool card number (if you’re younger than 18, please send us the card number of your parent or guardian).
  • Name of school (if you’re younger than 18 years of age)
  • A photograph of your healthy lunch box
  • Your signature lunch box name

Send pics via email to cs@myschool.co.za or lunchbox@woolworths.co.za or via post to Lunchbox Challenge, PO Box 3880, Cape Town, 8000

Good luck and remember you can enter as many times as you wish to before the 16th of February!!

What would I have? I thought I could do it off the top of my head but I might need additional time to figure this out!