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Toxic Masculinity is killing men

I have always said this and I hope this ad starts to change the conversation significantly.

Only then do we get whole men and a better society in general.


mirror, mirror…

I came to a sad conclusion this past weekend while watching the Miss SA Pageant. So much for me being about women being free to do anything they want and pursue all their little heart’s desire. My revelation? I think very lowly of women who enter into beauty pageants. Very lowly. And then I asked myself why. I think it’s largely because I imagine they are vacuous women with high opinions about their own beauty (COUPLED WITH extremely high self esteem) to put themselves out there as they do and be crowned Miss This or Miss The Other. And this doesn’t matter how heavily it’s touted as beauty and/with purpose and all other similar connotations. I just think it’s petty and unnecessary and I get very judgmental about such women whom I am sure are beautiful both inside and outside and have such great roles to play in life and what have you. I just don’t buy it and I guess part of it is because of the fact that I feel like these beauty pageants are engendering stereotypes in young females (and males too) about what is beautiful and what is not. And that to me, in a society already obsessed with appearance, is inexcusable.