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When I get tired of my locs …

… I am going to cut my hair like this


I love the fade out and the colour AND it is quite low maintenance, which works well with my hair philosophy that is least effort required.

Love, lust, love love love …. Smile

Some of my lessons from having dreadlocked hair

I was invited to blog on my hair regimen and I started with the fact that since I have dreadlocks, it will be the world’s shortest post EVER! How wrong because as I started to put down the structure of the post I quickly realised that I do (ASIDE: which I guess is the reason for this invitation to share knowledge with each other and stuff). Continue reading ….

Sunday Reads

I had taken some time off work this week so I the reads will be fewer than usual!

  1. Ever wondered how headhunting happens for some of the more senior positions? Here’s how … (Audio)
  2. God definitely made bacon and this would make Him happy.
  3. Because I am really serious about hanging stuff on my walls and here is a lovely tutorial of how to do it properly.
  4. These shootings while wrong are so heartbreaking!
  5. I feel about this exactly what I feel about wedding financing! BAD IDEA!!
  6. For the econometric geeks out there – dealing with missing data!
  7. The solution for corruption is not as simplistic or clear-cut as increasing wages. So what to do?
  8. Caring for your locs. Also, I am sometimes fascinated by the actual voice of some of the blogs I read and this chick is nothing like I expected …