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Hosting Long-Term Guests?

This blog has slowly become a firm favourite. I thought this was a whimsical post but it definitely gave me ideas of how to prepare our guest room when we have visitors.

What do I currently do?

Growing up, my mom always made us pack a towel a face cloth and other personal items we might require when we go visiting. I have slowly learnt that not everyone packs these so I  have since had to include guest towels when I prepare the room.

I also ensure the guests have a set of keys and boy does knowing that there is extra toilet paper help a tonne.

I also stock the house with food and then on the second or third night when the guests arrive, I take them along to the shops so they can shop for food and personal effects that they might need that I do no have in the house – it certainly helps guests to feel at home. This and knowing where the breakfast cereals, tea and coffee is in the house.

From this post, I have since learnt to include the following items for that home away from home feel.

  1. A luggage rack, I read this and the simplicity but indulgence of it made me happy.
  2. A mirror so that guests can prep themselves once they get up.
  3. A box of tissues.
  4. Clearing out shelf and hanging space and providing a few hangers for use
  5. Stocking up the sugar bowl – I don’t add sugar to my tea/coffee so it’s an

    issue to remember that other do.

    How do you prepare yourself to host guests?

    Reviewing 2015 through posts

    I have enjoyed posting so much this year and pushing myself to write more, write in different formats or on different topics than the typical ones I would. Thanks for the reads, sharing and comments!

    1. My theme this year was on obedience.
    2. Listened to great music too!!
    3. Took care of myself!!
    4. Really got into podcasts.
    5. Ten little things I enjoyed this year (the first of many similar posts)
    6. I hurt when the Xenophobic attacks broke out! In February. Twice.
    7. Read a lot about women struggling with infertility.
    8. Cooked some nice things.
    9. Read some good and bad books!! The invention of wings was easily my book of the year.
    10. Made a personal announcement too!!

    Enjoy and looking forward to 2016!!

    My afternoon indulgence

    If I was a stay-at-home mom or wife, at three o’clock each afternoon I would make myself a hot cuppa tea. In this case it’s rooibos with lemon and a little sugar.


    Rooibos tea w/ lemon

    Little things Wednesday

    I have tried to come up with a weekly serial that I could do here with little success, largely because I would always pick something so complex that would be difficult to replicate in subsequent rounds. This time, I decided to do something simple – talk about the simple things that struck me that week.


    • Going to Nairobi and Kampala and meeting with family and friends that I have not seen in over 18 months.
    • Getting over myself and going to spend the night at my sisters marital home.
    • Receiving beautiful earrings, bangles and a chain from a dear friend!
    • Starting a new job that requires me to carry a packed lunch and always having something fresh to carry.
    • Scheduling a meeting in Bedfordview and discovering a lovely part of Johannesburg.
    • Driving my mom’s car around the farm.
    • Interlocking my locks and having them beautifully styled.
    • Sunday lunch with a family friend while listening to local Kenyan music.

    Sometimes life gets so busy and we forget to smell the roses and notice the little things. And in the last few months, I have become very guilty of that and so this is a call to myself to go back to basics and start noticing the little things once again.

    What little things have caught your eyes recently?