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Pins I am loving

I love window seats … they are so dreamy and this one has additional space at the bottom

There is something about wearing a jumpsuit to a wedding or on a wedding lineup

Jewel Tones: Deep Greens

I love the pink couch .. what a dream


There is something about this dress …. 

Sunday reads

Some Sunday reads, enjoy!

Late afternoon Sunday reads

Over a mug of tea or your drink of choice, please enjoy!

  1. How much does it cost to travel with Obama?
  2. As 35 is not TOO far off …
  3. John Legend, my first love
  4. What is your biggest regret? Well read this, watch this
  5. Young unemployed males (nonemployeds) and what they do
  6. How do you generate new ideas? One or Two

What did you read and enjoy from this past week?

Farewell October, see you next year!

Thanks so much for all the readers this month, keeping up with a daily barrage of articles, as I tried to do what’s become an annual Blogamonth in October.

Here are a few links I have read just today that stuck with me after.

PS: A lot of these are NY Times Articles and you may or may not have exceeded your monthly (free) limit.


Monday Link love

Anything you have read this week that tickled your fancy?

Little thing Wednesday: Link love


See below a list of stuff I have read and enjoyed this week

See why I love Ramsay? 

How to reduce staff turnover 

Cute-ish wedding pic

It’s obviously review time ..

South Africa 1 – Nigeria 3

Links I have loved this week

  1. Daily prompts for January for those wishing to blog better this year!
  2. There goes my dream for a VW Camper/Kombi
  3. Fun things to do in Nairobi – I tried to count how many I have done but there are too many. Lemme know how you do!
  4. How NOT to report on “Africa”
  5. Belated: But so well written on the Justin Sacco matter
  6. Love me some Nene Leakes 
  7. Discovered these little girls on YouTube


link love


Make me smile Monday

Stuff I’ve looked at and liked or made me thought.

Parenting in the Noughties.

Paying more at high school, than uni.

Drama on the Big Brother Brazil show.

Happy birthday Oprah!