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Dear Future Daughter

I generally hate letters written to future whatevers but today being Women’s Day in South Africa and because I just watched an advert of ladies giving advice to a younger self, I thought I would give it a try.

  1. Stand tall and work on fostering positive self (body) image. There is so much advise to women today about how they ought to look/ weigh/ what they need to do and this piles on the pressure. Filter out all of these and work with your body type, your likes and bring out the best in yourself.
  2. Work hard at school. Push yourself  extremely hard and do not dim your light so any guy around you can feel better about himself. Keep learning and challenging yourself to greater and better heights.
  3. Surround yourself with female friends that push you to your best and that you can do life with. Female  friends rock! FACT. We are not all in competition with each other (female) and do not all like to gossip and bring down a fellow sister. Work on being a good  friend.
  4. What makes you tick and brings out your inner feminine self? Don’t worry it varies from one lady to the next, find what works for you and foster that. If you wanna be like mummy, I love to read and to get my hair done.
  5. Work on your relationship with God. That’s the most important  and constant relationship you will ever have.

Overall, be confident. There is nothing as attractive as a woman who is confident in her skin and who draws out the best in the different people she encounters in her day to day life.

All the best!!

From the archives

One of the things that has been on my to-blog list for a while has been looking at my younger journals and typing out an old post. Below is one of those instances. Again,  I am just blown away by how clear I was about life in my youth. 

Take a moment right now (and always) to start the habit of praying for your future husband. Pray that God would protect him in the physical battles that he faces but especially the spiritual battles. Pray that God would protect his mind, his body and his soul until the day that you find him.

(15th August 2005)

Something I did and two and a half years later, I met him and continue to pray the same thing over his life.

27: Letter to a collective 21 year old

I asked a couple of friends and this is a list of things we have learnt in our Twenties that we wish we had known or understood better while we were younger.

I share these with their full knowledge and permission and would greatly love to hear back from you on some of the lessons that “growing up” has taught you.

  1. It’s OK to fail
  2. We all weren’t made to be friends
  3. Personal happiness should never be compromised
  4. It’s never that serious
  5. Live your truth
  6. It is ok to change the plan as many times as need be
  7. Learn to let go of stuff
  8. Spend more time alone and working on that discipline
  9. Decisions have to be made but they can turn around and later make you
  10. Surround yourself with friends that will be with you through highs and lows