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419 scam letter

The number “419” refers to the article of the Nigerian Criminal Code dealing with fraud. This just arrived in my inbox …

How are you? i traveled to wales for a conference at the imperial college gallery section, Wales) and unfortunately for me the hotel i lodged got razed by fire.all my valuables including cash, cell phones and my traveling documents were destroyed during the inferno. but luckily for me i still have my passport with me.i have contacted the police but they are not responding to the matter effectively they only asked me to write a statement about the incident and referred me to the embassy which is over there in London please i really need your assistance for me to go to the embassy and also to the airline office so i can start processing a new flight ticket.i am also having problems settling outstanding hotel bills and the hotel management are not helping matters at all please let me know if you can help me out.

Waiting for your mail.
insert name of person genuinely known to me.



A lovely weekend actually

Because I really did.

I am the kind of person who likes to make little to-do lists and then go ahead to do them and then derive such pleasure from them.

So this weekend, I met up with a friend to read up on some school work and I was pretty pleased with myself as the weather was twelve shades of nasty, cold and rainy and unbeknown to us was the fact that the library was set at single digit temperature and we were literally freezing our seats off. I had a couple of readings to do and so I did those and made notes that I later typed off. Two ticks off that list!

Then yesterday, I practiced a little of my driving and that was nerve-wracking but going good..This we did, on the way to my sisters lunch. She turns 31 tomorrow and so we took her out and had the waiters sing her happy birthday, something I am sure she wanted to kill us over greatly enjoyed.

The weather is horrid…Can’t do cold AND rainy! But I hear that the cold front is going to pass soon.Yeah, you better or else….

I laugh at those who take the day off…WICKED LAUGH…

little pill on the hilltop

two things I do that I know I ought to stop: One, is looking at disgusting things over and over and having to commit it to my mind, the gross-ER it is, the greater the fixation! Two is feeling sad and making sure I play music that makes me feel worse about it or replaying things past that made me feel worse! And then look at what I stumbles upon! not on but I do…..so what fixation have you got?

good times,neh?

Its 365 days today to the world cup and at exactly 1600hours local time, we are one year away from it all. EXCITEMENT! and the Confed Cup begins this weekend as well….ayoba! Graduation is in two weeks or slightly under and my mom and sis are coming over…..GRAND!


today i saw two things that made me go hahaha as above.

i saw this man driving a smart car and then just as i remarked about the small size of the car and how uncomfortable it would be to give a stranger a lift ( breathe: coz i feel a hyperventilation attack coming on) and then dude stretches out his hand and he is smoking? he just negated his good contribution to the welfare of the entire planet with respect to carbon emission and then what does he go ahead and do………..? punk!

then i saw this shop called “The Fishermans Chicken” and i wonder, what are they selling again? who is their clientele again?

im trying to get a research topic that i need to do 10,000 words on by september? if anyone is reading this, what am i always going on about? that might be a good starting point? women, kids and what else? and not kids in terms of i wanna have me some but as a marginalized group.

i have to give a surprise test to one of my tutorial groups either kesho or thursday and i hope these kids are reading you know. i have a presentation next week Monday that i cant say im looking forward to but its gotta be done. i have a test on the same day.urgggg:-(