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Recipe-related Sunday Reads

Sunday Reads

Entreprenneur's Life

Sunday Reads

Food related Sunday Reads

In case you are looking to planning your meals for this coming week, see some recipes below:
  1. A refreshing Chickpea stew 
  2. Quite an interesting Macaroni peas recipe.
  3. If you love to bake and need a cake for various occasions here are some links to help you on that journey.
  4. I love her philosophy of introducing new meals to children and some of her tips about parenting in general.
  5. These Foodie blog awards sound like great fun and has some of the best foodie bloggers in case you are interested in some new reads!
  6. Bean and whole grain salad recipes aka my new meat. Yum!!
  7. Chorizo and chickpea stew. Also, a great blog to follow – she has just written her third cookbook.
  8. In case you are looking for recipes to get you into quinoa. Happy transitioning … ❤
  9. Particularly this one – the spinach and mushroom quinoa bowl.

Happy Cooking!!

kitchen wish list … pt 1

My next house must have a kitchen pantry. Of whatever size ala





Small or big, doesn’t matter so much to me.