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Fave Emmy Red Carpet Looks


Best, in terms of I love their personality, the show and they look good!

Simple looks but really gorgeous!!

Kerry Washington in her maternity look. Yessss!!

Not sure why, but I love this dress!!

Confused about these two looks. Not obviously bad but they just need little tweaks.

All pics sourced from here.

What were your best looks?

Yaaaaas to Women friendships

What a week to be a Black woman!!

I wanna be at this jam. I separately love each of these women then together and to imagine that Ava (only one name required) directed this clip for Apple Music!! I wanna be at this jam so bad!

Edited to add: Better video here

Pet peeves

Just a few things that are grating on my nerves at the mo’.

  1. The gross impersonation of the African accent that Europeans occasionally dabble in a la Kerry Washington in The Last King of Scotland and Leonardo DiCaprio in Blood Diamonds.We do not sound like that, nowhere on the continent. I recently listened to an audiobook – A guide to the birds of East Africa (its fiction Smile ) and the readers Kenyan accent made the peoples sound like blithering fools.
  2. Drivers who do not indicate when they are going to turn left or right. I have no other driving concerns except the guy who won’t indicate especially  when you are at a T-junction and want to know if they are turning onto your road or going past you ….
  3. Reading blogs (that I understand are people’s personal biz) that detail pets in great detail. Any blog that has fur babies, details vet trips …. puke!