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my take on the war in northern Uganda

So you would totally have to have been living under a rock not to know of the whole KONY 2012 viral video. I have a few random thoughts on the whole thing. I refuse to place a link to it on this site and will not raise any more attention to it beyond the 70 million views at last check.  Proceeding on the assumption that you have watched it:

  • I don’t like the tone/slant of it – the invisible children matching in to help the children of Northern Uganda
  • The irony is not lost on me that he is using his son to tell the story of the thousands of voiceless Ugandan children
  • I am not so concerned with the picture of the Invisible Children posing in the forest with the rebels and machine guns. All it says to me is that they are misguided in their intentions
  • Speaking of intentions, its true what they say about the road to hell being paved with good intentions.
  • The Oil that has been discovered in Uganda and the 100 soldiers who have been sent into Uganda to obtain this oil help with the mediation

Kony has not been in the country since 2006, and this was either the last peace talks or since he was declared a wanted man by the International Court of Justice in Hague. He has been fighting for the last twenty or so years using a band of ill-educated soldiers including women and children who have been abducted using all sorts of stuff to keep them obeying him.  I don’t understand why my president Museveni cannot overwhelm him and capture him once and for all? I think there has to be some political goodwill or it won’t work and all we’ll have is a bunch of celebrities raising publicity and nothing changing for the Acholi tribe that is being decimated and has suffered the full brunt of this insane and stupid war. Having said, all publicity brings us that step closer to bringing this war to an end and I will bite down and take it.

Here are a few more ordered thoughts on this war.

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