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25: Is marriage too old fashioned for us today?

This post has been lying in my to-do list for a long time and it revolves around two New York Times’ articles that I read a while back. This and this. They largely discuss marriage and how modern day marriages run or might run in order to avoid divorce.

Is it too ideal to expect two people to say “I DO” and mean it for life or would we rather have little cut off points where either party can decide to exit and move on to better or greater things. If yes, is that before the 7-year itch? Every decade or what’s a convenient time to call it quits. If we do accept this new suggestion, what has changed with this generation? We are commonly called the instant gratification generation, is that the problem here or are we the enlightened generation?

Would it help if our parents hooked us up and introduced us to potential spouses? I think, but partly, provided you had the ultimate say and if your parents truly had your best interests at heart and weren’t trying to pimp you out to the biggest buyer/seller. Would that help counter all the divorces and separations, possibly not?

God/ Having faith in God? I don’t know, you do hear the statistic that divorces in the Church are just as high as in the “World”.

I have no answers but will certainly listen.