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Story of the wedding: The stationery


The one thing I was really, really looking forward to is developing the stationery. Like insanely excited about this aspect.

As I continued to look at different blogs and other online sites, I begun to pin or save images and details that appealed to me. I knew also right away that I wanted some detail of our relationship or our personalities to be on display. Therefore I decided to somehow merge a very classic and elegant card look with some playful elements like an illustration or some unexpected detail and with that I emailed various vendors.

So with that in mind I had the following thoughts for the card:

Card 1Card 2Card 3Card 4

… and for the illustration:

illustration 1illustration 2illustration 3Illustration 4illustration 5

AND FINALLY, this is what we went with!


  • I decided to do away with the illustration idea and adapted it rather to pairs of elements – tandem bikes, birds on a tree, balloons because I felt that it would be awkward just to have this one elaborate element and then not replicate it ad at the time I did not feel creative enough.
  • I initially wasn’t sure of the yellow and blue line on the programme (top right) but I now see that leaving them out would leave the programmes a bit plain looking.
  • I love how she incorporated the colours into the birds and tree and the little details on the leaves.
  • The table numbers will be done in a mixture of blue and yellow to complement the rest of the decor. We had initially planned to go with significant dates to us then changed tack to rather honour our parents and grandparents by using their names rather.

I LURVE how the cards turned out but let me know what you think?

Vendor details:

Our cards were done by Angelique at Everything I do designs. I enjoyed the experience greatly with her and would certainly recommend her to anyone. I loved the fact that her pricing is quite reasonable and she always took the time to make suggestions and listen to any issues or reservations I had.

PS: These images are neither mine nor Angeliques, I saved them for so long that I did not keep their original source.

Just, for just

Always wished I could be an illustrator and draw such whimsical things. But all these prints are available from Nidhi Chanani all available here. Her work is also reviewed here.