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Little things Wednesday


  • This is what little things is about!
  • The freedom not to dot my “i” when I write stuff. Take that Standard 3 teacher, I can write as I wish!
  • After three weeks of doing this, I can finally say I am enjoying the running. (Oh it helps that my partner and I got a better route to follow)
  • Enjoyed a few beautiful videos of my two-month old nephew.
  • Cheers to beautiful weather this past weekend and spending the day with my sister and 8-year old nephew.
  • Test drove this little baby. Not looking to get a new car any time soon but I have loved this car for so long, I wanted to know what it felt like to drive.
  • Great food and company for dinner at The Good Luck Club in Illovo. Slowly becoming one of my favourite places to meet people and hang out.

What little things caught your eye this past week?